Friday, December 01, 2006

Twilight Fantasies Publications

Twilight Fantasies Publications is a full-service, royalty paying ePublishing company. We are currently accepting submissions in anticipation of our May 2, 2007 scheduled opening date.
Twilight Fantasies specializes in romance, including erotic romance, in all genres. We do not publish erotica (without romantic elements) at this time. While we do publish erotic romance, we are actively seeking stories that are plot-driven. If a sex scene does not further the plot, it should be left out.

We currently respond to queries within two weeks, to manuscripts within six weeks.

Specialty Lines:

We are actively seeking works that fit the guidelines of our Specialty Lines. If your work fits any of these guidelines, please indicate that in the subject line of your email.

Aphrodite's Scrolls--Romance according to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Any romance story that features mythological elements, including gods and goddesses as characters, belong in this specialty line.

Caught-Un-A- Weres-- These romances feature shapeshifters, such as werewolves, werefoxes, werebears, etc. At least one of the main characters (either the hero or the heroine) must be a shapeshifter.

Twisted Fairytales-- A romantic retelling of our favorite fairytales or fables.

Vampire Vixens-- These stories will probably not be classified as TAME. The heroine of the story must be a vampire or become a vampire during the course of the story. Our Vixen must either be at ease with her own sexuality or explore her sexuality during the plot.

Zuzu's Petals-- This is a reference to end of the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life. In the film, George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) wishes he never existed and is granted that wish. Of course, after seeing what the world would be like without him, he wants his life back. When he discovers his daughter's (Zuzu's) rose petals in his pocket, he knows he is "alive again." The Zuzu's Petals line features romances in which one of the main characters discover how good it is to be alive or finally discover or rediscover their reason(s) for living.

Read our submissions page for more details.

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