Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crossdressing: A Collection of Erotic Stories

For this anthology, I want to hear about the allure of crossdressing; hard cocks nestled in silky panties or full-on female attire, women channeling Marlene Dietrich in elegant suits (or going the opposite direction and wearing traditionally male uniforms like a mechanic's uniform,
etc.), butches femmeing it up, and vice versa, etc. Give me hot stories about characters who crossdress and get turned on by it. I want playful, surprising, and, above all, sexy. Can include masturbation, night on the town, drag queen/king, surprise crossdressing (panties under a suit, etc.), androgyny/ambiguous gender, shopping for clothes, two crossdressers together, etc. ­ the sky's the limit, really, as to what you can do with the topic.

Stories should be 1,500-5,000 words, double spaced as Word documents (if you cannot send a Word document, please send an RTF or, as a very last resort, paste the story in the body of an email). Maximum of two submissions per author. Please include your name, mailing address, and short bio along with your story. YOU MUST put "Crossdressing Anthology" in the subject line. You can expect to hear from me by June, 2007, though I will likely be able to give you a preliminary answer sooner. Originals highly, highly preferred, but I will consider reprints (in which case, please provide full previous publication information and make sure you have the rights to the story).

Please only send the FINAL version of your story with all the information listed above. If you need to know whether your submission was received, pleaste state that in your email.

Email address for questions/submissions: with "Crossdressing Anthology" in the subject line. Will hear back: by June 2007.

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
To be published by Cleis Press

Deadline: January 31, 2007 (may be extended)
Payment: $50 plus one copy of the book

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