Saturday, January 20, 2007

For The Girls Call For Submissions


For the Girls is a membership-based adult site and ezine for heterosexual women. As well as explicit pictorial and movie content, we also offer a full women’s magazine, focusing on sex, women’s health and humor.


We are seeking submissions for our "True Confessions" column. This section aims to feature real-life stories of sexual adventures, preferably with a humorous twist. We want to hear true amusing anecdotes about first times, best times or only times, amazing erotic triumphs or fabulous sexual disasters. It can cover almost any topic, so long as it involves sex (see below for conditions). Submissions must be written in the first person. Pieces that read too much like erotic fiction will not be considered for this column

Articles should be 600 to 1000 words in length. The column should be written for a female heterosexual audience. The stories should inform as well as entertain, and be true to life. Ideally we want to hear from someone new each month, however if your work is fabulous we'll consider commissioning further articles.


This is a new column in the format of an "erotic letters" section that will appear weekly. We are looking for short, erotic pieces describing a sexual fantasy or encounter. The column seeks to share female fantasies and experiences in a positive way that also turns us – and you - on. The main aim is arousal, however this does not mean we want clich├ęd porn. If it's a "real experience" then it needs to be believable. If it’s an expression of fantasy, the writer needs to state as much.

Pieces should be 500-1000 words maximum. They must be well written and feature a female perspective. Submissions must be written in the first person.


We are looking for high quality erotic fiction to feature at least once a month. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, relatively explicit, sex positive and be written expressly for female readers.

We’re looking for stories that are more than just a sex scene. We want to see stories with interesting scenarios and fascinating characters; stories that explore the issues and emotions surrounding sex. Remember that dialogue and buildup can be just as erotic as the actual sex.

Stories should be a maximum of 2500 words in length.


For The Girls publishes articles on all aspects of sex, porn and women's health. We are currently looking to publish non-fiction feature articles by freelance contributors on a bi-monthly basis. We are not looking for opinion pieces or columns.

At this stage, proposals only will be accepted. Do not send entire articles as they will not be read.

Proposals should be no more than 300 words in length and describe the outline for the feature. You should also list some of your publishing credits, past writing history or qualifications, if any.


US$35 per True Confessions piece
US$25 per Wicked Ways piece
US$30 per Erotic Fiction piece
US$100 per Feature article

Payment will be made electronically, so you must have an appropriate account with Paypal. If you cannot be paid this way, we cannot publish your work.


Email submissions to submissions AT forthegirls DOT com

We prefer .doc or .txt attachments with no html formatting, but will also accept submissions in the body of the email. Do not send rich text format (rtf) documents. If we can't read your submission, it will go in the trash.

Subject heading should be "For The Girls Writing Submission." Writers should state the column to which they are submitting and must include the author declaration (see below) in the body of the submission email.

You will receive a confirmation email upon submission. You will only be contacted by the editors if your story is selected for publication.


Submitted items must be in English, original and previously unpublished.

Submitted items should use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Poor quality or unedited work will not be considered. Writers who are unable to follow the guidelines will also not be considered.

Writers must be aged 18 years or over as at January 1, 2007.

For The Girls will retain exclusive electronic rights to the work for six months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

For The Girls reserves the right to edit submitted stories if necessary. You may use a pseudonym if you wish.

We will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, ass to mouth, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect (although consensual BDSM scenes are fine).

The author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Purple Kama, its officers and assigns from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) which are based on any claim of copyright infringement, plagiarism or unauthorized use.


I hereby declare that I am the original author of this article and that it has not been previously published in any form. I own the copyright to the work. I am over 18.

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