Wednesday, January 31, 2007


BelleBooks, the successful small press started by a group of authors including Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon and others, is interested in queries for erotica/romantica with Southern settings and/or themes with a distinct feel for Southern culture. We're interested in
short stories and novellas only. BelleBooks specializes in Southern-themed fiction, and while our current list is G-rated and mainstream, they hope to establish a separate imprint for erotic anthologies.

We're not seeking category romance with extra-hot sex, we're looking for more serious erotica written with a certain elegance. It can be dark, it can be gothic, it can contain paranormal elements. Ultra-sleek urban settings are fine, also suburban, as long as the settings are Southern. Everyone sends us New Orleans but we'd prefer a variety of other Southern cities.

We're also interested in light-hearted and funny erotica, sweetly gentle and more sensual than explicit. I know that's vague but we're open to all ideas as long as they're written in a sophisticated style. What we definitely don't want are Hee Haw Southern stereotypes and romantica
submissions that read like naughty series romance.

Send queries to Deborah Smith at For more information about BelleBooks, check out the publisher.

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