Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update for Inky Blue Allusions

Hi there,

Back in June you posted my site in the call for Submissions section. Inky Blue Allusions grown a lot and now buy short stories out right. I've revised our submissions guidelines.

Short Stories

Short story submissions should be between 1500 words and 5000 words. Stories must have good characterization and plots. We would prefer a major identifiable theme that fits into one of the following groups (may be adjusted later):

Couples Only (romance focused but still good sex)
Male Dominant
Female Dominant
Threesomes & Moresomes
Pleasure Girls (can include a man but should be focused on the mutual pleasure between women)
Ebony & Ivory (interracial).

When submitting please put "short submission - (theme)" in the subject line.

Payment: We are currently paying $8 for individual stories. If you can submit a batch of 5 stories we will pay $50 for the batch. We prefer to work with writers on an ongoing basis, thus the incentive to submit in groups of 5, but of course you are welcome to submit individual stories as well.

Serial Stories

Like the short stories, serial stories must have a plot and good characterization. Serial stories should be a minimum of 10 000 words and broken into a minimum of 10 segments. Although there does not need to be a major sex scene in every single segment, it should build up the readers anticipation and make them eager to read more.

Serials must be 50% complete upon submission but will not be put up for sale until they are completed.

Serials to be sold individually are paid for on a commission basis. Writers will receive 75% of all of their individual sales. Serial writers will also have the option of being included in the membership site for which they will be paid $50 for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks. You can choose to sell your serial only on an individual basis or both individually and to be included in the membership section.

We will not publish any material that includes bestiality, extreme violence, incest, or sex with minors.

New writers are encouraged to submit. If you have a fresh and unique story we will happily work with you until the story is up to our expectations.

Submission Guidelines

1. Layout is important! Each story submitted should be single spaced with paragraph indentations and an empty line in between each paragraph.

2. Font – I would prefer that everyone use a 12 point Verdana font as this is what is used on the site. The less formatting I need to the better.

3. Use your spell check. But don’t stop there. You need to read your story over as well to look for commonly misspelled words that are still in the dictionary (like their/they’re/there).

4. Grammar and punctuation. This site is supposed to be of a higher quality of writing than other sites. Part of that is grammar. As a reader of erotica, nothing drives me crazier than blatantly bad grammar. For example, comma splices glare at me. If I come upon more than one of those in a story, I’m distracted beyond the ability to truly enjoy this. I believe this is mostly a women’s thing and since this site is going to be marketed as a site for women and couples, this is very important. If your grammar needs brushing up or you’re not sure about grammatical points check out the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Links. In fact, read as much of this site as you possibly can. This is the BEST resource for erotic writers to be found on the web.

If you’d like an idea of the quality of writing I expect, check out Clean Sheets. This is a site that has the quality of writing that I would like our readers to come to expect.

Thank you everyone. I know that you all understand the importance of quality. There are tons of sites out there where people can read simple, jerk off material. We want to stand out as one of the sites where you can truly enjoy the story, not only for its sexual appeal but also for the high standards


Autumn Seave

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