Thursday, March 29, 2007's First Erotica Contest is sponsoring an erotica writing contest:

We are so excited here at! What makes today more exciting than usual? It's our first time! Our very first EROTICA WRITING CONTEST!!!! In celebration of "firsts" our theme is: MY FIRST TIME.

Here's the idea: you take all the wonderful genius that you posses and write us a short story about YOUR FIRST TIME USING A TOY!!! We want to hear all about it, put it past our panel of sexpert judges and then publish it on our website.

The first prize is 100 smackeroos (our attorneys tell us we must clarify this to mean 100 U.S. Dollars!!) Second prize is $50 gift certificate to and third prize is a $25 gift certificate to


1. All stories submitted to must be a MAXIMUM of 1000 Words. These must be your own words, also known as: ORIGINAL WORK!!!

2. All entries must be submitted by April 2, 2007. Any entries submitted after this date will be disqualified for this contest. Winning entries will be announced one month later, on May 1, 2007 on the Vibrator. com website. Winners will be notified via email and shall be responsible for claiming their own prizes.

3. Entries may be submitted via our website as a .doc or .pdf file ( or as a .doc or .pdf attachment in an email ( ). The subject line of your email should read: MY FIRST TIME.

You may also submit your entry via regular U.S. mail. Please send TYPED, 11pt FONT, SINGLE SPACED entries on 8 1/2 X 11 white paper to:

Acme Media LLC
Attn: My First Time
28 West 27th Street
Suite 502
New York, NY 10001

You must include a VALID email address with your entry, regardless of how you submit your work. Any entry not containing a VALID email address will be automatically disqualified and any submissions made will become the sole property of Acme Media LLC.

Please submit a short bio with your work. (Do not exceed 250 words.)

Please note our story guidelines:

* No rape (after-the-fact 'consent' is not acceptable)

* No underage characters (no one under 18)

* No bestiality

* No incest

For more information & to submit please visit here.


Meagan Young
Acme Media LLC

Monday, March 26, 2007

Menopause Article Wanted

From Constant Content:

Description: Menopause What is it, symptoms, solutions and when does it happen (include sources). Do men experience something similar?

Price: $40-50

Content length: 1500 Subjects: Health and Wellness Notes: We will need full rights to edit for grammar and punctuation. Thank you

Friday, March 23, 2007

SPICE Briefs (Harlequin)

Spice Books is looking to acquire bold, sexually explicit editorial that pushes the envelope for its new eBook erotica program, Spice Briefs. These are highly erotic short stories; although brief, these novellas should still establish context for the erotic content through an interesting and engaging premise (a great hook), a well-constructed plot and believable characters. Quality editorial is paramount.

Like Spice Books, what will set Spice Briefs apart is its broad spectrum of sexy editorial. We are looking for all kinds of subgenres­contemporary, ethnic, literary, mystery/suspense, historical and paranormal stories told in first- or third-person point of view (female only) or, if it works for the story, multiple points of view. Authors should feel comfortable exploring any and all sexual scenarios, even ones considered "taboo," and should avoid using euphemisms in favor of the frank, graphic language typical of the erotica genre.

Only complete manuscripts submitted electronically will be considered; no partials or queries, please. Submissions should be sent as a Word file attachment, or in a program that can be converted to Word. Submissions should also follow standard formatting guidelines—double-spaced and written in a clear, legible font on numbered pages. Author name and title should appear as a header or footer on each page.

Please submit complete stories electronically only. Be sure to include your name, mailing address and contact information.

Spice Briefs
Format: eBooks
Editor: Susan Pezzack Swinwood
Editorial Office: Toronto

E-mail address:

Hot And Delicious: Tasty Tales Of Food And Erotica

Shane Allison, editor of Hot Cops: Gay Erotic Tales, is on a new mission. This time to combine two delicious guilty pleasures. Food and Sex. I am seeking short stories, essays and memoirs about what happens when the two are combined. Take me on a ride further than just whipped cream and chocolate-covered strawberries. Give me late night trysts at a 24 Hour diner, pizza delivery boys getting more than what they bargained for, cooks serving up more in the kitchen than just today's special. I want to read every tasty little erotic moment you have to share.

Please submit all original stories and reprints as a Word document attachments to hotcopsubmissions, along with name and pseudonym (if applicable), short bio, as well as contact info.

Maximum length preferred: 6,000 words; no minimum.

Deadline: July 30, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Lesbian Writers Fund of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice: $10,000 Awardee

For emerging lesbian poets and fiction writers within the U.S.

First place awardees and two runners-up in the poetry and fiction categories will receive cash awards ($10,000 for awardee, $1,500 for runners-up).

Thanks to Skip’s Sappho Fund, at least one grant will be awarded to a lesbian writer who is based west of the Mississippi River. F

or more information, or a copy of guidelines and application for the above grants, please contact us at: 212-529-8021, ext. 22 or via email at:

Guidelines and application forms are also available online (as are other grant opportunities).

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice works for social, racial and economic justice in the U.S. and internationally. Our grant making and philanthropic advocacy programs help lesbians and allied communities challenge oppression and claim their human rights.

Deadline: Friday, June 29, 2007 (for receipt in Astraea’s office)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

G-gasm Method for Lesbian Lovers: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm

I'm looking for an experienced writer to transform the sex stories in my book, "G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm" to a new version "G-gasm Method for Lesbian Lovers: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm"

The original G-gasm Method is a sex technique, interspersed with heterosexual erotic stories using the G-gasm Method. The new edition will be geared towards lesbian lovers. Need approx. 1000 word forward and the stories given a lesbian lover slant.

1) Forward should be written by a published author or sex counselor. About 1000 words will pay $200

2) There are 5 stories that have to be rewritten. The stories now have certain scenarios with a heterosexual slant – stories need to keep the same ideas/scenarios can reuse whatever I have but need to be changed to a lesbian scene. Word counts Approx 2000, 1500, 1000, 1200, 2600 -
pay $500 for the lot.

3) I am buying all rights in that it will be part of a self-improvement book – not an anthology.

4) You basically get the story line and give it a lesbian "feel"

5) Book is self published by available as ebook and trade paperback.

6) Please send short bio, references and links to any of your work - I will send you the original G-gasm Method in PDF format if I think we have a fit.

7) Contact email


G-Gasm Blog

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My First Time

MY FIRST TIME, Volume 5: Gay Men Describe Their First Same-Sex Experience
Editor: Jack Hart
Publisher: Alyson
Deadline: April 15, 2007

After four successful installments, noted editor Jack Hart is thrilled to be putting together a new edition of his legendary, landmark series. It's been years since the first volume appeared, and though the times may have changed, the same trepidation and excitement persists when it
comes to that initial contact between man and man. So, whether you are reliving a memory from yesteryear or jotting down your recent experience, we want to read every juicy, titillating, erotic moment. You can never have that first time back, but you can always relive it.

Please submit all original stories as a Word document attachment to, along with name and pseudonym (if applicable), short bio, as well as contact info.

Length: 2,500 - 4,000 words
Deadline: April 15, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Come-Hither Press

Come-Hither Press, LLC (a Michigan Limited Liability Company) is a digital publishing press committed to providing its readers with well written, titillating, romantic and erotic stories that strive to push the envelope in order to offer fulfilling adventures for our entire audience.

We are currently accepting submissions in the following areas: BDSM, Contemporary, Futuristic, Interracial, Statuesque, Time Travel, Above the Law, Alpha Women, Bloodlust, Chick Lit, Conquered, Enforcers, Fairy Tales/Mythology, Mystery/Suspense, Out of this World, Supernatural.

See their categories, themes and detailed submission requirements at their website.

Come Hither Press officially opens in July.

Thank you,
Nia K. Foxx

That Erotic Pleasure

That Erotic Pleasure, a new ebook publisher launching April 1, 2007, is seeking erotic submissions. Authors will receive the 45% royalty rate of gross sales (that's the cover price) for single author titles. NO ISBN numbers will be assigned to these stories at this time.

General Guidelines: We will be publishing stories in the following lengths: Short Stories (Word Count 2,500 to 15,000). Our stories are released in two lengths; Nuggets; with a word count of no greater than 5,000 words and our Lava; with a word count no greater than to 15,000.

All manuscripts must contain strong sexual content and/or language that is explicit and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Manuscripts that are in any way demeaning to other individuals or groups of people will not be considered.

Story does not need to focus on developing a "romance" between hero and heroine. Hero and heroine do not need to be faithful to each other and does not need to be committed to a HEA. Focus should be on the sexual activities. Stories must be well written with a well developed plot and characterization.

No pedophilia; No characters under the age of 18 (with an adult) may be involved in any sexual situations in the story; No rape scenes. All sex must be consensual; No bodily functions; No necrophilia, please; No knives and/or stabbing weapons stuffed in various parts of the female anatomy; No bestiality. This rule refers to common animals (dogs, cats, cows, sheep, etc.) indigenous to earth. Also, no controversial subject matter. If you are unsure if your manuscript applies to any of these, just email us and ask.

Forward a cover letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters of your completed manuscript or the complete manuscript to with your name (and pseudonym if applicable) to; Mailing address; Phone number; E-mail address displayed. While we do accept simultaneous submissions, please indicate if the work is currently under consideration with another publishing company.

The cover letter should describe your work, including the title, word count, and your experience as a writer. The synopsis should include a detailed plot outline, and some information about your main characters.

Standard Manuscript format is to be followed, please see below: 8.5 x 11 page; Font: Book Antiqua 12pt; 1 inch margin all around and double spaced; header must contain title, author name, and page numbers; All submissions should be attached to an e-mail with the cover letter in the body of the e-mail and should include the following: All submissions must be electronic (in .doc or .rtf) format.

Please forward a detailed full-story synopsis, the first three chapters of your manuscript via email to as an attached file (in Word or rtf format). We will be publishing all our work electronically. Paper submissions are not accepted at this time.

Please provide your best manuscript. Polish it as best as possible before submitting. While it is will be assigned to an editor, they will help you finalize your work, they will not rewrite it.
Questions? Unsure about whether we'll accept something in your manuscript? Please feel free to email


Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Interview with Jerry D. Simmons

Reading about Jerry's new project for Independent Authors and Writers, I visited his website, I was pleased with his point of view, but I was even more interested in him when I read about his 25 years in traditional book publishing. So I asked him for an interview -- focused on our genres.

When I first contacted Jerry about the interview, this was his reply: "I'll do my best to answer as honestly as possible based on my 25 years in NY publishing. Your readers may not like some of the answers, but I'll be truthful."

That last line of his had me intrigued... you too, I bet. So let's get started.

As a writer in the areas of 'sex,' I feel, as many of 'us' do, that traditional publishing has shied away from erotica and non-fiction sexuality works. Do you see erotica as a less marketable fiction genre?

Yes, erotica and non-fiction sexuality works are less marketable as a fiction genre. The reason is that major retailers make most of the rules on what they want in their stores, Wal-Mart is a perfect example. Most have decided to try and stay closer to the "family orientation" and away from mainstream America.

Personally I've noticed a shrinking erotica section in most general bookstores -- a wisp of a shelf with mainly Penthouse Letters. Do you think this is an accurate picture of the genre as a whole? If so, is this a reflection of current politics/culture, or has it always been this way and I've been slow to notice it?

The shrinking erotica sections in bookstores is an accurate picture of the market's unwillingness to accept books other than those such as Penthouse Letters in their stores. I'm not convinced that is accurate of the marketplace, or interest in the subject matter, but the retailers call the shots and that is why publishers stay away from publishing other books in the category.

That erotica category has for most of the past 30 years been slow to develop and again, the major book retailers are primarily the reason. On the flip side, if this category had seen better written, titled and packaged products then perhaps sales would have forced these same retailers to rethink their position. As it is, sales are nonexistent, and yes the problem is lack of titles in stores, but also lack of interest from the reading public in what is perceived to be 'hard-core.'

There's been large growth in romance fiction with a emphasis on sex -- often called 'erotic romance' or 'spice' or some such. Do you think this is a way 'around' the stigma of erotica or a legit genre of itself? Is this growth (and it's sales impact) a positive sign for erotica?

Yes, this is a way around the problem and again Yes, this is a positive sign. The problem with erotic is the word. The retailers that I've talked about don't want a section in their "family oriented" stores with the label "erotica." However call it anything but, and stick it under romance, create a sub-genre and there you have it. If it's a duck and you want to call it a basset, most of the time in the world of publishing, you can get away with it.

Often I hear from writers who say that pubs have passed on a fiction ms with comments that if the author removes the sex they'll reconsider it; but then here comes Hollywood putting in gratuitous sex scenes where there originally were none... Any comments?

Hollywood compared to B&N or Borders is apples and oranges. Movies can get away with it, but publishing is still very old school and especially the retailers. Sure, these same retailers will sell "sexually oriented" NC-17 rated movies but try the same with a book in the category "erotica" and you got problems. I'm not saying it makes sense, that is just the way it is.

Is the stigma of self-publishing still a 'bad' one? Has it changed in recent years?

The stigma was imposed by the major NY publishers and it has stuck over the years. It's only bad because too many Independent Authors publish without editing which impacts all self-published books. Consumers don't distinguish a well edited Independent Title from a bad one and in order to get beyond that, you need some designation. That is one of the areas I plan to tackle with my new community of Independent Writers and Authors.

The stigma is changing slowly, but not fast enough to make an impact on sales. It must be done on a massive scale to make a difference, that is why the community is so important.

Barnes & Nobel etc. ask for a marketing plan. This scares many authors as they feel this is a numbers game - and even when what they ask for is a list of competing titles/works, many authors fold under the task of compiling such a list. Can you explain what buyers are looking for with such lists? And are they worth filling out if you are with a small press or self-published -- or does it all come down to sales history and so it's a hoop best not wasting one's energy on?

Buyers want small publishers and authors help them market and sell books. They want the author and publisher to assist them in making sure the books are placed in the category that will give them the best chance of being found and purchased.

They are definitely worth filling out and as an author you should have that research completed before your book is published. How can an author effectively market their book without knowledge of their own category and what sells?

It's still very much a numbers game, however the more you can assist the publisher and retailer with marketing, and merchandising your book, the better chance you have of selling copies, which is the bottom line, no matter what.

What are some things an author in these genres/topics can do to gain respectability with publishers, book sellers etc.

Help the reading public understand the difference between erotica and sex. Movies have ratings that make it easy, books do not. I'm not necessarily suggesting a rating system but better descriptions of content on the jackets and flaps of books. Holding your own book fairs, especially in NYC, you should draw lots of people. Any way to spread the word about the true content of your product.

Taking close examination of titles and covers of books are important, men do not want to be seen in an airport reading what appears to be a woman's book. The consumer in general does not want to be seen reading an erotic title. I'm also not suggesting you mask the true content but soften a bit. Look at most romance titles today, publishers know how to get around the problem of sex in their books.

For authors shopping their works to publishers, are they best off looking for 'sex' niche publishers or a general pub press?

Depends totally on what you hope to achieve as an author, your goals as a writer. The answer to your question depends on what you want with your writing and career.

Along those lines, can you tell us what your plans are for erotica and non-fiction works in the project? I understand you cannot yet give many details, but will there be any differences for authors or works in these categories/genres as opposed to more 'mainstream' works?

My plans in the new community is to offer all Independent writing and all Independently published books to the reading public. The decision as to how many erotica or non-fiction works will be entirely up to the community based on how many erotica writers and authors decide to place their work online. There will be absolutely no differences or distinction between that category and any other.

The community is open to everyone regardless of what they write. There will be no censorship, certainly we want to avoid hard-core material that any reasonable person might regard as objectionable or offensive which I might add includes racist or hate material, but I will not make that decision, the community makes that decision. The site will operate as a community of Independent Writers and Authors and the marketplace will decide how many erotic books they want to buy. The size of the category will depend on the number of writers and authors, limitless and without boundaries.

The opportunity for erotic writers is as good as writers of speculative fiction or non-fiction aviation, the site is wide open to everyone regardless of what they write. The focus is to offer books to the world that cannot be found any other place, my plan is to introduce Independent Writers and Authors through voices never heard and stories never told.

Your community is invited to join my community. This will change the face of traditional publishing as it exists today.

Thank you for the invitation, Jerry, and your participation in the interview.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts, perspectives, and ideas with your readers.

Again, to sign up for Jerry's new project all you need to do is email Jerry at jerry - at_ and let him know you are interested.

Call for Submissions: Erotic Tales 2

Writers and Poets, I will be accepting submissions for my new anthology "Erotic Tales 2."

For this anthology I am looking for a variety of erotic stories and poems. Any genre, and characters can be bi, straight or gay. I am interested in sizzling hot stories, with great characters, interesting settings and solid storylines. No stories involving incest, bestiality,
necrophilia or anything dealing with children, other than that anything goes.

Word count limit is 10,000 with a minimum of 1200.
Poems have a word count limit of 10,000 with no minimum.

Payment is $25 for stories, and $10 for poems, plus a print copy of the book. I am asking for nonexclusive rights which mean you are free to submit your story elsewhere if you wish. Reprints are okay as long as you have the rights to the story.

You can submit stories now, but I won't begin reading submissions until the beginning of April. The deadline is March 30, 2007, with an estimated release date of May 20, 2007. This book will be an e-book as well as a print book.

I don't care how many writing credits you have it's the story I go by, so I encourage new writers to submit stories.

Send stories as a Word doc. attachment or copy and paste story in the body of the email to

Please put that you are submitting for the anthology in the subject line. I will send notification that I have received your submission. Please no fancy fonts, New Times Roman is what I prefer, it's easier to format.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.