Friday, March 02, 2007

That Erotic Pleasure

That Erotic Pleasure, a new ebook publisher launching April 1, 2007, is seeking erotic submissions. Authors will receive the 45% royalty rate of gross sales (that's the cover price) for single author titles. NO ISBN numbers will be assigned to these stories at this time.

General Guidelines: We will be publishing stories in the following lengths: Short Stories (Word Count 2,500 to 15,000). Our stories are released in two lengths; Nuggets; with a word count of no greater than 5,000 words and our Lava; with a word count no greater than to 15,000.

All manuscripts must contain strong sexual content and/or language that is explicit and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Manuscripts that are in any way demeaning to other individuals or groups of people will not be considered.

Story does not need to focus on developing a "romance" between hero and heroine. Hero and heroine do not need to be faithful to each other and does not need to be committed to a HEA. Focus should be on the sexual activities. Stories must be well written with a well developed plot and characterization.

No pedophilia; No characters under the age of 18 (with an adult) may be involved in any sexual situations in the story; No rape scenes. All sex must be consensual; No bodily functions; No necrophilia, please; No knives and/or stabbing weapons stuffed in various parts of the female anatomy; No bestiality. This rule refers to common animals (dogs, cats, cows, sheep, etc.) indigenous to earth. Also, no controversial subject matter. If you are unsure if your manuscript applies to any of these, just email us and ask.

Forward a cover letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters of your completed manuscript or the complete manuscript to with your name (and pseudonym if applicable) to; Mailing address; Phone number; E-mail address displayed. While we do accept simultaneous submissions, please indicate if the work is currently under consideration with another publishing company.

The cover letter should describe your work, including the title, word count, and your experience as a writer. The synopsis should include a detailed plot outline, and some information about your main characters.

Standard Manuscript format is to be followed, please see below: 8.5 x 11 page; Font: Book Antiqua 12pt; 1 inch margin all around and double spaced; header must contain title, author name, and page numbers; All submissions should be attached to an e-mail with the cover letter in the body of the e-mail and should include the following: All submissions must be electronic (in .doc or .rtf) format.

Please forward a detailed full-story synopsis, the first three chapters of your manuscript via email to as an attached file (in Word or rtf format). We will be publishing all our work electronically. Paper submissions are not accepted at this time.

Please provide your best manuscript. Polish it as best as possible before submitting. While it is will be assigned to an editor, they will help you finalize your work, they will not rewrite it.
Questions? Unsure about whether we'll accept something in your manuscript? Please feel free to email


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