Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oysters & Chocolate Literary Anthology

From the editors at Oysters and Chocolate:
Dear Writers,

We have great news at O&C! We have signed with a division of Penguin Publishing, NAL, to publish the first Oysters & Chocolate Literary Anthology!

We are now seeking submissions for our erotic anthology. If you would like to submit, please keep these things in mind:

- Submissions should be between 2,000 and 6,000 words.
- We are looking for stories that are light and sexy, with playful scenarios and situations.
- Accepted submissions will have strong characterization - we want real characters with pasts, presents and futures - they should be more than just bodies for the sex.
- Accepted submissions will have a strong sense of language with good dialogue.
- Accepted submissions will demonstrate the sexual creativity that has come to be a trademark of O&C.

Please label your submissions in the subject line with "Anthology Submission" followed by which of our four categories you are submitting for: Vanilla, Dirty Martini, Licorice Whips or All About the Oysters. For example, if you are submitting a Vanilla story, your submission will read "Anthology Submission: Vanilla." Please both send your story as a word attachment, and copy and paste your story into the body of the email. Include a brief bio as well as any publishing credits you have. Email your submission to anthology_at_oystersandchocolate.com.

You may submit up to four entries for the anthology. Deadline for these submissions is April 20th - however, the sooner we receive your submission the better!

We anticipate buying the rights to your story for $100 and a complimentary copy of the anthology. You will be paid when the manuscript of the anthology is created, which we hope to have done in June of 2008.

Thanks so much, we look forward to hearing from you! And as always, let us know if you have an questions or concerns.

Jordan & Samantha
I asked the following three questions:

1) Do you accept previously published works?
2) Simultaneous subs?
3) Are you purchasing rights to this publication only or?

The reply:

1) No, no previously published works
2) Simultaneous submissions are ok
3) We will be purchasing all rights to the story

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