Friday, January 05, 2007 is not open to sexualy specific content, but pregancy, delivery, sexuality after childbirth, discussing sex with your children, and other natural aspects of family and motherhood are open to some sexual topics (at least that's how I read it; you should make contact for yourselves).

If you write about attachment parenting or natural mothering and would like to submit a relevant article to our site, we'd love to see what you have! Specific subject areas include pregnancy, natural childbirth, midwifery, home birth, breastfeeding, natural baby care, cosleeping, baby wearing, gentle discipline and other natural family living subjects.

We pay $50 per article for most articles but may pay up to 10 cents per word for extra special articles. Yes, all articles on our website are special, but we mean an article that contains some kind of "scoop" or a super fresh look at a particular subject. Articles which require in depth research would fit into this category. We expect to publish about one or two of these "exclusive" articles per quarter. In addtion to our fairly modest compensation, we would be happy to publish your article or story with a bio that links to your website or provides further information about any services or products that you offer.

No affiliate links, please.

We like personal stories, a bit of humor and good references. Articles should be 750-2500 words in length (though this is a flexible guideline).

Email your material in the body of an email to Writers at Please include a short author bio with any relevant links to your work, products or services. We will notify you within two weeks if we plan to publish your article.

If we decide to publish your piece, we will request 90 day exclusive electronic rights and permanent internet archiving rights. In plain English, this means that this work cannot have been published before and you may not submit your work to any other website or electronic media outlet for 90 days. It also means we may permanently keep your article in our archives (though you may sell it elsewhere).

For more information & to submit, contact Danielle Goodnight of MommyThink Media Group at

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