Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lucrezia Magazine

Forthcoming erotic ezine, Lucrezia Magazine, is set for launch in February 2008, to enable reading time for submissions. (Meanwhile, you can keep up at their blog.)

The magazine will focus on erotic fiction, art and other pieces (articles, essays, opinion) exploring established erotic realms as well as those which are uncharted, or have fallen into the cracks. Articles, fiction, reviews, art, photography, essays, opinion, and other enticements (e.g. sex blog of the month, theme issues, themed competitions.), all of which are to be composed with the zeal of a savvy and fresh succubus or satyr. Passion for erotica, art, and creativity is a must.

Details on submissions can be found here.

The editor says, "It will definitely be a paying gig. We'd like to be the place who sets the bar once again, as many online publications (not limited to erotic publications) request submissions and offer no payment, and writing/creating isn't really an easy gig."

These are the preliminary rates, in US dollars:

Full Length Fiction (1000-6000 words): $20.00

Flash Fiction/Quickie (500-1000): $10.00

Essay/Opinion/Confessional (1000-1500 words): $10.00

Reviews (500 words): $10.00

Photography/Art: To be negotiated with the artist/photographer.

Articles (500-1000 words)

At the initial stage, we are looking at receiving unsolicited work. The rate for unsolicited articles will be $10.00.

Writers are welcome to query, as we are looking at commissioning articles. The rate for solicited articles will be $15.00.

The above rates will be paid subsequent to the signed author/artist agreement, on publication.

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