Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Anticipation & Disappointment Contest

Tit Elation posts this call:

Another unusual contest, with a goal to get your very best erotic stories, this contest theme is "Anticipation & Disappointment."

The goal of this contest is to get stories which capture the emotional intensity of sex.

Before we have sex, especially with new partners or new positions, role play etc, we dream about how it will be -- and we worry if the actual act will live up to the fantasies. Was it the great sex it was imagined to be? We want the stories that not only describe the sexual situations, but all those feelings too.

The author of the winning story wins a cash prize of $50 - along with the much coveted 'Contest Winner' icon to appear with your story! A second place prize of $25 will also be awarded.

This contest is open to all categories, and they may be set in the past, the present, &/or the future.

All stories accepted for publication will receive the usual site compensation as well as be considered for publication in the 'Best Of' erotica anthology.

In general, we are looking for quality erotic stories which appeal to women, so please keep this in mind when you enter the contest.

The contest begins December 22nd, 2005, and ends on January 22nd, 2006 (midnight, central time).

Send us your best stories via the Tit-Elation author area, please.

For more information, login as an author, or see their writer guidelines.

Dragon's Fire Quarterly Call for Submissions

Dragon's Fire Quarterly is a not yet running, however it is seeking submissions for the e-magazine.

It is to be a quarterly e-magazine for fans who enjoy erotic Sci Fi/Fantasy stories. Initially, Dragon's Fire Quarterly will be a free site; the long term goal is to become a subscription based e-magazine.

Rhiannon Kelley, editor and owner, places this Call for Submissions:

We are looking for sensual to erotic sci fi/fantasy adventures to debut on Dragon's Fire Quarterly between April and July of 2006. We want well written stories with a strong plot line and in-depth believable worlds or alternate universes. We accept serials, short stories, comic strips, poems, and flash pieces. We hope to have art submissions also, as we would love this to be a e-magazine for readers and art lovers as well.

What we're looking for:

Four Serial Stories; Two Sci Fi and Two Fantasy
Four Short Stories; Two Sci Fi and Two Fantasy
Ten Flash Pieces of 500 to 1000 words
Eight Comic strip; Four Sci Fi and Four Fantasy
Ten Poems
Fantasy and Sci Fi art work for the front page & for illustrations of the stories & poems.

We are interested in both published and non-published authors. Serials can be from 40,000 to 80,000 words; 10,000 to 20,000 for each quarter.

Since Dragon's Fire Quarterly will debut later in the year, the serials will be either two or three parts. Those interested in submitting comic strips will have to include plot line and artwork.

What we don't want:

No disparaging of any race, religion, culture or ethinic groups. We do not want works that include necro, pedophilia, golden showers or anything like that.

Payment as follows:

Serials: $150
Short Stories: $75
Poems: $15
Flash Pieces: $15
Comic Strip: to be determined
Art Work: for the cover: $90 / for illustrations: to be determined

We're willing to work with the author to make the contract work. For submissions or questions on guidelines etc, please write to Rhiannon Kelley at rhiannonkelley@gmail.com

Best Gay Romance 2007

The following call is from Cleis Press:

From the tender to the heartbreaking to the hilarious, Cleis Press seeks submissions for the kick-off volume in its new series, Best Gay Romance. Stories should be romantic fiction but do not have to include sex scenes. Please do not send stories that are entirely erotica. Stories should also contain strong characterization, dialogue, and plot.

Please e-mail submissions as a Word attachment or in the body of an e-mail to BestGayRomance@aol.com. Include your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as a 100-word or less bio.

Contributors will receive two copies of the anthology and payment upon publication. Please direct all questions to the e-mail address above.

Deadline: February 25, 2006

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Best Women's Erotica 2007

Cleis Press & editor Violet Blue post the following call for submissions for Best Women's Erotica:

Best Women's Erotica is a legendary and groundbreaking yearly series, and is the best-selling women's erotica collection. Every year BWE raises the bar for explicit erotica written for women, penned by the most exciting female authors around the world.

This edition (BWE 2007) is selected and edited by Violet Blue. In this edition, we are looking for fictional stories that seek to push the boundaries of female sexuality, present realistic fantasies and situations, and break taboos. The sex acts depicted must be explicit and realistic in detail. A strong focus on character, predicament, and compelling situations is desired--smart, literate erotic fiction. The desired orientation within the main sexual element of the stories is primarily heterosexual, yet bisexuality and lesbian encounters are also encouraged. The primary focus of the sexual activity must be on the female experience; female pleasure is the main element. A playful, clever approach is welcome, as are intense scenarios. BWE 06 was very different from past editions--please read a few stories from the book or the introduction for examples of tone. Dark themes (such as breakup, jealousy and death) must be exceptional in content for acceptance and are least desired. Do not send sci-fi, poetry or fantasy fiction.

Established authors and newcomers alike are welcome.

Desired themes include: Women's sexual fantasies of all kinds, such as those that feature taboos, fantasies, bondage, fetishes, male anal penetration (such as strap-on play), light S/M, exhibitionism, power-play, voyeurism, seduction, role-play, spontaneous sex, spanking, erotic
punishment, sexual surprise, emotional honesty, desire, longing, lust, passion, female fireceness, power, deviousness, meaning and sublime humor. Above all, include explicit sex.

Paste your pieces into emails and shoot them off to cleisbook@yahoo.com

Editor's note: If you send an attachment, I will delete your email immediately. I am not accepting paper submissions. Only three submissions per author. No simultaneous submissions, and no reprints. Excerpts from full-length books will be considered. Authors must be female; sorry, no male authors writing under pseudonym. Because of the volume of submissions last year (literally hundreds), I likely won't be able to respond to your submissions until May. I appreciate your patience in advance.

Please note: Publisher has final right of refusal on all submissions.

Payment is upon publication, plus 2 copies of the book; pub date is
November 2006.

Deadline: April 1st, 2006.

SageWoman Magazine

SageWoman is a quarterly print magazine of women's spirituality. They are accepting submissions of articles in the areas of spirtuality, for a female readership.

As they state it:

Our readers are people who identify positively with the term "Goddess." Our readership includes women of a variety of religious faiths, ranging from Roman Catholic to Lesbian Separatist Witch and everywhere in between. What our readers have in common is summed up in the statement "Celebrating the Goddess in every woman."

For specific ideas, see their upcoming themes & issue deadlines. For more gneral information, read their submission guidelines.

Compensation: Unsolicited articles are compensated at approximately $.01 per word, with a minimum of $10. Compensation is higher for solicited works. They also offer a trade in advertising in the print magazine, so published authors may wish to discuss those options.

Women Diary

WomenDiary is accepting female-friendly articles in the areas of lifestyle, fashion, health, beauty, relationships and personality. It appears articles on sexuality are allowed, as long as they are written for general audiences (i.e. not sensationalized, not erotic).

For more information, read their guidelines.

Compensation: Exposure

Monday, December 19, 2005

Voluptuous Vixens Anthology

Voluptuous Vixens Anthology will be published through www.lulu.com.

So many media images focus on impossibly thin women. Whenever heavier women are portrayed it’s usually in a derogatory manner or used as a punch line. This anthology will focus on larger woman as beautiful, sexual beings. I will not accept stories involving animals, children, incest, necrophilia. Stories should also be respectful of heavier women.

Submissions should be between 2,000-5,000 words and sent in the body of the email to

Please put “Anthology Submission: Title of the Story in the subject line of the email.

Editor is asking for exclusive rights to the story.

Compensation: $30.00 upon publication.

Deadline: February 28,2005.


SonicErotica.com is an independent underground erotica project seeking original story submissions for online publication.

Short stories, approximately 1000-2000 words in length.

They seem a tad hyper - including their rules, but they do pay. Compensatioon begins at $50.

For more, see their submissions page.

The Drill Press

From The Drill Press:

We plan an anthology of short pieces about the loveless sexual
experience from the woman's point of view. We are not looking for erotica or
titillation or fantasy. We want extreme stories from the point of view of
women living outside the norms of conventional society, vivid and
explicit in physical, emotional and intellectual detail, about sex for any
sake but love or romance. We include transsexuals in the category of
woman, whether pre- or post- operative.

We have no word length except for common sense (no novellas), and the
deadline is open. Details, submission and contact information are on
the site submission page.

Compensation: Copies, perhaps royalties, pending sales.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lili G Art Inspired Contest

Tit Elation has another contest, this one is inspired by the stunning artwork of Lili G.

The author of the winning story wins a bottle of Wayne's Whoopie Cream - a value of $19.95 - along with the much coveted 'Contest Winner' icon to appear with your story!

Send us your best stories, as inspired by this erotic photograph, and you could win. All stories accepted for publication will receive the usual site compensation as well as be considered for publication in the 'Best Of' erotica anthology. The contest begins now, and ends on January 6th, 2006 (midnight, central time).

To see the contest image and to submit your stories, login to the Tit-Elation author area, please, and put "Lili G Art Contest" in the teaser section. Thank you.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Erotic Stories about Underwear and Lingerie

What Lies Beneath: Erotic Stories about Underwear and Lingerie, to be edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pierce, and by Alyson Books in 2006.

Does his underwear bulge in all the right places? Does her teddy make you want to do anything but sleep? Do you dream about dressing up for your lover, then stripping down into your sexiest skivvies? If so, editors Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pierce want to hear all about
it­whether your real-life panty play or your naughtiest fantasies of tight boxers or briefs. Give us your best stories about what happens when you get undressed and see what lies beneath his buff bod or her sexy curves: underwear and lingerie. Before you get them naked, what about that
bottommost layer of clothes? When her lingerie is enough to land her any girl in the room, or his boxers tell a story about what he'll do to you in bed?

Send original, unpublished erotic stories of 1,500-6,000 that are gay, lesbian or bisexual in content, and the primary focus of the erotic attraction must be centered on underwear or lingerie. Maximum 2 submissions per person. Contributors will receive $50 and 2 copies of the
anthology per story accepted for publication.

Deadline: January 15, 2006

Please send stories as typed, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, indented Word documents to both rachelkb@gmail.com and christopherpierce2001@yahoo.com

Please include name, pseudonym (if applicable), address, phone number, email address, and a short biography and put "Underwear Submission" in the subject line. This is an updated version of a previously circulated call for submissions; all stories should be sent to the above email

We will respond by April 2006.

Erotic Fiction Needed For Audio Project

Larimer Audio is currently accepting submissions of Erotic fiction for potential publication as audio books - here's the info:

We are interested in manuscripts that are at least 20,000 words. Compilations of shorter works may also be considered.

All submissions must contain sexual situations that are numerous, explicit and descriptive. Along with the erotic interludes, we are looking for stories with a plot and character development. We will consider all genres of writing.

If a manuscript is selected for publication, narrators will bring the story to life. The story will be edited and produced onto compact discs (MP3 format will also be made available).

Larimer Audio generally pays the author an 8% royalty on the retail price of each audio publication sold. An advance on royalties is common, and the terms will be discussed prior to completing a formal publishing contract.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to us, or have specific questions, please send an e-mail request to larimeraudio@yahoo.com. Additional guidelines and restrictions, as well as more specific information regarding compensation, will be forwarded to you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sex-related Workshop Writers

This call comes from Lisa Chavez, Story Editor at AdultFriendFinder:

Sex-related Workshop Writers are needed for online workshops -- expect all ages. AdultFriendFinder is an adult personals site.

Here's a bit more about the workshops:

We'll be commissioning about 12 workshops over the next 6 months. We're looking for 4 courses under each of the following categories: Getting the Sex You Want, Improving the Sex you Get, Making Your Sex an Adventure.

They're aimed at AFF members who want to self-improve in the areas of sexual performance, sex appeal, and simply getting more/better sex.

Ideally, writers should be educated in sexology, health-related fields, and/or have experience in sexual research or a sex-related profession.

Workshops consist of 25 - 40 pages of pure instructive content, interspersed with exercises, games, quizzes, and other interactive or hands-on reinforcement.

The main requirement is that people come out feeling like they're learning "a skill" that will make their sex lives or sexuality better.

If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity, send a few workshop titles or ideas that would fit goals and format stated above. Descriptive titles, possible section titles, sample exercises
would all be helpful.

Email the details of your experience/qualifications to write in the field, and samples of your writing or links to samples to Lisa Chavez at magazine@friendfinderinc.com.

Also feel free to ask questions and to suggest your compensation requirements.

The State of Erotica

Gracie Passette, editor at both Sex-Kitten.net and Tit-Elation.com, writes in her blog a piece called Erotica: The Little Sister Who Suffers In The Shadows in which she discusses the status of the genre.

For more on the status of erotica publishing & sales:

Erotica on the Rocks

Erotica in Australian Libraries: Are We Negligent Collection Managers?

Too darn hot: Romance fans clash over a new breed of explicit, kinky love story. (1999)

Avoiding the Potholes: Adventures in Genre-Crossing

Book marketing and success in black

Literature & Awards in glbtq works

The Resurgence of Erotic Literature (1998)

Joel Rickett on the latest news from the publishing industry (2005)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Erotica Site Featured at AVN!

Today Tit-Elation was featured, front page news at AVNOline!

It's very unusual for 'The Big Boys' who primarily feature porn sites with big name stars to run any stories on erotica, let alone to be featured on the front page. You can read the story here - and let's hope this is a sign that erotica & story sites will be taken as seriously as picture/movie sites!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Stiletto Flash Contest

From Desdemona:

A stiletto is a type of shoe with a very high, spiked heel. It is also a kind of knife.

Your job as an author of erotica is to write a story, 500 words or less, featuring a stiletto. We expect your story to be unique and hot as hell. How you use your stiletto is up to you. Weapon, footwear, or metaphor for the injustice of modern socio-economic systems - anything you can think of is fine with us. Just be original.

Fitting all that into 500 words may be difficult, but we know you are up to it.

Our 2006 Stiletto Flash is an erotic flash contest. There is no entry fee. Stories must be received by Wednesday, February 1, 2006. Prizes will be awarded to the judges three favorite stories:

First prize: $200
Second prize: $100
Third prize: $50

Honorable mention prizes of $20 will be awarded at the discretion of desdmona.com and the judges. Winners will be picked by a panel of judges and will be based on quality of writing, erotic appeal, and originality. Please, be imaginative! The winning stories and honorable mentions
will be displayed on desdmona.com on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.

Complete contest information and rules here.

Reading for Writers

"That's the beauty of erotica, it can add to any existing genre, or stand on its own." So says Michael Bracken in Writing Erotic Mysteries

"Erotica is not pornography, though it can contain pornography. The primary difference is that the single purpose of pornography is to sexually arouse the reader, period. There is not much of a plotline, if any, and there is no character development. Erotica, on the other hand, tends to have a genuine story, which helps to emphasize the erotic elements. There may be character development through the course of the story, and there is a much greater emphasis on the thoughts and emotions of the characters. Make sure you know which of these you are writing before you start." Written by Poison Pen & posted, along with other basic tips for erotica writers, here.

For a very basic overview, see Erotic literature
at Wikipedia

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Romantic Short Love Stories is always looking for submissions:

Romantic short stories that are geared toward the attraction between a man and woman but not necessarily the act of making love, are better suited for my magazine. I seek stories that create sensualism and the tug-of-war of sexual attraction, but stories that keep it vague concerning what goes on in the bedroom.

Occasionaly I receive short stories from writers that are exactly what I'm looking for, however the love scenes are too graphic. If I come across stories like this, I generally contact the writer and ask if they would be willing to allow me to edit the love scenes and if they like the way it's edited and consent to having it published, then I will publish their work.

(This may be 'too clean' for some of you - but it's a paying gig which can help you work on the story elements/relationships in your writing!)

With the exception of true love stories, all other work may be previously published (aka be a reprint). I also accept work that has never been published before from beginning writers and established writers. Simultaneous submissions are also accepted.

Contributors of accepted work receive a free one year subscription to my Club Romance, in which they may view their work, read romance stories, poetry, and more.

Poets also receive $3/per poem, those who send in their true love stories also receive $15/per true love story, and short story writers also receive $25-50/per short story. Payment is upon publication, with the exception of queried short stories in which writers receive half of the payment up front and half after work is completed.

See the complete guidelines and use their bulletin board for specific ideas.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Whispers (by Scarlet Publishing)

Call placed by Scarlet Publishing for their Whispers imprint:

What we're looking for: Spicy, sensual love stories which leave a reader breathless, intense plots, alpha males, strong heroines and sizzling dialogue. Though strong conflict is necessary, it should not detract from the passionate relationship. Sub-plots should be kept to a minimum as should secondary characters.

We will not accept any story outside the bounds of sexual relationship between consenting adults. We are not seeking menage a trois, BDSM (light bondage okay), homosexuality, bestiality (or any illegal activity, for that matter).

Stories should be 25,000 words or less with a minimum of 10,000 words.

Any genre is accepted at present.

Send detailed query which should include:

a brief bio
a blurb about the book and your publishing credits
your name, address and telephone number
Include the first chapter of your story.
Also, please send a complete marketing plan which should include:

Email query to whispers_submissions@scarletpublishing.com.

** Please note that without a detailed marketing plan, your submission will not be considered. For a complete list of what they deem a complete marketing plan, see their submission guidelines page.

Please allow at least one month for a response to your initial queries. Follow-up responses may take longer depending on our current level of submissions.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Voice & Writing Talents

Podgasmic is looking for

Voice talent for their erotic CDs. Must be able to act & be over 18.

Then send your demo MP3 (no longer than one minute) to podgasmic@mac.com.

They are also looking for writers for future projects. Use the same email for contact.

Compensation: These are paid opportunites - email for specifics.

Lesbian Travelrotica

Alyson Books posts this call:

Everyone loves to travel—the idea of strange new lands, sexy new people to meet... and the dangerous allure of the unknown. Toss is an erotic encounter, and you've got a vacation to remember. We are looking for the hottest stories of those travelers both seasoned and unseasoned, these lusty ladies looking for adventure in foreign lands and exotic locales—and of the women they meet. Whether your story is from the perspective of the traveler or the local lady, the editors at Alyson Books want your story for our new anthology of "travelrotica."

For consideration, please submit your story to erotica@alyson.com, and email it as a Word attachment. Include the name "travelrotica" in the subject line. Remember to include your name,
pseudonym, address, phone number, and email address, for contact purposes.

Stories due: January 15, 2006

For The Girls

Call for Submissions from For The Girls:

We are seeking submissions for our new “True Confessions” column. This section aims to feature real-life stories of sexual adventures, preferably with a humorous twist. We want to hear amusing anecdotes about first times, best times or only times, amazing erotic triumphs or fabulous
sexual disasters. It can cover almost any topic, so long as it involves sex (see below for conditions).

Articles should be 600 to 1000 words in length. The column should be written for a female heterosexual audience. The stories should inform as well as entertain, and be true to life. Ideally we want to hear from someone new each month, however if your work is fabulous we'll consider commissioning further articles.

For The Girls will retain exclusive electronic rights to the work for six months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

Email submissions to: writing@forthegirls.com. We prefer .doc or .txt attachments with no html formatting, but will also accept submissions in the body of the email. Subject heading should be "True Confessions Submission"

Payment: $50 per piece.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Valentine's Day anthology

Call from Ocean's Mist Press:

In celebration of our upcoming Valentine's Day anthology coming to print, OMP is hosting a contest. We are looking for a title for the anthology and the grand prize is a free copy of the "print" Valentine's Day book.

So put on your thinking caps and forward your entries to noemi@oceansmistpress.com.

Deadline: December 26, 2005.

And the winner, err, loser is:

The winning passage reads:

"And he came hard in her mouth and his dick jumped around and rattled on her teeth and he blacked out and she took his dick out of her mouth and lifted herself from his face and whipped the pillow away and he gasped and glugged at the air, and he came again so hard that his dick wrenched out of her hand and a shot of it hit him straight in the eye and stung like nothing he'd ever had in there, and he yelled with the pain, but the yell could have been anything, and as she grabbed at his dick, which was leaping around like a shower dropped in an empty bath, she scratched his back deeply with the nails of both hands and he shot three more times, in thick stripes on her chest. Like Zorro."

The passage is from Giles Coren's book "Winkler".

For more, read Giles Coren wins 'Bad Sex in Fiction' award.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Concepts Publishing

New Concepts is always open to submissions.

They publish novels & anthologies in the following areas:

* erotic and spicy romances
* carnal paranormal romances
* futuristic &/or sci-fi erotic romances

They seek straight & gay works.

See their guidelines for more information.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Impossible Positions

Let's face one fact in the life of an erotic writer: you have to write about the physical act of sex. A little refresher in anatomy can be of great help.

Not long ago I read a story in which the character had one hand on her clit, another hand at her ass and was using a paddle on the submissive. Now, unless we have had a mutation in anatomy, we have a wonderful piece of alien suduction.

Less dramatic but no no less physically challenging was the scene in which the lover mounted his lady love from behind while, at the same time, kissed her full on the lips. Either he was incredibly limber or she was experiencing a moment of demonic possession and her head was spinning on her spine.

As writers we need to be aware of the physical abilities and limitations of our characters to be able to write a believable scene. I know that some writers become so involved in the scene they are writing the forget the little transitions like turning around, turning over, etc.

Writing about sex is often an exercise in fantasy. It is fine that we wish the act would go on for hours. It is OK that we stretch the physical capabilities of our characters. But one thing we really have to watch is taking that fantsy and stretching (both physically and literally) beyond the realm of what is actually possible.

When your reader stops in the flow of the story, especially in the middle of a sex scene, and asks herself "how are they doing that?" you have broken the mood. As a writer, take time to read what you have written, visualize what you have described, and carefully analyze if the possibility is truly there for the characters to really perform the acts you are describing.

© Shadow Jewel, an erotica writer & editor who shares some of her stories at her website, Shadow Jewel, and writes a column at Adult Backwash, called The Castle, where she writes advice for erotica authors.

Lustre Magazine

Lustre Magazine will be relaunching soon, and is looking for contributions of erotic short stories.

Stories between 500 - 3000 words are preferred.

They will consider reprints or simultaneous submissions, however, please advise of this situation when sending stories.

Submissions should be sent to submissions@lustre-magazine.com with "Submission:" and the story title in the subject line of the email. Stories should be included in the body of the email as well as your full name (and pseudonym if you wish to use one), contact details, story title, word count, a statement that you hold copyright to the story and are over legal age and a short (1-2 sentence) bio.

Compensation: Exposure

Hot Spot Books

Hot Spot Books says:

"As soon as we are ready to work on the next book we will send out a Call for Submissions from our newsletter. Stories cannot be accepted until that time. Many thanks and we look forward to emailing you shortly."

This is where you subscribe to their newsletter.

While you wait, read their guidelines for more information.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Author Advice

"Erotiporn is the hybrid of erotica (love stories involving genitalia) and pornography (filth without character development or plot). Good erotiporn is like good pussy: tight, wet, and clean."

Read Phil Phantom's Golden Rules of Writing Erotiporn.

"Erotica authors, apply your skills, work your craft, use your words to the extent that the visual artist does."

For more, read Erotic Art: Words Vs Images

Queer Fetish Erotica Series

Call for Submissions:

Forbidden. Naughty. Unbelievably hot. Two of the hottest erotica writers are editing a queer fetish erotica series for both men and women, and they seek erotic stories that celebrate and explore the fetishes we can't resist—from every angle. Whether you have your own fetish or you've
always wanted to write about one, here's your chance. We are currently accepting stories for volumes on each of the following fetishes:

* Bondage
* Feet & shoes
* Lingerie & underwear

Stories due: January 15, 2006

For consideration, please submit your story to erotica@alyson.com, and email it as a Word attachment.

Include the name of the anthology you are submitting to in the subject line. Please also provide your name, pseudonym, address, phone number, and email address, so we may contact you.

Publisher: Alyson Books

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bad Sex Awards Due Out Soon

Now in its 13th year, the award is for literary fiction which is anything but erotic.

The award aims "to draw attention to the crude, tasteless, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in the modern novel, and to discourage it."

The winner will be announced on December 1 at the In & Out Club in London. You can see the contenders here, and thank your lucky stars that you are not on it! (Though this year, there are some mighty big names in literature on the list!)

Contest Sponsors

Authors & publishers may sponsor contests at TCM.

Rate: $19.95 per contest. Though you may be able to arrange for copies as prizes too.

For more information, see their author's page or contact info@tcm-ca.com for more information.

Seducing Erotica Readers

From the Tit Elation Author's Area:
(used with permission!)

Tit-Elating Story Tip: Emotional Settings

Trying to infuse your stories with better character development & a 'real plot' within the limited space of a short story is challenging. It's even more difficult when you are trying to arouse the reader sexually.

Many writers will forgo any requirements of 'real writing,' such as plot & character development. Instead, they will focus on the "juicy parts." They do this believing that focusing on sex parts & acts will get & keep the reader's attention. But those who write this way forget that the largest sexual organ is the brain - and that a female audience (as well as a discriminating male one) requires this organ be engaged & engorged.

If you'd like to seduce the reader into a memorable experience, you'll need to woo them as well as any lover. To do this, you'll need to have your erotic stories expose human nature along with body parts. An easy way to do this in short story is by giving an emotional setting.

Simply put, emotional settings provide the context for which your characters are getting laid.

It's the reason why those bodies are going to engage in some hot & heavy activities. It's what's motivating them - or what is allowing them to follow their hormonal urges *wink*

Examples of emotional settings are:

a married couple having make-up sex
any first time
turning the tables on a lover
sneaking in a quickie
giving into temptation or taboo
lovers parting or reuniting

Creating the emotional setting allows for the rest of the story to unfold: It's not just two people in any room getting it on, it's these specific individuals, in this specific room, at this specific time. Emotional settings drive more than the action; more than the smells, sights & sounds; they create the mood and the extra heat that readers crave.

Create stories with emotional settings and you'll tit-elate your readers into lustily devouring each of your paragraphs - and make them look for more stories by you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bound To Love: Romatic BDSM Erotica

In March of 2006, Magic Carpet Books will publish the anthology, Bound To Love: Romantic BDSM Erotica.

The stories will feature well developed characters with real lives and relationships in that their thoughts and feelings for each other will be an important part of the hard-core erotic action.

The book will be distributed in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Space is limited; only 9 stories will be accepted.

Magic Carpet will retain the rights to each story for two years after the month of publication.

Submission format: Complete story in Word doc or text file, 1.5 space between lines, justified, Times New Roman 12 pt. Approximately 10,000 -11,000 words long.

Submit to: mariaipita@earthlink.net

Deadline: January 2006.

Compensation: $300.00 for each previously unpublished story.

Tatts & Piercings

This is not a traditional call, but rather interesting for you non-fiction writers out there...

This call comes from Constant-Content, so you must register/log in to read the full details, but here are the basics:

Requesting articles that have anything to do with the Tattoo & Piercing industry.

Presently, seeking an article answering the following: Is it a myth or fact that you cannot get an epidural if you have a tattoo on your lower lumber spine?

Facts and research required. Support the anser with information from surgeons, anaesthesiologists, biologists, tattoo etc. The article should report on the different viewpoints.

Price per article:$100-150
Length of article:2500

Monday, November 21, 2005

Unusual Erotica Contest

Tit Elation, known for its encouragement of erotica writers, has begun a new contest - and this one is rather unusual:

My Partner Doesn't Understand Me Contest

Ah, the oldest complaint in the book! It's the start of many an affair, the reason people seek the help of a sex professional... the end of many a lover's relationship...

Give us a story that captures both the fantasy as well as the emotional desire - and of course, it has to make us HOT!

Characters could be confiding in a counselor, a best friend etc, pleading with a spouse or lover, or putting the moves on a new lover, an escort or prostitute, all with this goal of getting what they want... Are they just telling the story of what they want, or will they get their wish?

Stories should focus on the longing as well as the fantasy itself.

The author of the winning story wins one quarterly 'Best Of' book - and contest winners have a great chance of being in an upcoming issue as well!

The contest begins now, and ends on December 20th, 2005 (midnight, central time).

Submit your stories via the Tit-Elation author area.

Compensation: All accepted stories recieve the usual compensation (see the writer's guide), and the winner receives a copy of one of their print anthologies'.

Velvetpark Magazine

Velvetpark Call:

Editorial Writers: profiles on celebrity and everyday dyke-cons, political columns, art, film, music and book reviews, issue articles, first-person commentary, columns, documentary stories and event coverage.

Send a brief, 1-2 paragraph query of your article idea(s) along with a resume and two writing samples (published or unpublished).

Submit to submissions@velvetparkagazine.com. In the subject line, write RE: EDITORIAL.

Fiction/Poetry Writers: short fiction, fiction excerpts from longer works and poetry. Pieces should not exceed 1000 words.

Email a maximum of 3 pieces edited to 1000 words or less and a brief personal statement describing yourself and your work to submissions@velvetparkmagazine.com. In the subject line, write RE: FICTION/POETRY.

Compensation: Not Listed

See guidelines for additional details.

Caramel Flava

Zane's Caramel Flava, the long anticipated follow-up to Chocolate Flava, will be released in the Summer of 2006.

Stories must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Stories must feature at least one character of Latino descent.

Zane writes:

I am not looking for stories with weak, sugar-coated sex. Nor am I looking for stories that are nothing but fluff. There must be a storyline and characters readers can get into. Stories cannot be degrading to either sex. In fact, they should empower the reader to discover sexual liberation.

Unlike other erotica anthologies that concentrate on getting well known authors to participate, I am looking for erotic stories, and names have nothing to do with it. That will not determine the success of this book because it will be without relying on that; just as Chocolate Flava has
been and that book is full of people using obvious pen names. I am more interested in discovering new and powerful voices.

As with Chocolate Flava, Caramel Flava will be divided into three sections: a male section,
a female section, and will end with a section of stories written by me.

The exposure is priceless because the book will sell a minimum of 250,000 copies and will be marketed cross-culturally. Keep in mind that most books published never sell more than 10,000
copies during their entire shelf life.

All submissions must be sent to:

Strebor Books International
ATTN: Caramel Flava
PO Box 6505
Largo, MD 20792

Editor: Zane
Publisher: Atria Books (a division of Simon and Schuster)

Compensation: $300 and five copies of the book

Deadline: February 14, 2006

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Eros Webzine

The Eros Webzine is seeking both fiction and non-fiction submissions of previously unpublished works for paid inclusion in eros-guide.com.

Length: 500 to 1500 words

Method of Submission: Submissions may be sent as plain text or as a word document via email to submissions@eros-zine.com

Compensation: $50 to $150 upon publication

Learning What Turns On Female Readers of Erotica

In an interview with Gracie Passette on Sex-Kitten.Net, Hester Nash of RetroRaunch said:

"At a very simple level, Erotica is for girls, Porn is for boys. Women respond to contest, story, words, while men just need to see naked people doing stuff. But Really, it's a false distinction. Not purely a semantic distance, but... they are words to convey the same thing."

Also discussed in the interview:

Not long ago, Hester was doing research ~ searching for a quote in old booklets. Several of these old publications had stories in them, and while she was scanning them quickly looking for a few lines to suit her purpose, she suddenly realized "my panties are soaking wet!"

Even though she wasn't reading for arousal, the words ~ the details of sexual context & situation ~ moved her past her own context of research.

So, in looking for films which will make women hot, select pornos that offer more words ~ more details to clarify context, more illustration of the situation. This turns up the heat!

For more thoughts one what turns women on, especially regarding the use of words & stories, read the rest of the interview.

For extra credit, read the entire "Pornography & Women" issue. It's sure to give you details on what turns women on -- and off.

I learned enough to add the issue to my permanent links section here. What will you learn?

Hot Cops: Gay Erotic Tales

Anthology of gay erotic tales, with the theme being hot cops who live to protect and serve in more ways than one.

Looking for stories with well-developed, uninhibited characters, REALISTIC plots, and conflicts brought together in an entanglement of edgy, homo hot cop hootchee-coo. Share your wildest dreams and fantasies that dare to cross the thin blue line.

Humorous stories and stories from gay police officers are greatly encouraged. It can be sensual, dark, indecent, experimental or raw, so long as the story gets the editor hot, hard and horny.


1. Submissions should be fiction and no more than 5,000 words or less.

2. Name, address, phone number, e-mail address (if applicable), and
word count should all appear on the first page.

3. Submissions may be previously published, but make sure you have
full authority to grant reprint rights.

4. Please include a short bio with your submission.

5. All submissions must be typed, double-spaced in a 12 font and
printed on one side of the page. Submissions must include a
self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) or an email address for response. No
manuscripts will be returned.

6. Submissions for the anthology will be accepted electronically, and
by snail mail. E-mail your story as an attachment preferably in
Microsoft word or as a rich text file (RTF) to hotcopsubmissions@hotmail.com
or to:

Editor, Shane Allison
9969 Charlie Ash Lane
Tallahassee, Florida 32305

Editor: Shane Allison
Publisher: Cleis Press

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2006

Compensation: $60 and two free copies of the anthology

Friday, November 18, 2005


Sex-Kitten.net is looking for non-fiction sexual essays & articles for an upcoming issue:

The issue theme is 'Body Parts' and ideas include:

* 'How to' articles & tips on body part specific sex acts (oral sex, anal sex etc)

* Have you always been an 'ass man' or 'ass woman' ~ or did one particular lover turn you into one?

* Your own parts ~ what do you love? What are you constantly at war with?

* Do you or a partner have physical limitations which require special care or positions? (wheelchair bound, disease, amputee, body size etc)

* Do you love a part so much, it's an actual fetish?

Send an email to Gracie@sex-kitten.net. Put "Body Parts Issue" in the subject line and do not include attachments.

Compensation: Exposure, consideration for regualar columnist postion, print opportunities

Tit Elation: Sex In The Future

An open call for erotica set in the future, this call reads:

At Tit-Elation.com we believe that sex will be around in the future ~ if not, we don't want to be there! *wink*

Have men been rendered obsolete in all lesbian societies?

Will robots do our bidding, even in bed?

Maybe you can't hear anyone scream in space, but someone must be moaning anyway!

Accepted stories also have the opportunity to be in their 'Best Of' print anthology.

See their writer's guide for compensation & submission information.


Fishnet is looking for quality erotica, up to 8,000 words (between 1500 & 4000 words are best).

They buy first web publishing rights - and an option for one-time print anthology rights.

Reprints and poetry are OK, but will be "a very hard sell."

Fiction should be pasted into the body of your email and sent to editor H. L. Shaw at fiction-editor@blowfish.com or fiction-editor@fishnetmag.com. Please include Fiction Sub: (STORY TITLE) in the subject line, replacing (STORY TITLE) with the title of your story.

Compensation: 4 cents per word, on acceptance, with additional compensation of 2 cents per word if selected for the print anthology.

For more information, see the submission guidelines

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Non-Fiction Adult Writing Opps

Looking for lesbian writers:

Writers must be secure in themselves and the nature of their being. janeDOE the magazine will debut in the fall of 2006. This online magazine will be for lesbians by lesbians. janeDOE will embrace Lesbianism, emphazing the importance of culture, morals and family values. If you are interested, please e-mail us at: administration@janedoemagazine.com. There is no pay at this time. However as we grow, so will you. Please send writing samples.


Mommies Magazine needs column writers:

Women writers to write weekly columns on the topics including marriage & sex.

Use their online application.

Gay Male Erotica Call

NightCharm is looking for quality male homoerotic fiction.

Compensation: $50 per reprint, first rights and exclusivity for three months pays $125.00,

For front page non-fiction posts (short posts on gay life or gay culture), they pay $25.

For more information, read their submission guidelines

Links To Work With

Testing Your Story's Popularity Potential

Writing Bondage Fiction

General Erotica Writing Resource Articles & Advice

The Bad Sex award winner and longlist, 2004

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Midwest Book Review

The Midwest Book Review publishes several monthly publications for community and academic library systems in California, Wisconsin, and the upper Midwest.

As such, they are looking for book reviewers as well as working relationships with small publishers and self-published authors.

For more information on becoming a book reviewer, please see their reviewer information page.

If you are an self-published author or a small publisher, please read their instructions for submitting books.

Celebrating Plus-Sized Beauty

Ann Vremont has started a new site called The Reluctant Nude: celebrating plus-sized beauty.

One of the features of the site is to select a Book Of The Month featuring plus-sized women.

It's a novel idea, and a great way for those who write about the sensuality & beauty of larger women to gain exposure (without being nude themselves!), so I asked Ann about the site - here's what she had to say:

The page (it's part of my overall author site) is about two months new and this is the first contest. I plan on a periodic contest in which visitors nominate a plus-size (body, not word count) romance novel (erotic or not, but likely the former considering where I post my promos) for the Book of the Month and I select four candidates from the nominations.

Visitors then get the opportunity to vote. The prize pool will vary and visitors have two chances to enter the prize drawing, one by nominating and one by voting. Hopefully, I will run the contest monthly but I am skipping December because there undoubtedly will be low audience buy-in over the holidays.

The winning BOTM will be announced (along with my (planned) culling and posting links to online reviews available for the winning book), as well as the contest winner(s), both on the site and in a pdf newsletter. Again, because I am still working on audience and author buy-in, the newsletter content will vary.

I have one contributor's article finished and am awaiting a planned submission from another contributor. I also will have a plus-size title excerpt (not necessarily from a nominated title--and I am going to be self-serving on the first newsletter for my own plus-size release).

I would say that, for the current newsletter, anyone interested in submitting newsletter content has until the 25th of November (a little longer for brief items that will not need any (or only a little) editorial exchange). Content may include book announcements (erotica/romantica/or far tamer), award announcements, market news, reviews (original or links to new offsite reviews), articles, short fiction, excerpts. Again, it may be erotica/erotic romance/or tame, and it doesn't have to be fiction. It just has to be related to plus-sized beauty. And individuals submitting should anticipate that the grammar, usage and structure of their content will be edited. Editing does not apply, however, to excerpts from already published material--and if such an excerpt needs edited, it won't be included in the newsletter.

You can contact Ann about writing for the newsletter as well as having your book nominated by emailing reluctantnude@annvremont.com, putting "visit to the reluctant nude web site" in the subject line.

Happy Holidays Erotica Contest

From Tit Elation:

Holiday gatherings & celebrations can be hot & steamy too! What gifts will they give? How do they use the gifts they have received? Are your characters thankful? How do they celebrate, observe tradition, &/or make merry? Tell us!

This is open to all holidays, and all TE categories & settings. Use your imaginations, make us hot!

Submit your best stories of erotic holiday celebrations via the Tit-Elation author area. The contest ends on November 20, 2005 (midnight, central time).

The author of the winning story will receive a bottle of Wayne's Whoopie Cream - a real delight!

All accepted stories are subject to the usual site compensation (see site guidelines).

Best Lesbian Erotica 2007

Short stories, novel excerpts, other prose is sought for Tristan Taormino's anthology, Best Lesbian Erotica 2007

Both unpublished material and material published between 9/1/2005 & 12/31/2006 will be considered.

For details, visit the guidelines page. No email submissions will be accepted, but you can email queries to tristan@puckerup.com

Friday, November 11, 2005

Project Queerlit

Project: QueerLit contest is open to any unpublished author of an English-language novel with queer and/or bent content. Prizes include a publication contract with Suspect Thoughts Press. Full submission details at website.

Deadline: December 31, 2005

Scarlet Magazine

Scarlet Magazine is looking for writers:

Editor’s Assistant

As part of a busy editorial team you will be providing support to the editor. Duties include brainstorming ideas, writing briefs, chasing and editing copy, writing features, sourcing images and proofing pages. This is an in-at-the-deep-end job in a small firm with great potential for expansion. One year’s magazine experience is advantageous but not essential. To apply please send in a covering letter explaining why you’d like to work for Scarlet along with a CV, three feature ideas and any relevant cuttings.

Compensation: £16k

Mail required materials to:

Sarah Hedley
Scarlet Magazine
9 Rickett Street

Freelance Writers Wanted

Scarlet is looking to expand its freelance team. We are looking for journalists with fresh new ideas who are looking for a platform to write without the restrictions common in women’s mainstream lifestyle publishing. We are groundbreaking and need writers who can help us stay that way. If you’re interested, please send in three feature ideas and any relevant cuttings.

Compensation: Discussed with qualified persons.

Mail required materials to:

Sarah Hedley
Scarlet Magazine
9 Rickett Street

Meet the Writers

From the Barnes and Noble website:

Meet the Writers is an important and growing feature of our web site. If you'd like to be considered for Meet the Writers, send an email to writers@book.com. Please note that while we add new author pages on a weekly basis, we cannot feature every request.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Las Vegas Writers

Strip Las Vegas a new upscale playboy type magazine will be be launching January of 2006. The magazine will focus on all of the adult entertainment available in sin city from sexy restaurants, dance clubs, lounges, to gentlemens clubs and adult stores. They are looking for writers that are familiar with vegas and have creative ideas for lifestyle articles as well as interviews that pertain to the Vegas scene.

Contact: brittany@striplv.com
Compensation: Ranges from $150 to $500, based on length and subject matter.

Curve Magazine

Curve, the nation’s best-selling lesbian magazine, is looking for a few good freelance proofreaders. The work involves on-site (in our Potrero office) proofreading for 5 to 10 hours each week, two to three weeks per month. We pay $8-$12/hour depending on experience.

Requirements include a B.A. or equivalent, at least six months of professional proofreading experience, thorough knowledge of the AP style manual, and an excellent score on our proofreading test. To take the test, please e-mail your resume to editor@curvemag.com, or mail to:

Curve Magazine – Proofreaders
1550 Bryant Street, Suite 510
San Francisco, CA 94103

No phone calls, please.

Compensation: $8-12/hour

They also have information on writing opportunities. See their guidelines for more information.

"Sex Symbols" Anthology

I received this call:

Free Publicity For entertainers,writers,up & coming talent,exotic dancers,parents,models,authors & porn stars we are looking for input from people who are considered "Sex Symbols" either by lifestyle,industry they work,the way you dress,act or your line of work or people who have been lectured for what they do,say or how they dress.

Have you been called a whore or a jigalow for no apparent reason except your line of work? Have you ever been ridiculed for who you are or what you do? (ex: being an entertainer, a sexual person,stripper,porn star,nude model or flirtatiousness")Have you been told that you should'nt do something because you have children?

The book is about people who are judged because of thier line of work, the way they talk,act or dress we are looking for fun stories and experience from everyday people, up & coming talent, and entertainers. We are also looking for stories that are funny as well as stories that are a little more serious.

We are accepting contributing writers and submissions for the book.If you are chosen you will have an opportunity to be featured in a nationally distributed book with your picture, your experience and your contact info, You gain national exposure,and you will also have the opportunity to be interview on the radio. To be considered please send an email with an experience that you had with details of what someone said to you,what you said and how you handled it,your website or webpage if you have one, a picture if you have one,a bio/resume if you have one and a little about yourself and what you do now along with your contact info so that we can reach you.

For more information please send us an email thanks for your input! Serious Only Please! We would like to meet our deadline for December 15th 2005 so that we can take our book with us to the AVN convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

GIGP Managment

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Erotica For Married Folks

Catherine Lorraine has plans for an unusual anthology:

"I am searching for stories for a slightly different erotica book. My book will contain stories by married women, for married women. I know many married people who would be interested in erotica if they felt they could relate to it more. I have looked for erotic books that feature
married couples, and couldn't find one, so I decided not to wait for someone else to put one together, I'll do it myself!

I want to collect stories of true love, romance, marriage, and very hot sex. I want women to tell me their stories. I want this to be an actual experience you've had as a married woman. Write about your wedding night, your escape from the kids, any memory about the best sex you ever
had -- in explicit detail -- as a married women. I want the emotion to come through without being sappy.

I prefer stories sent in the body of emails, however a word or word perfect attachment is ok. A publisher has yet to be secured for this project, but I will keep in contact with those who submit stories."

Send stories to Catherine Lorraine at: submit_your_story@yahoo.com

ForeWord Reviews

ForeWord Reviews is looking for professional book reviewers. They state they are open to 'all genres' as well as print & ebook publications, even articles.

While the website states they pay for reviews, the compensation amount is not listed.

For more information, see their reviewer information page.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Book Reviews

TCM provides ebooks and print book reviews
in all genres.

"Please note that we review only adult fiction and non-fiction books and ebooks with consenting adult characters (No Non-Consensual Acts, No Under-Age Characters, No Rape, No Bestiality, No Incest). Works that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be reviewed by TCM Reviews."

Reviewers, should read the reviewer's information or email info@tcm-ca.com for more information.

They also accept submissions from authors, publicists, and publishers (including small presses and PODs). To submit your book or ebook for review with TCM Reviews, fill in the
online form at or contact
info@tcm-ca.com for more information.

BDSM Experts Wanted

VerifiedBDSM is looking for experts:

Zone Masters: Responsible for verifying all customers in their geographic-based zone. The will make the verifications via email, phone, U.S. Postal Service or in person. Zone Masters get 50% of any verification fee.

Domain experts: Needed for the writing of intermediate and advanced BDSM concept online tutorials and certification exams. Experts also needed for seminar bookings and personal certifications. Please contact us with your area of expertise. Tutorial and Exam writers will get 50% of any fees collected from certification participants. Seminar bookings and personal certification compensation is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Contact opportunities@VerifiedBDSM.com for more info.

Don't Judge A Book's Author By The Cover

According to this piece in TheBookStandard,Savanna Samson is not happy that a book based on her charater, Vamp, is designed to look as if she wrote it:

The Book Standard: Are you really the author of Vamp?

Savanna Samson: No, I am not. I am only a character.

TBS: But your name is on the cover. Doesn’t that confuse people?

SS: Yeah, I’m not happy about that—that wasn’t the deal. Even the Thunder’s Mouth website has me as the author. When I write a book, it will be my book. This is someone’s fantasy; it’s not my fantasy. I was paid to be a character in the book.

She continues with thoughts on what her book will be about, her thouhgts on erotic books vs. porn etc.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Call for BDSM Works

The Erotic Power Exchange Dominion editor, Lyricmyst, is looking for new material.

Compensation: Exposure

Please send your submission to Lyricmyst@aol.com . Doesn't require exclusive reprinting rights.


Sensuous Sadie is looking for BDSM & Spirituality submissions. Non-fiction, under 1,000 words.

Compensation: Exposure

Please email submissions or questions to SensuousSadie@aol.com.


Consent Magazine is looking for stories, poetry and informative articles. They insist on:

1) Erotic or humorous and kinky in nature;
2) Completely consensual;
3) Well-written.

For more, see the guidelines.

Compensation: Print exposure

About Sexuality Guides

It appears that About.com may be in need of a Sexuality Guide!

Though not listed on their site as an available opening, the area is marked 'apply now' and is sans a guide.

"Each Guide is carefully screened and trained by About. All Guides must successfully complete the About training program and maintain our high standards in user services and community leadership. Guides write original informative articles, provide the Web's best links for their topics, and give their readers what they need to know. This relationship between Guides and users makes About a dynamic service that truly responds to the needs of anyone who visits."

For additional details, please see the Guidelines Page.

To repeat, this postion appears available. I would suggest conacting the site at sexuality.guide@about.com to inquire about the availability.

Compensation: "Guide compensation is based on page views. Each Guide is assigned a unique page view rate for each thousand page views the site gets each a month. No matter what their page view rate is, Guides get paid a minimum of $500 for their first full-month on the network and are guaranteed at least $500 as long as they increase page views each month. Check out compensation for more details."

Friday, November 04, 2005

Male Point of View

Keen Publications is seeking stories of modern, driven, creative women who made the first move to get the man of their dreams for a book to be published in 2006.

"Our goal is to empower females to take that first step, rather than wait passively for a man to approach them."

Men, your essays/stories should describe how your wife or partner made that all-important first move to happily nab her prize (you!). Had she not come up to you first, is there a chance that shyness, business or other preoccupations might have kept you from seeking her out? If she hadn't taken that first step --brazen, furtive or otherwise, would you even be together? Please include this information; one of our aims is to convince women to stop automatically assuming that a man who doesn't make the first move may be doing it for reasons other than the fact that 'he's just not into her'.

Compensation: $20 for each story we accept for publication (pub. date 2006).

Put your single-spaced story (600-800 words) in the body of your e-mail (no attachments, please) and put HOW SHE GRABBED HER TIGER in the subject. You may choose to receive credit for your story or submit it anonymously. Either way you will be paid if we publish your story.

Deadline: November 30, 2005.

E-mail your story to KeenPublications@aol.com.

Queer Call

An editor of an established free mag is looking to launch a new english queer based magazine.

They are looking for gay/lesbo/bi/queer/trans people of all types: writers, columnists, creative types, trouble makers, critics, subversive thinkers, comics, intellects, etc.

Strong talent, strong opinions &/or strong personalities are welcome.

This new publication is expected to launch early next year.

Send resumes, CVs, letters, proposals, descriptions, etc. to: mtlfreemag@hotmail.com


msandrea00@yahoo.com writes:

"I am gathering research facing some of the problems of being married for a column I am writing. It will be a Sex & the City type column but geared towards married couples. Anyone willing to share some great stories and answer some questions it would be a great help to decide how to gear my column."

Those with ideas should contact via the above email address.


Wordwood is looking for writers, reviews & editors, and they pay:

article gigs - pay is generally $5-$10 per article of 500-1000 words
blog gigs - pay is generally $5-$10 per blog post
book review gigs - pay is generally $10-$25 per review
product review gigs - pay is generally $5-$10 per review
store review gigs - pay is generally $5-$10 per review
restaurant review gigs - pay is generally $5-$10 per review

editing gigs:
pay is generally $3-$5 per page

Read their guidelines for more information.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Columnists Needed

Adult Backwash is looking for columnists.

Writers determine the column's content & focus, which may be personal essays; erotic stories; website, book &/or product reviews; how-to articles on sexuality; thoughts on a favorite passion or kink; commentary on culture, society, politics; etc.

Columnists are also required to post links to the site's directory & participate in message boards activities.

New columnists work with experienced columnists at the site (mentors), for a minimum of 3 columns. Once new writers have exhibited their ability to work alone, they are expected to become more involved at the site by becoming a mentor to new columnists, head newsletters, &/or moderate communities.

Contributing Editor Gracie Passette says:

"We are looking for giant egos with staying power: columnits who have something to say, and who will commit to saying it. This applies both to being passionate about their opinions as well as their commitment to their column. In other words, we need self-starters who will come up with their own ideas, work independently, and continue to update for the glory of it all.

Controversial opinions, topics & presentations are encouraged. However, while we fully support free speech, we will not allow the site to be used for agendas of hate. So don't bother to contact us if you're an idiot who wants a forum to spread malicious crap. Unless it's hatred of the legislation of morality ~ then we might make an exception *wink*."

Interested writers should contact Gracie at Gracie@sex-kitten.net, and put 'BW Columnist' in the subject line. Please do not send attachments as none will be opened unless requested.

Compensation: Exposure

On Writing Erotica

Josephine Scott on Writing Bedtime Stories.

Edo van Belkom tells how he started writing erotica.

Morgan Hawke is a Smut Writer & Damn Proud of It.

Michael K. Smith: How To Write Sex Stories Good.

Erotica Set In The Past

Tit Elation has placed a call for erotica set in the past:

Sex has been around forever, so why limit your erotica to the present?

Possible story ideas:

Ancient Egyptian Stories of Lust

Maybe cave women did the clubbing & draggin back to caves?

Erotic Celtic Romances

Forbidden lesbian love & sex in the American West

The Sex in Back Seats of Automobiles in The Roaring '20s

Film Noir style or classic gum-shoe bits

BDSM in the 1950's world of vinyl covered furnature? Sure! Why 'knot' have the little homemaker tie up 'dad' with her apron & beat his tush instead of the rugs!

Your imagination's the limit, so get us all hot & bothered!

Remember, be creative! This can be as classic & classy as you'd like, as dark & demented as you dare, or full cheeky good fun -- But it must appeal to a female audience!

See the writer's guide for compensation & further information on your stories being accepted in their quarterly 'Best Of' print publication.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Erotic Film Reviewers Wanted

DVD Verdict is looking for film critics - and they do publish reviews of erotic films.

Compensation: Exposure & review DVDs

Interested reviewers should read the help wanted page & follow the directions.

Open Call

Bare Back Magazine is looking for erotic stories, articles about erotica and sexual topics.

Submissions should be 800 - 2000 words.

They also accept erotic poetry.

Compensation: Exposure

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paying BDSM Niche Site

Darker Pleasures is a niche erotica site that features stories, photographs, art, and articles specializing in female bondage with a specific focus on breast bondage and breast torture.

They are looking for erotica writers, artists & journalists.

Erotic stories are photo-illustrated stories which ranges from 4000 - 7500 words and are illustrated with photographs selected from several galleries of custom photographs (generally 120 - 200). These selected images are spaced throughout the story to illustrate the text. The subject matter of the story provides the theme around which the photo shoot is centered and the monthly galleries are created.

Compensation: The rate of monetary payment for a photo-illustrated story will be 2.5 cents per word up to 5000 words and then it will be 1.5 cents per word for every word thereafter.

In addition to the monthly feature, they publish several independent text stories in the same word count range.

Artists can be paid or may be selected as a guest artist (work shown in exchange for exposure).

Journalists are generally guest pieces focusing on educational (and entertaining) articles in the area of breast-oriented BDSM community. This would include how-tos, feature articles and other pieces which are relevant to those in this specific area of BDSM.

Interested parties should read their writer guidelines, and then contact Matt Nicholson at webmaster@darkerpleasures.com.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Erotic Book Reviewers Wanted

Erotic-Escapades is looking for staff reviewers. If you are not an author (either ebooks or print), they welcome your inquiry. Reviewers may review at other publications, as long as the reviews offered to Erotic Escapades are original/exclusive reviews.

For more information, visit the website guidelines, or contact miakachase@erotic-escapades.com for more information.


For those reviewers who have regular publications in which their reviews are published, Ephemera Bound is looking for book reviewers. Genres include erotica, adult non-fiction, as well as mainstream titles.

Interested reviewers should email BookWorship@msn.com, putting "Book Reviews" in the subject line.


Just Erotic Romance Reviews, or JERR, is also looking for book reviewers. They also ask that published authors not become reviewers. They suggest approximately 300 words for reviews, which should include a short synopsis, as well as the bulk of the review focused on the impressions of the book.

For more information, visit their website guidelines, or email amber@justeroticromancereviews.com.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Advanced Thoughts on Writing

The below links are not for beginners - this is no 'how to write' for erotica authors (or any other would-be-writers), but rather information, opinions, and thoughts by others who write. Not all are 'for erotica authors' - but then, those who think erotica isn't about good writing, well, it freaking shows people.

So, read, learn, & see what you can (and should) apply to your writing:

The appeal of "real women"

The Big Love Scene

Talking points in the teaching of composition

Emotion, Evolution, and Rationality

Extra points for those that have the guts to post comments on what they think of the above articles.

Violence in Relationships

Equilibri-Yum is looking for interviews, research articles, study reviews, & personal essays in the areas of domestic violence: emotional, verbal, & physical abuse, as well as rape & sexual asault.

This project is focused on abuse in the context of sexual partners (spouses, couples, lovers). We seek input & involvement regardles of gender, sexual orientation or legal status of the relationship.

Of particular interest are cases where there are children in the family, though other areas/situations will be considered.

Along with essays & interviews with survivors, family members of victims, counselors, those who work/volunteer as advocates in the areas of domestic violence, we are looking for more clinical & statistical information/research as well. For along with personal stories, this project will be looking at the institutions involved.

Institutions to be evaluated include:

social service

police & law enforcement


hospitals & medical professionals

criminal court (judges, DA, victims witness offices etc)

family court (guardian ad litems, lawyers, etc)

non-profit organizations who work either with victims or work in areas of legislation

If you have a story, or an interest in the area of victims rights, please contact us!

Please email your introduction & ideas to BookWorship@msn.com - and please put "Violence in Relationships" in the subject line.

(Do not send attachments, unless requested. None will be opened. Thank you.)

There is compensation for those who participate in the project.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Open Calls

Twenty 1 Lashes Magazine is seeking great erotic fiction - everything from the romantic to the edgy. Submissions are always open. With compensation ranging from $6.90 to $300.00.


Grindhouse Press is looking for writers and journalists to produce short stories, flash fiction, novellas, comic strips, graphic novels, gonzo-style nonfiction, articles, serials, screen-plays, 1-act plays, and poetry in the following genres:

exploitation, sexploitation, gonzo journalism, pulp, transgressive, ultra-violent, dark comedy, spaghetti western, mondo, noir, horror, erotica, drug culture, anarchist, and cult literature

There is no compensation. Details will be found here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

a sex toy, a cowboy and a public place

What do a sex toy, a cowboy and a public place have in common? They all have to fit into your erotic short story! Your story must contain the above three plot elements, be between 500 and 5,000 words and be really spankin' hot.

The sexiest story earns a $500 cash prize and will be featured on the site's homepage.

There is a $10 reading fee to enter. Fees are accepted by check or money order, and Paypal. The reading fees must be postmarked by October 31st in order for your submission to be considered. You may enter multiple stories at once into the contest, but there is a $10 fee per each submission.

For detailed submission guidelines visit: oystersandchocolate.com

Speak OUT against Sexual Violence

Seeking submissions using creative voice to share with others how Sexual Violence has affected you personally. What do you have to say about Rape, Domestic Violence, Gender/Sexuality Prejudice, Institutional Racism and Classism, Sex Slavery, etc.?

Seeking submissions of poetry/written work relating to Sexual Violence for independent ‘zine to be distributed in San Francisco. Submissions may also be anonymous, and may be written in English or Spanish.

Submit you poetry/written work relating to Sexual Violence, along with your name, title of piece, and city, to: sexualviolencezine@hotmail.com.

Or mail to: Zine! 1395 Hampshire St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Deadline is Nov. 15th, 2005.

Those published will get a free copy of the ‘zine.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Women's Roles in Erotic Literature

A third year University student is looking for help with her dissertation. The project is titled "Why women's roles in erotic literature have increased as social attitudes change."

Her aim is to gather as much primary research from people on their upbringing and how they feel this shaped their sexual attitude etc...

The questions are below & interested persons should copy & paste them into an email, reply with their answers, and email to Lucy at creativewriter1985@hotmail.com.


To begin, could you give me some information on yourself, for example your age (if you don’t mind!), your sex, whether or not you had a religious upbringing etc… As much information on your background as you feel comfortable supplying.

How did your upbringing shape your attitude towards sex and sexuality, if at all?

What was sex education like when you were at school? How much detail did they go into?

Why do you think attitudes towards sex are more relaxed nowadays? Are there any particular social events that you think brought about the change?

What do you think is the attitude of your peers towards sex and sexuality?

What do you think is the attitude of your peers towards erotic literature?

If you read erotic literature, how did you discover it and why do you read it?

If you write erotic literature, what made you start writing?

Do you hide your writing/readership from people close to you? Please explain your answer.

What, in your opinion, is the purpose of erotic literature?

Why do you think more and more women are reading and writing erotica?

FBI After Story Sites Too

Normally, I refrain from political statements/posts here - there are plenty of blogs dedicated to such matters. But this recent bit of news is of concern to our world of smut writing.

The FBI has seized materials & effectively closed one erotic story site. While the site owner has apparently side-stepped some of the main issues, such as stories containing sex with minors, there are reasons to be concerned: The FBI is not only focused on photo/movie sites, but after text sites as well.

This news has opened debate, and questions, such as:

Are stories in the same class as photographic materials?

Are fantasies protected, or are they in the same 'class' as illegal activities which do use real humans?

If story sites are not 'safe' - what about books & printed materials?

Should authors & webmasters be concerned that the FBI/administration's actions will eventually close all their business avenues?

A clear discussion of some of the main issues can be read in two parts in this blog:

Part One
Part Two

Again, to avoid any political or personal agenda, I present this as a 'need to know' for all writers who work in the erotica genre as well as those who pen articles of any sexual type, including educational works.

Now may be the time to consider joining some of the organizations which support free speech & the First Amendment in the US.

Simone's Diary

Simone's Diary is a new website providing personalized erotic stories created for clients' needs and desires. After a glowing review from amNewYork's sex columnist Simone is currently flooded with orders and is looking to expand her network of authors.

Think you have what it takes to write high-quality literary erotic short stories with quick turnaround times? Prove it!

Use the guidelines below to send Simone a written sample of no more than 375-words:

* Narrative type: 3rd person
* Location: Wine Bar
* Time: Present-Day
* Characters: 3

* Character #1: Simone. White. Female. Prefers males. 32 years old. Black hair, brown eyes. Petite but curvy. Writer. Shy but adventurous. Classy but form fitting clothing.

* Character #2: Jeffrey. White. Male. Prefers males and females. 29 years old. Blond hair, blue eyes. Sharp but feminine features, dancer body. Actor. Witty. Metrosexual.

* Character #3: Phil. White. Male. Prefers males and females. 22 years old. Auburn curly hair, green eyes. Classically handsome, chiseled body. Waiter. Sexually aggressive but not sketchy. Black collared shirt and black pants.

* Style: Explicit

* Plot: Simone and Jeffrey are celebrating at a wine bar late one night. They are the last couple left and Phil offers to give them a special private tasting in the cellar...

Send your stories to webmaster@simonesdiary.com. Your confidentiality will be preserved and your writing will not be used by Simone's Diary for any reason.

Simone will contact you if she is interested in your work. Please do not send follow-up emails.

Compensation: With fees for stories starting as low as $15, the compensation varies - it is listed as payment "up to $120 per story".

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beyond Choice: Voices of Real Women

This post isn't erotic, but definitely something sex writers may wish to know about...

BEYOND CHOICE: VOICES OF REAL WOMEN -- Open Call for Stories on Abortion Experiences

Are you a woman who has had an abortion?

You are not alone and your story is important.

We are editing a book about abortion and we want to hear your story.

This work is not a political treatise and we do not have an agenda. We simply want the voices of real women who have had abortions to be heard. Beyond Choice will be published by a major U.S. publisher and will focus on the experience of abortion: what leads women to consider abortion, what it’s like to have one, and how it factors into real, lived lives.

We are women united by only one act: we had an abortion.

Beyond Choice will include voices of women who vote republican and democrat, women who are young and old, rich and poor, women who are married and single, gay and straight, women who are religious and secular, and women who condemn and are not ashamed of their experiences. You do not have to be a gifted writer to share your story.

Send a 2-15 page essay told in your own words, along with your name or a fake name (if you’d prefer to remain anonymous) and an e-mail address to abortionanthology@hotmail.com by November 30, 2005.

Everyone who submits an essay will be considered for inclusion in this important book.

Paranormal Erotica

Halloween approacheth... and there are quite a few erotica calls to prove it.

The Collector's Edition of Paranormal Erotica

In 2006, Magic Carpet Books will publish this anthology of storeis to be paranormal in theme and full of hard-core erotic action. They can be contemporary, futuristic, historical, etc. and may or may not contain BDSM, the important thing is that the paranormal characters and setting be well-developed and that the sex be hot and graphic.

The stories should be approximately 2,000 - 6,000 words long (although shorter or longer stories of superior quality will also be considered.)

A payment of $75.00 will be made for each previously unpublished story. Magic Carpet will retain the rights to each story for two years after the month of publication.

Please send the complete story for review to mariaisabelmissa@hotmail.com in the following format:

Word doc or text file, 1.5 space between lines, justified, Times New Roman 12 pt. Please reference "Paranormal Collection" in the subject line of your e-mail.

The anthology will be distributed in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Bump in the Night

Torquere Press presents the Bump in the Night short fiction contest -- for gay and lesbian erotic stories.

Halloween! All Saint's Night. Whatever you want to call it, the last night of October is traditionally the time for thrills, chills, and lots of individually wrapped chocolate. In honor of such a grand holiday, Torquere Press presents the Bump in the Night writing contest.

That's right. We want hot, scary, funny, whatever your take on Halloween is. We want it to be 1000 words or less. And we want gay or lesbian content. We're looking for you to make us jump, or make us want to jump each other. What we don't want is gore for its own sake. Give us a new take on an age old theme.

PRIZES: The first place winner will receive $25 US, payable by check, the second place winner will receive $15 US, payable by check, and the third place winner will receive $10 US, payable by check, honorable mention winners will receive one ebook.

Entries are due October 20, 2005. Winners will be announced November 1. See contest rules for details. If you still have questions, email ldoone@torquerepress.com.

Last Call: Supernatural Erotica Contest

And don't forget the Tit-Elation contest (full details are in the second listing here).

Thoughts on Writing Erotica...

John McMullen has tips: The point is not to write something besides stroke fiction; the point is to write *better* stroke fiction.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Three Rules

Betti Mustang wrote a great column, So you wanna write fuck-stories..., which is worth reading...

On Going Calls for Erotic Story Websites

CoreAdult.com is looking for erotic short story writers in all niches (Lesbian, Gay, Orgy etc.). Send samples, and questions, to Dee: dee@coreadult.com

Bi sexual stories needed at Three Pillows. Stories should focus on two males with one female. More specifics in the writer's guidelines.

Tit Elation is looking for erotic stories for women -- Hetero & Lesbian. Stories should have an emphasis on foreplay and courtship. Read their guidelines here.

Pussywhipped Online Magazine

Pussywhipped Online Magazine is a new adult magazine built on the theme that the large majority of men and an ever-growing number of women are pussywhipped. The online magazine is published in conjunction with the History of Erotica website.

Contest Guidelines: Our erotica contests are threefold in nature. We sponsor a monthly contest and will publish the top three entries on the Pussywhipped Online Magazine website. The winning entry is paid $10.00 US. The top three entries qualify for the Quarterly contest with a payout of $20.00 US and the Annual contest with a payout of $50.00.

Published stories will be archived on the History of Erotica website for a period of one year from the date of last publication. Stories may remain in archive beyond one year unless the author requests removal. Authors may submit their stories elsewhere.

We are seeking well-written erotic short stories of 750 to 1,000 words. Strong sexual content is fine. No incest, bestiality, minors or non-consensual stories, please. Light bondage or discipline will be considered but no blood.

The complete details are available in their guidelines for writers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Risque Collectors

Equilibri-Yum is looking for persons who collect mature items such as vintage nudie magazines, risque figurines, 'French' post cards, bar items etc. for an article on historical items.

If you are a collector, or if you know a collector who might be willing to collaborate or be interviewed, please contact Gracie at Gracie@sex-kitten.net putting "Risque Collector" in the subject line.

Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgendered Non-Fiction

Constant Content has a client requesting articles relating to GBLT issues, such as book & film reviews, finance, fashion, family, the arts etc.

They have requested 15 stories/articles, and will pay $50-$100 for articles of 2000+ words.

(Register at thte site to see the full details on this & other requested projects.)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call for Black Velvet Seductions

We are currently seeking submissions for all of our romance lines. We publish several lines, including our sweet line Tender Destinations, our more sensuous line Sensuous Journeys, our erotic line Forbidden Experiences, and our romantic suspense line Amorous Adventures. We publish both contemporary and historical novels within each of these lines. We also publish a small amount of science fiction romance and a small amount of paranormal type romance, also within each of these lines. In any of these sub-genres the romantic elements must carry the story.

We publish e-books, audio CD's and e-books on CD. We do not publish paper books, nor do we have any plans to do so. We believe e-books and audio books are the wave of the future, and we are devoting all our energies to supplying current e-book readers and developing new markets for e-books and audio books.

We are a royalty paying company. We offer the best royalty rate in the industry. Authors receive royalties of 50% of the cover price on all items sold from our website. For items sold in other venues, we pay 50% of the cover price minus the discount paid to the selling organization.

We are very open to both published and unpublished authors and accept unagented and unsolicited manuscripts, partials and queries. In most cases, if a manuscript is close to publishable quality but needs some revision, we will offer a revision letter with specific revision requirements as opposed to a rejection. We offer a higher than normal amount of feedback on all manuscripts we receive, even those that do receive a rejection letter. We see this as an investment in an author that we hope will submit to us again.

We have a firm commitment to supporting writing organizations and the authors who belong to them. We welcome opportunities to work with writer's organizations. Feel free to contact us for items to use for door prizes for conferences and workshops if your organization is holding one. We are happy to serve as contest judges, workshop speakers, and lecturers and to offer author/editor appointments on a limited basis at workshops we attend.

We also publish a newsletter. It can be obtained by sending an e-mail to: free_writers_newsletter@blackvelvetseductions.com We are happy to publicize romance writing workshops and contests in our newsletter as space allows. Simply let us know of your upcoming event by sending us an e-mail at: writers_newsletter@blackvelvetseductions.com

Because we publish across many sub-genres and have lines to represent everything from sweet romance to very hot erotic romance there is space in our lineup for many different and unique author voices. We invite authors to write their best stories and submit them to us. We represent an excellent opportunity for unpublished authors to become published as we are very committed to discovering and developing new authors.

There are a few things we are looking for across all our lines. They are:

*Authors who take something ordinary and make it super extraordinary.

*Very well developed multi-dimensional characters

*A high degree of emotional impact

*A high degree of sexual tension both before the hero and heroine make love and after.

*Well-developed backstories.

*Although the hero and heroine may (hopefully will have) a very rough path to the happily ever after ending the stories must end with the hero and heroine happily ever after together.

*Stories told in third person viewpoint-shifts in viewpoint between hero and heroine and other important characters is acceptable, even desirable.

If you would like more details, visit the website. If you have questions you would like to ask about our company, please send e-mail to lauriesanders@blackvelvetseductions.com.