Saturday, January 13, 2007

CatScratch Books

CatScratch Books, an imprint of CatsCurious Press, announces that it is open for submissions starting March 1, 2007. During this time, CatScratch Books will only accept submissions for it's upcoming anthology [soon to be named]. Any other type of submissions will be, regretfully, returned unread.

Please consider the following guidelines before sending your work to CatScratch Books:

We are seeking new, unpublished works of speculative fiction that fit into a loosely defined genre of Erotic Gothic (Horror) Romance. We would like these stories to have elements similar to the classic Gothic Romances of the 1960s (please see this) but also to incorporate more modern speculative fiction and horror elements as well as more erotic content. (Notice we said 'erotic' NOT 'erotica'). The following ratio would be acceptable: 60% gothic/speculative: 20% erotic: 20% romance.

We are looking for stories that have a Gothic Romance Theme: i.e. young woman/bride/governess goes to work/live at a large mansion/country house/castle where there is a Deep Dark Secret that must be kept from her and everyone else, usually there is a staff at the house who are at least peculiar and un-trusting of strangers, and who are fiercely loyal to their master who is usually a dark and brooding man, with a shadowy/mysterious past and is captivated by the young woman/bride/governess but won't allow his feelings to show. Something horrid and scandalous happens, the woman is usually put in danger (someone tries to kill her, or the man, or both, etc) and in the end, we usually see that her feelings for the man and his for her have crystallized. Usually love prevails and the evil cloud is dispelled, though we are not necessarily looking for a happy ending. We are not necessarily looking for a gothic 'Romance' either, instead, a spec-fic work that evokes the same feeling.

Please stay away from excessive gore, overly graphic sexual content, graphic rape scenes and/or pedophilia. (I want my mother to be able to read this book with pride!) If you have any questions about whether your idea or story would be deemed over-the-top please feel free to query us at with the words 'Query: Gothic Romance Anthology' in the subject line.

CatScratch Books will accept novelette manuscripts between 7,500 and 17,500 words in length (word processor count or standard manuscript count, either is fine). Please follow standard manuscript format; if you are unfamiliar with Standard Manuscript Format, you can find an example

Payment of $250 per story will be made upon acceptance (for First North American Print rights). This anthology will be named after a 'cover story' has been chosen from those stories that are accepted. The author of the chosen cover story will receive an additional $50 and have their story listed first in the table of contents.

CatScratch Books will accept no more than seven stories, so please, only send your best work. Stories must be postmarked between March 1, 2007 and July 31, 2007.

Please send your snail-mail submissions (with an SASE for returns or replies) to:

Attn: Anthology Editor
CatScratch Books
5312 Dillon Circle
Haltom City, TX 76137

OR (preferably)

Send your email submissions (in .RTF format) to:

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