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BelleBooks, the successful small press started by a group of authors including Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon and others, is interested in queries for erotica/romantica with Southern settings and/or themes with a distinct feel for Southern culture. We're interested in
short stories and novellas only. BelleBooks specializes in Southern-themed fiction, and while our current list is G-rated and mainstream, they hope to establish a separate imprint for erotic anthologies.

We're not seeking category romance with extra-hot sex, we're looking for more serious erotica written with a certain elegance. It can be dark, it can be gothic, it can contain paranormal elements. Ultra-sleek urban settings are fine, also suburban, as long as the settings are Southern. Everyone sends us New Orleans but we'd prefer a variety of other Southern cities.

We're also interested in light-hearted and funny erotica, sweetly gentle and more sensual than explicit. I know that's vague but we're open to all ideas as long as they're written in a sophisticated style. What we definitely don't want are Hee Haw Southern stereotypes and romantica
submissions that read like naughty series romance.

Send queries to Deborah Smith at For more information about BelleBooks, check out the publisher.

Author News & Industry Notes

Another editor has a rant: Philosophical Rant ~ Wearing the Editor's Hat ~ In Praise of Editors

The Marketing Whore (I suggest subscribing to her newsletter) has several useful pieces posted for erotica authors:

Sugasm for free promotion

Social Networking via MySpace: Part One and Part Two.

Author Scene has an entire issue dedicated to erotica with several good articles for authors.

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Relationship Loss Articles Needed

From Constant Conent, requests:

How To Cure A Broken Heart Description: Advice and tips on how to mend a broken heart, either from a break-up, divorce or death of a loved one.

Price: $10-20
Article amount: 1000+
Content length: minimum 500
Subjects: Relationship Break Down Divorce Widowed Notes

How to Re-gain Control of Your Emotions Description: Article exploring the verious techniques to control your emotions when you have split from a partner, divorced or lost a loved one.

Price: $10-20
Article amount: 1000+
Content length: Minimum 500

Gay Bear/Leather/Kink Publication Accepting Submissions

Gay Bear/Leather/Kink Publication Accepting Submissions (Castro / Opper market, a thriving gay
and lesbian community in San Francisco.)

Writers and Designers

A new adult lifestyle publication aimed at the gay bear, leather, and kink culture is looking for lively, entertaining articles and fiction. We need short, easily digested pieces that speak to the interests and needs of the well-seasoned gay man who knows what he likes, in a community with exotic tastes.

In particular, we are looking for:

- interviews with noteworthy individuals in the community,
- tips and techniques for safe fun play,
- new bear fiction and comics,
- coverage of nonprofit and charity organizations,
- reviews of nationally available products and services,
- brand comparisons for alcohols, cigars, foods, sex toys, etc.
- media reviews of relevant movies and websites,
- event reports from social gatherings around the world.

We pay five cents a word upon publication for all rights, and will not consider work which has been published elsewhere, including online. Our usual article is between 500 and 750 words long, but we will consider pieces as long as 1,500 words, or as short as 100 words.

We prefer publishing articles that are submitted with proposed photographs or illustrations (300dpi CMYK tiff format). Our contents are adult in nature, but we do not publish explicit hardcore images. If you include appropriate artwork, with paperwork demonstrating that you own the rights, and it is accepted for publication, we will pay an additional $25 per article for all rights to the artwork submitted.

All writers and persons featured in our magazine must be legal adults. Please include consent forms and contact information for identifiable people and organizations. Your name (or chosen pseudonym) will be displayed in a byline with the piece when it is published in print. A
photograph of the author, email address, URL, or other identifying information may be included as well depending on the nature of the piece, and the regularity of your contributions.

Please send any submissions for consideration by email in plain text format, pasted into the body of the message, or attached with minimal formatting as a Word-compatible file. All artwork should be attached as full-resolution digital photographs, 300 dpi TIFF files, or PDF files.

Send to:

Contest Listing for Poets

The Author's Corner Newletter Contests lists poetry and other contents -- with reader fees.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fast & Frisky Fiction Writing Contest

Let's get to the heart of things. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's only appropriate to dedicate this edition of the Fast Fiction Writing Contest to all those writers who are passionate about what they do.

For February, we want to experience the ecstasy of relationships through your words. Send us your romantic short...but it's not just about romance. We want frisky romance that's fun and flirtatious!

Every author at every level should be committed to keeping their name in front of readers. Are you between books? Looking for a way to revive characters from books that have been out for a while? Want to introduce new characters for upcoming books? Looking for a way to build your readership? Have we got a promotional opportunity for you!

Echelon Press would like to publish your "Fast and Frisky" February story. The fast part means you have until February 1, 2007 to submit your story of 3000-6000 words. The winner will be notified by February 2, 2007 and have 5 days to edit/revise the story. Echelon Press will publish your story in its e-book division on February 12, 2007. Simple!

Send your submissions as a Word (doc) attachment to Your cover letter should be in the body of an e-mail. Cover letters that do not adhere to professional standards
will disqualify the submission from further consideration.

Our only real request is that romantic flirtation be the catalyst for your story! Stories must adhere to the following guidelines.

Standard Manuscript format:
File saved in Word format (.doc) or (.rtf)
8 ½ x 11 page
Times New Roman 12pt font/black
1-inch margin on all sides/ 1.5 line spacing
Align text left, do not justify (aligning text both left and right)
Header containing title, author name and page number
Capital letters at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns
Show new paragraphs by indenting first line of new paragraph .3.
Do not add blank line between paragraphs.
Show scene breaks with * * * * centered in the appropriate line.

All cover letters must include:
Name (and pseudonym if applicable)
Mailing address
Phone number
E-mail address (if available)
Web address (if available)

Cobblestone Press

Cobblestone Press, an electronic publisher of sensual and erotic romance, is seeking creative storytelling and original style. Because we at Cobblestone Press are selective about what we accept, we are looking for authors to set the standard of writing for this new press; authors that show extraordinary ability to weave tales of romance through strong, unforgettable characters, plots that twist and turn with layers of conflict and emotion, and a style that sets them apart from other writers in the market.

Cobblestone Press is a full service publisher. There are NO fees for the author at any point during our publication process. Your book will be edited, assigned an ISBN number, and cover art will be provided.

Royalty rate is 35% of the cover price and will be paid on a monthly basis.

Our contract is for electronic rights for 1 year.

Cobblestone Press is a digital publisher. We currently have no plans to explore print or print-on-demand.

We accept all levels of sensual to erotic romance. While we want our authors to feel free to be creative as possible we do insist on strong plots, fully developed characters, and a Happily Ever After ending. All sexually active characters in the manuscript must be at least 18 no matter the time period.

Full manuscript is required at submission. NO Synopsis required or expected. We will not contract based on proposal or partial submissions.

Submission and formatting details can be found here.


Voting has been extended, and I'd appreciate your vote!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

For The Girls Call For Submissions


For the Girls is a membership-based adult site and ezine for heterosexual women. As well as explicit pictorial and movie content, we also offer a full women’s magazine, focusing on sex, women’s health and humor.


We are seeking submissions for our "True Confessions" column. This section aims to feature real-life stories of sexual adventures, preferably with a humorous twist. We want to hear true amusing anecdotes about first times, best times or only times, amazing erotic triumphs or fabulous sexual disasters. It can cover almost any topic, so long as it involves sex (see below for conditions). Submissions must be written in the first person. Pieces that read too much like erotic fiction will not be considered for this column

Articles should be 600 to 1000 words in length. The column should be written for a female heterosexual audience. The stories should inform as well as entertain, and be true to life. Ideally we want to hear from someone new each month, however if your work is fabulous we'll consider commissioning further articles.


This is a new column in the format of an "erotic letters" section that will appear weekly. We are looking for short, erotic pieces describing a sexual fantasy or encounter. The column seeks to share female fantasies and experiences in a positive way that also turns us – and you - on. The main aim is arousal, however this does not mean we want clich├ęd porn. If it's a "real experience" then it needs to be believable. If it’s an expression of fantasy, the writer needs to state as much.

Pieces should be 500-1000 words maximum. They must be well written and feature a female perspective. Submissions must be written in the first person.


We are looking for high quality erotic fiction to feature at least once a month. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, relatively explicit, sex positive and be written expressly for female readers.

We’re looking for stories that are more than just a sex scene. We want to see stories with interesting scenarios and fascinating characters; stories that explore the issues and emotions surrounding sex. Remember that dialogue and buildup can be just as erotic as the actual sex.

Stories should be a maximum of 2500 words in length.


For The Girls publishes articles on all aspects of sex, porn and women's health. We are currently looking to publish non-fiction feature articles by freelance contributors on a bi-monthly basis. We are not looking for opinion pieces or columns.

At this stage, proposals only will be accepted. Do not send entire articles as they will not be read.

Proposals should be no more than 300 words in length and describe the outline for the feature. You should also list some of your publishing credits, past writing history or qualifications, if any.


US$35 per True Confessions piece
US$25 per Wicked Ways piece
US$30 per Erotic Fiction piece
US$100 per Feature article

Payment will be made electronically, so you must have an appropriate account with Paypal. If you cannot be paid this way, we cannot publish your work.


Email submissions to submissions AT forthegirls DOT com

We prefer .doc or .txt attachments with no html formatting, but will also accept submissions in the body of the email. Do not send rich text format (rtf) documents. If we can't read your submission, it will go in the trash.

Subject heading should be "For The Girls Writing Submission." Writers should state the column to which they are submitting and must include the author declaration (see below) in the body of the submission email.

You will receive a confirmation email upon submission. You will only be contacted by the editors if your story is selected for publication.


Submitted items must be in English, original and previously unpublished.

Submitted items should use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Poor quality or unedited work will not be considered. Writers who are unable to follow the guidelines will also not be considered.

Writers must be aged 18 years or over as at January 1, 2007.

For The Girls will retain exclusive electronic rights to the work for six months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

For The Girls reserves the right to edit submitted stories if necessary. You may use a pseudonym if you wish.

We will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, ass to mouth, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect (although consensual BDSM scenes are fine).

The author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Purple Kama, its officers and assigns from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) which are based on any claim of copyright infringement, plagiarism or unauthorized use.


I hereby declare that I am the original author of this article and that it has not been previously published in any form. I own the copyright to the work. I am over 18.

Not To Be A Downer, But...

Required reading for writers:

Sobering Facts in Writing

Is Writing or Working within the Genre of Erotica Discriminated Against?

Call for Customized Erotica Writers

Sage Vivant and M.Christian are looking for erotica writers to create tailor-made, client-specific stories for Sage Vivant’s celebrated Custom Erotica Source as well as to become part of a 'pool
of writers providing content for a wide variety of erotica Web sites and projects.

This is an excellent opportunity for selected writers to work on their craft and earn excellent pay. However, as you will be writing customized stories, the requirements will be very specific and deadlines sometimes demanding.

It is also important that writers be flexible about subject matter. Custom Erotica Source does not accept story requests that feature bestiality, excessive violence, underage sexuality or incest, but writers may be asked to write client stories featuring a VERY wide range of sexual
activities, orientations, etc. If you are unable or unwilling to write pretty much anything for anyone, please do not read further.

Interested writers should contact M.Christian at There is no need to submit a bio -- your publishing credits will count very little toward your qualifications to write customized erotica. What *will* count are your writing skills. You will be given a sample 'order' for a 1,000-word story. After you write that story, you will then submit it to M.Christian within one week -- and no later. This sample story will then be checked over by Sage Vivant and M.Christian to ensure the following:

- Story is 1,000 words (a few words over is okay, but no less)

- Story has met ALL the stated needs of the client (character interactions, descriptions, sexual activities, etc)

- Story is clean with no spelling errors or typos

- Story features well-crafted descriptions, realistic and natural dialogue, a plot, and features a fresh and interesting take on the client’s request without ever deviating from their specific needs

- Story is of high quality ­ it adheres to the basic rules of good fiction

If the story is first-rate work, meets the client's requirements, and is delivered by the deadline, you will be sent an agreement to be a Custom Erotica Source staff writer and you will also be added to a pool of writers for other projects.

In addition to being good writers, applicants should have a healthy respect for deadlines, check their messages at least once a day, and reply in a timely fashion.

Please note that if you are chosen to be a staff writer, stories you write may be sold to other markets ONLY if they are altered sufficiently to obscure the client’s original request (to protect the client's privacy). Story titles, character names, and in some cases descriptions, must be changed if a writer hired by CES sells CES story elsewhere. This stipulation will be noted in the agreement -- no exceptions are allowed.

Custom Erotica Source Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who owns the rights to the stories I would be writing for CES?

Technically, CES owns the rights, but the copyright information appears on the finished story primarily to prevent/dissuade clients from trying to sell the story elsewhere! If a CES writer wants to sell stories they write for CES to other markets, they may do so but they *must* change
character names, and in some cases where the client's identity would be compromised or revealed, the locale and physical descriptions.

2. How quickly would I have to get a story written that was assigned to me?

It varies. Typically, it's anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks, but once a while, it may be 2 weeks. For this audition, however, you must turn in your assignment in 1 week.

3. How much money would I make?

Pay rates vary with word length and writer reliability. Because Sage is a writer, she does not believe in abusing writers and squeezing out the maximum amount of words for the least amount of compensation. You are paid more than standard erotica market rates for anything you write
for CES.

4. What if I don't want to write a story assignment that's offered to me?

You don't have to write anything you don't want to write and may always refuse an assignment. If you do this several times in a row, however, you'll probably find CES won't be asking you to write very often, if at all.

5. What happens if I'm late with an assignment?

You won't be asked to write for CES again. Clients frequently ask for stories by a certain date to give as gifts. If CES promises to deliver the story by that date, and then breaks that promise, it loses that client and all goodwill associated with that transaction. And that's not
good. In fact, it's unacceptable.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lusty Library Valentine's Day Erotica Contest

The Lusty Library is holding an erotic fiction contest in honor of Valentine’s Day, the holiday most associated with love and romance. Any story submitted between now and February 13th that contains a Valentine theme is eligible, with the first, second and third place stories winning cash prizes of $100, $50 and $25 respectively.

Along with staying true to the theme, the entries must be either Straight or Lesbian erotic stories, at least 1000 words long as well as grammatically and structurally correct. The site will begin taking submissions today and continue until 3PM EST on February 13th, 2007.

The winners of the contest will be chosen by popular vote, which will be tallied as of Midnight EST on February 13th. The results will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

All registered members of will be able to vote on their favorite story; it is free to sign up for an account so new readers and writers are encouraged to join!

Opened in 2005, the Lusty Library currently has close to 30,000 registered users and has over 2,000 erotic tales available in its archive. For more information, visit Lusty Library.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

CatScratch Books

CatScratch Books, an imprint of CatsCurious Press, announces that it is open for submissions starting March 1, 2007. During this time, CatScratch Books will only accept submissions for it's upcoming anthology [soon to be named]. Any other type of submissions will be, regretfully, returned unread.

Please consider the following guidelines before sending your work to CatScratch Books:

We are seeking new, unpublished works of speculative fiction that fit into a loosely defined genre of Erotic Gothic (Horror) Romance. We would like these stories to have elements similar to the classic Gothic Romances of the 1960s (please see this) but also to incorporate more modern speculative fiction and horror elements as well as more erotic content. (Notice we said 'erotic' NOT 'erotica'). The following ratio would be acceptable: 60% gothic/speculative: 20% erotic: 20% romance.

We are looking for stories that have a Gothic Romance Theme: i.e. young woman/bride/governess goes to work/live at a large mansion/country house/castle where there is a Deep Dark Secret that must be kept from her and everyone else, usually there is a staff at the house who are at least peculiar and un-trusting of strangers, and who are fiercely loyal to their master who is usually a dark and brooding man, with a shadowy/mysterious past and is captivated by the young woman/bride/governess but won't allow his feelings to show. Something horrid and scandalous happens, the woman is usually put in danger (someone tries to kill her, or the man, or both, etc) and in the end, we usually see that her feelings for the man and his for her have crystallized. Usually love prevails and the evil cloud is dispelled, though we are not necessarily looking for a happy ending. We are not necessarily looking for a gothic 'Romance' either, instead, a spec-fic work that evokes the same feeling.

Please stay away from excessive gore, overly graphic sexual content, graphic rape scenes and/or pedophilia. (I want my mother to be able to read this book with pride!) If you have any questions about whether your idea or story would be deemed over-the-top please feel free to query us at with the words 'Query: Gothic Romance Anthology' in the subject line.

CatScratch Books will accept novelette manuscripts between 7,500 and 17,500 words in length (word processor count or standard manuscript count, either is fine). Please follow standard manuscript format; if you are unfamiliar with Standard Manuscript Format, you can find an example

Payment of $250 per story will be made upon acceptance (for First North American Print rights). This anthology will be named after a 'cover story' has been chosen from those stories that are accepted. The author of the chosen cover story will receive an additional $50 and have their story listed first in the table of contents.

CatScratch Books will accept no more than seven stories, so please, only send your best work. Stories must be postmarked between March 1, 2007 and July 31, 2007.

Please send your snail-mail submissions (with an SASE for returns or replies) to:

Attn: Anthology Editor
CatScratch Books
5312 Dillon Circle
Haltom City, TX 76137

OR (preferably)

Send your email submissions (in .RTF format) to:

Best Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings

Everyone loves to fall in love, and summertime is the perfect time of year. The days are long, the living is easy, and your heart is just that much more happy, that much more receptive to the notion of love. In this year's edition of our annual "love stories" series, Alyson Books is looking for entries about that hot time of the year when the heat of the sun and breeze off the ocean encourage us to link our arms, our hearts, and our lives. Whether it's the start of a long-term relationship or just a fun fling for the summer months, we want to celebrate the season
with a sprinkling of romance.

Please submit all original stories as a Word document attachment to, along with name and pseudonym (if applicable), short bio, as well as contact info.

Length: 2,500 – 4,000 words
Deadline: March 15, 2007

Editor: Brad Nichols
Publisher: Alyson Books
Tentative Publication: Fall 2007

A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Please do not send queries to the address; it is only for the purpose of submitting stories. We appreciate your cooperation.

Best Lesbian Love Stories: Summer Flings

Everyone loves to fall in love, and summertime is the perfect time of year. The days are long, the living is easy, and your heart is just that much more happy, that much more receptive to the notion of love. In this year's edition of our annual "love stories" series, Alyson Books is looking for entries about that hot time of the year when the heat of the sun and breeze off the ocean encourage us to link our arms, our hearts, and our lives. Whether it's the start of a long-term relationship or just a fun fling for the summer months, we want to celebrate the season
with a sprinkling of romance.

Please submit all original stories as a Word document attachment to, along with name and pseudonym (if applicable), short bio, as well as contact info.

For more information, see their submissions page.

Length: 2,500 – 4,000 words
Deadline: March 15, 2007
Tentative Publication: Fall 2007

A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Please do not send queries to the address; it is only for the purpose of submitting stories. We appreciate your cooperation.

Coach Sappho Looking For Interns

From Barb Elgin, aka Coach Sappho:

I'm looking for an intern or two to work with me on projects in 2007. In particular I am looking for:

- Writers (with particular expertise in psychology, wellness, relationships). person(s) must be willing to learn my relationship programs and be able to write articles about concepts in them as well. Must also be a good investigator (be willing to research topics I need written about). You must be able to edit your own work for grammar, spelling, etc. and come up with shiny, final copy. You may also be charged with finding experts for me to interview and to help me prepare interviews. SEO, knowledge of Adsense or Adwords and/or keyword analysis a plus.

- An administrative support or virtual assistant-type who is willing to help me implement my new initiatives. You should be familiar with using Typepad and/or Wordpress and creating online forms, creating sales copy/pages, etc. Membership in or familiarity with Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets program a plus.

I may add other duties to the above positions, as needs dictate.

The ideal candidates for both positions are coaches or information marketers. in exchange for your assistance, you will have access to aspects of Alex's program (he has already given me permission to do so), including live and/or recorded teleseminars, handouts, etc. Consider how such an experience (valued at several 1,000's of dollars) could help you take your business to the next level.

Only serious inquiries should apply! Feel free to pass this information on if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Barb Elgin
toll free 866-396-BARB (2272)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yarotica Press

Yarotica Press - Call for Submissions

Yarotica Press is open to submissions from all genres, including:

- Capture/Bondage
- Contemporary
- Fantasy
- Futuristic/Sci-Fi
- Historical
- Paranormal
- Romantic Suspense
- Time Travel
- Vampire/Werewolf
- Westerns
- Crime/Mafia
- Graphic Novels

Novel Length

YaroticaPress will review novels with the following word counts. "Quickies" will be added to thematic anthologies with other authors.

- Quickie - 30,000-50,000 words
- Novel - 50,000-100,000 words
- SuperNovel - 100,000-200,000 words
- Epic - 200,000+ words

This site deals exclusively with yaoi, or male/male fiction. If you have het fiction or romantica, please submit your manuscript and add in the Subject Header: For Aphrodite's Quill.

Please see their submissions page for more information & contact with any questions or

Erotica Writer's Resource Site

I've been nominated at Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll under Writers' Resource/Information/News Source page. I consider this an honor for this blog and a vote for erotica as a genre.

Voting ends January 14th, 2007, so if you value my services, consider voting for me (and erotica!)

Note: Voting for all categories can be found here.

Friday, January 05, 2007 is not open to sexualy specific content, but pregancy, delivery, sexuality after childbirth, discussing sex with your children, and other natural aspects of family and motherhood are open to some sexual topics (at least that's how I read it; you should make contact for yourselves).

If you write about attachment parenting or natural mothering and would like to submit a relevant article to our site, we'd love to see what you have! Specific subject areas include pregnancy, natural childbirth, midwifery, home birth, breastfeeding, natural baby care, cosleeping, baby wearing, gentle discipline and other natural family living subjects.

We pay $50 per article for most articles but may pay up to 10 cents per word for extra special articles. Yes, all articles on our website are special, but we mean an article that contains some kind of "scoop" or a super fresh look at a particular subject. Articles which require in depth research would fit into this category. We expect to publish about one or two of these "exclusive" articles per quarter. In addtion to our fairly modest compensation, we would be happy to publish your article or story with a bio that links to your website or provides further information about any services or products that you offer.

No affiliate links, please.

We like personal stories, a bit of humor and good references. Articles should be 750-2500 words in length (though this is a flexible guideline).

Email your material in the body of an email to Writers at Please include a short author bio with any relevant links to your work, products or services. We will notify you within two weeks if we plan to publish your article.

If we decide to publish your piece, we will request 90 day exclusive electronic rights and permanent internet archiving rights. In plain English, this means that this work cannot have been published before and you may not submit your work to any other website or electronic media outlet for 90 days. It also means we may permanently keep your article in our archives (though you may sell it elsewhere).

For more information & to submit, contact Danielle Goodnight of MommyThink Media Group at

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power is a free online gay magazine. More information is available on the history of the e-zine and the honors it has received.

True Tales publishes narrative nonfiction and fiction. Narrative poetry, drama, book excerpts, and blog entries may also be submitted, as well as links to art, photography, and videos.

Both unpublished works and reprints will be considered. Erotic and non-erotic works are both welcome.

All writings must include a narrative (that is, a series of connected events). All submissions must be on a topic related to masculinity and power, such as masculine icons (cops, cowboys, etc.) or power dynamics between men. Authors and artists may be of any gender and sexual orientation.

Submissions may not include erotic depictions of minors. Other than that, any characters/people, plot, setting, theme, genre, length, and lightness or darkness of tone will be considered. Works (including stories) that offer a realistic portrayal of gay life are especially welcome, but fanciful works may be submitted too. Submissions that include societal minorities or that break
past the conventions of gay erotic literature and art are also especially welcome.

2006-7 theme (until October 31, 2007): Military Men.

2008 theme (until October 31, 2008): Businessmen.

Submissions are accepted at all times of the year. Submissions on topics not related to the yearly themes are also welcome.

True Tales is a non-paying market that asks for non-exclusive Web rights in the English language for one year. Visit the e-zine's submission guidelines for more information.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update for Inky Blue Allusions

Hi there,

Back in June you posted my site in the call for Submissions section. Inky Blue Allusions grown a lot and now buy short stories out right. I've revised our submissions guidelines.

Short Stories

Short story submissions should be between 1500 words and 5000 words. Stories must have good characterization and plots. We would prefer a major identifiable theme that fits into one of the following groups (may be adjusted later):

Couples Only (romance focused but still good sex)
Male Dominant
Female Dominant
Threesomes & Moresomes
Pleasure Girls (can include a man but should be focused on the mutual pleasure between women)
Ebony & Ivory (interracial).

When submitting please put "short submission - (theme)" in the subject line.

Payment: We are currently paying $8 for individual stories. If you can submit a batch of 5 stories we will pay $50 for the batch. We prefer to work with writers on an ongoing basis, thus the incentive to submit in groups of 5, but of course you are welcome to submit individual stories as well.

Serial Stories

Like the short stories, serial stories must have a plot and good characterization. Serial stories should be a minimum of 10 000 words and broken into a minimum of 10 segments. Although there does not need to be a major sex scene in every single segment, it should build up the readers anticipation and make them eager to read more.

Serials must be 50% complete upon submission but will not be put up for sale until they are completed.

Serials to be sold individually are paid for on a commission basis. Writers will receive 75% of all of their individual sales. Serial writers will also have the option of being included in the membership site for which they will be paid $50 for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks. You can choose to sell your serial only on an individual basis or both individually and to be included in the membership section.

We will not publish any material that includes bestiality, extreme violence, incest, or sex with minors.

New writers are encouraged to submit. If you have a fresh and unique story we will happily work with you until the story is up to our expectations.

Submission Guidelines

1. Layout is important! Each story submitted should be single spaced with paragraph indentations and an empty line in between each paragraph.

2. Font – I would prefer that everyone use a 12 point Verdana font as this is what is used on the site. The less formatting I need to the better.

3. Use your spell check. But don’t stop there. You need to read your story over as well to look for commonly misspelled words that are still in the dictionary (like their/they’re/there).

4. Grammar and punctuation. This site is supposed to be of a higher quality of writing than other sites. Part of that is grammar. As a reader of erotica, nothing drives me crazier than blatantly bad grammar. For example, comma splices glare at me. If I come upon more than one of those in a story, I’m distracted beyond the ability to truly enjoy this. I believe this is mostly a women’s thing and since this site is going to be marketed as a site for women and couples, this is very important. If your grammar needs brushing up or you’re not sure about grammatical points check out the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Links. In fact, read as much of this site as you possibly can. This is the BEST resource for erotic writers to be found on the web.

If you’d like an idea of the quality of writing I expect, check out Clean Sheets. This is a site that has the quality of writing that I would like our readers to come to expect.

Thank you everyone. I know that you all understand the importance of quality. There are tons of sites out there where people can read simple, jerk off material. We want to stand out as one of the sites where you can truly enjoy the story, not only for its sexual appeal but also for the high standards


Autumn Seave

Crossdressing: A Collection of Erotic Stories

For this anthology, I want to hear about the allure of crossdressing; hard cocks nestled in silky panties or full-on female attire, women channeling Marlene Dietrich in elegant suits (or going the opposite direction and wearing traditionally male uniforms like a mechanic's uniform,
etc.), butches femmeing it up, and vice versa, etc. Give me hot stories about characters who crossdress and get turned on by it. I want playful, surprising, and, above all, sexy. Can include masturbation, night on the town, drag queen/king, surprise crossdressing (panties under a suit, etc.), androgyny/ambiguous gender, shopping for clothes, two crossdressers together, etc. ­ the sky's the limit, really, as to what you can do with the topic.

Stories should be 1,500-5,000 words, double spaced as Word documents (if you cannot send a Word document, please send an RTF or, as a very last resort, paste the story in the body of an email). Maximum of two submissions per author. Please include your name, mailing address, and short bio along with your story. YOU MUST put "Crossdressing Anthology" in the subject line. You can expect to hear from me by June, 2007, though I will likely be able to give you a preliminary answer sooner. Originals highly, highly preferred, but I will consider reprints (in which case, please provide full previous publication information and make sure you have the rights to the story).

Please only send the FINAL version of your story with all the information listed above. If you need to know whether your submission was received, pleaste state that in your email.

Email address for questions/submissions: with "Crossdressing Anthology" in the subject line. Will hear back: by June 2007.

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
To be published by Cleis Press

Deadline: January 31, 2007 (may be extended)
Payment: $50 plus one copy of the book

New Marketing Resource

Gracie Passette has dubbed herself The Marketing Whore and has begun a blog.

She's promised to continue the newsletters and community over at Adult Backwash, but also promises more timely news and "other goodies" at the blog.

I've added it to the sidebar.

Call for Submissions for My Gay Brother

Director Chris Munch's recent indie film festival favorite, Harry and Max, explored the complicated relationship between two gay brothers, and struck a rich vein. Uterine hormones, genetic quirk, hypothalamus size, sibling order, or distant father, they're the stuff of many a
scientific and sociological study—gay siblings. Whatever the source, it's a common phenomenon: most of us know guys with one or more gay brothers; the subject comes up quickly when two gay men get to know each other.

Most gay men grow up as strangers in their own families, outsiders with a closely-guarded secret. But many gay men share that secret in common with someone very close by in the foxholes of the family battle, acknowledged or not: a brother. Whether they know it at first or only sense a difference, how they are alike or how surprisingly they differ, how one's coming out affects the other, the special bond they may share as adults—or not; how having a gay brother influenced their developing identities and made them who they are today: these are some of the issues that will be addressed in the personal essays collected in My Gay Brother.

Topics and tone will be as varied as family dynamics: Mom's reaction to another son's coming out, sexual experimentation between siblings (twins a ++!), gay brothers with nothing but their sexual orientation in common, brothers lost to suicide or AIDS. These moving accounts will detail brotherly devotion, rivalry, loyalty, betrayal, love, laughter, and grief—in short, all the stuff of family relations, but with an intriguing queer twist.

Green Candy Press seeks beautifully written, provocative, honest, emotionally revealing and insightful, funny, sad, bitter, and joyful memoirs of growing up alongside or maintaining ties as an adult between gay men who are also siblings.

Submissions should be original and not previously published in book format.

Submissions should be between 6-25 typed, double-spaced manuscript pages and available as Microsoft Word documents.

Send to:
Green Candy Press
601 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Or e-mail query to

Hard copy submissions should include either SASE with sufficient postage for return of your ms or indication that ms may be recycled. Be sure to include phone number and e-mail address.

Final selections will be paid $100 upon final acceptance of the complete manuscript.

Submissions Deadline: February 1st, 2007.

About the Editor: Kevin Bentley's last anthology, Boyfriends from Hell, was a Lammy finalist and an InsightOut Bookclub selection. He is also the editor of Afterwords: Real Sex from Gay Men's Diaries, and the author of Wild Animals I Have Known: Polk Street Diaries and After and
Let's Shut Out the World.

Redbook Interview

Freelance journalist Jen Matlack is writing an article for Redbook magazine. It will explore the differences between times when you think you're sexy and times when HE thinks you're sexy.

EXAMPLE: you think you're sexiest after you shave your legs and paint your toenails; he thinks you're sexiest right when you wake up in the morning or after you get home from a run.

Couples must be either married or engaged and range in age from late 20s to 45. Also, they may be photographed for the article, so they should live fairly close to Manhattan to attend a photo shoot.

Jen can be reached at for more information or to let her know you're interested.

The Author Readers' Choice Awards

The Author Readers' Choice Awards

Prizes include valuable promotional exposure on Author for all entries, certificates for all finalists, engraved awards for the first place winner in each category and a special one year membership to Author - A $495 Value - to the book chosen as Book of the Year!!

Judging: All judging will be done by readers, not writers, giving, what we feel is, a truer measure of the appeal of your book.

Eligibility: Works of fiction with a first copyright date or first North American printing date of January 1st, 2006 through December 31st, 2006, this includes
traditionally published titles, e-books (must be printed out and bound), self-published titles and small press titles.

- Action/Adventure
- Children's Fiction
- Contemporary
- Erotica
- Fantasy
- Historical
- Horror
- Inspirational
- Mystery
- Paranormal
- Romance -
- Science Fiction
- Suspense
- Women's Fiction
- Young Adult

Submissions: Five autographed copies of your book - three copies will be given to the judges to keep, one copy will be used in the final round of judging and the fifth book will be given away as a prize to our readers during a special on-line event (so even books that don't final will still be given valuable promotion on Author

Entry Fee: $20 for Author Island members and $30 for all non-members.

Deadline: All books and entry fees must be postmarked
on or before February 15th, 2007 and be in the Author offices by March 1st, 2007.

Notification: Finalists will be notified on or about May 1st, 2007 and the winners will be announced during a special week-long online event on Author in July 2007.

For more information visit our website.

For Entry Form, Guidelines and Score Sheet, please contact DeNita at

Permission To Forward Granted And Encouraged

Best Women's Erotica 2008

Best Women's Erotica is a legendary and groundbreaking yearly series, and is the best-selling women's erotica collection. Every year BWE raises the bar for explicit erotica written for women, penned by the most exciting female authors, from around the world.

This edition (BWE 2008) is selected and edited by Violet Blue. In this edition, we are looking for fictional stories that seek to push the boundaries of female sexuality, present realistic fantasies and situations, and break taboos. The sex acts depicted must be explicit and realistic in detail. A strong focus on character, predicament, and compelling situations is desired -- smart, literate erotic fiction. The desired orientation within the main sexual element of the stories is primarily heterosexual, yet bisexuality and lesbian encounters are also encouraged. The primary focus of the sexual activity must be on the female experience; female pleasure is the main element. A playful, clever approach is welcome, as are intense scenarios.

BWE 06 won the Independent Publisher award for Best Erotica Book of 2006. Both BWE 06 and 07 edited by Violet Blue are very different from past editions -- please read a few stories from either book or the introductions for examples of tone. Dark themes (such as breakup, jealousy,
infidelity and death) must be exceptional in content for acceptance and are least desired. Do not send sci-fi or fantasy fiction.

Established authors and newcomers alike are welcome.

Desired themes include: Women's sexual fantasies of all kinds, such as those that feature taboos, fantasies, bondage, fetishes, male anal penetration (such as strap-on play), light S/M, exhibitionism, power-play, voyeurism, seduction, role-play, spontaneous sex, spanking, erotic
punishment, sexual surprise, emotional honesty, desire, longing, lust, passion, female fierceness, power (and power struggles), deviousness, meaning, modern themes that involve the Internet and technology, and sublime humor. Above all, include explicit sex.

Paste your pieces into emails and send to:

Editor's notes: If you send an attachment, I will delete your email immediately. I am not accepting paper submissions.

Only three submissions per author.

Word count: 2500 to 4500 words is the desired range.

Include your name, a short bio, mailing address and main contact email address with your submission. No simultaneous submissions (you will be disqualified), and no reprints. Excerpts from full-length books will be considered.

Authors must be female; sorry, no male authors writing under pseudonym.

Because of the volume of submissions last year (literally hundreds), I likely won't be able to respond to your submissions until May. I appreciate your patience in advance.

Please note: Publisher has final right of refusal on all submissions.

Deadline: April 1st, 2007.

Payment is upon publication, plus 2 copies of the book; pub date is November 2007.