Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best New Paranormal Romance 3 (2008 Edition)

The anthology, compiling works published in the year 2007, will be published in spring 2008 and be nationally distributed. [Best New Paranormal Romance (2006 edition) is now available. Reading it is your best opportunity to discover what we are looking for.] In order to have the book
out early in 2008, reading must be done before the end of the year.

Submissions should be made as soon as possible and reading will close on December 1, 2007. This is an annual "best of"-type reprint anthology so we want only material published in 2007. (No original stories.) E-published material is acceptable, but please -- no self-published fiction!

We are looking for stories from all branches of sf/f that also include a strong "romance" element or, conversely, romance that is fantastic, supernatural, paranormal, futuristic, etc. Definitions are ambiguous. If in doubt, send it. Erotic romance and alternative sexuality are acceptable but the emphasis must be on well-written stories.

If your work is scheduled for publication in Nov/Dec 2006 please submit it now and indicate where and when it will be published.

We prefer accept only email submissions (attached in .doc, or .rtf), but email us for snail mail address if for some bizarre reason you can not email it.

To avoid confusion, when sending material please put Best New Paranormal Romance 3 or BNPR 3 as subject line of email or on envelope.

As with any "year's best" anthology, the contents will be announced. You will be informed if chosen. No rejections will be sent out. No mss. returned.

Email for submissions or information: Paula Guran, editor@juno-books.com.

(Editors and Publishers: We could use copies of your publication! PDFs
are fine or email for a snail mail address.)

Submission Guidelines

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