Friday, January 11, 2008

Female Characters Which Are Too Stupid To Live

Ann Bruce on TSTL Heroines, a.k.a. Darwin Awards’ Newest Category:
Romancelandia is plagued with characters, usually the heroines, who are too stupid to live (or TSTL for short; you know there’s a rampant problem when there’s an acronym involved). These women, usually described as feisty or naive [to the point idiocy], rush headlong into dark alleys after they’re told not to, thereby endangering themselves and the people, usually the heroes, forced to go in to try and save them.

Authors, please stop the madness. If your characters are TSTL, then maybe the villains should push them off a cliff or beat them with the flashlight they forgot to bring for the trek down into the basement where they heard those strange noises. That would be A LOT more satisfying for the readers (i.e. me, myself, and I). Really.
Click the link to read thirteen examples (they'd be even funnier if they weren't actually employed in stories).

Thanks to Gracie for emailing the link.

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