Sunday, August 26, 2007

Legends of Mernac

The Legends of Mernac's God of Lust is looking for writers of Erotic Fantasy Fiction to write under him.

Request your own folder in our Open Vault where you can publish your writing at will, OR apply to Quont to write in his Age of Erotic Fantasy Fiction.

All stories within the main body of Mernac work comprise a 10-thousand-year interconnected history of our fantasy world, so your writing must adhere to our Lore. Visit the site, read our already published work and ask questions in our forums if you need specific information to make your stories fit - or ask Quont; he'll guide you.

Mernac will pay 2 cents a word for the first North American serial rights up to a maximum of $75.00 for new Legends accepted under the Age of Quont. Legends should be at least 2000 words long and will go through a rigorous editing process before being accepted. But you'll also need to learn how to write a Character Story first in order to join in and become a Scribe in our exciting fantasy world full of gods, magic and more!

For more information please see Write in the Age of Quont.

Email your questions and submissions to But be patient! He's a busy god!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Directory Listings For Erotic Authors and Writers

Eye of Venus is a new adult directory, in which all sites are reviewed to meet criteria. The directory promises to be full of more quality sites focused on originality and writing rather than thumbnail gallery splogs.