Monday, December 18, 2006

Call for Submissions: Animal Attraction

Whether it’s the lush fur of a healthy tiger, the colorful feathers of a blue macaw or the unabashed sensuality of a river otter, animals have a way of bringing people together. I’m looking for stories in which animals play a part in fostering human intimacy and sexuality. It may be the traveling veterinarian who treats cattle and horses in the American West, the petsitter who falls for a client, or the circus trainer who sleeps in a tent next to his bears. Animal Attraction stories will provide a variety of settings, characters and tales to entertain readers of gay male erotica and romance.

The anthology will be e-published in August, 2007 by Torquere Press, a leader in GLBT publishing.

Stories can be 2,000-8,000 words and need well-drawn characters, compelling stories and clear, professional prose. Use your imagination and let the animal motif color the piece; it should be part of the story, not just an add-on. In addition to contemporary stories, I’m willing to look at fantasy/scifi and historical pieces, as long as the animals are an integral part of the plot. (However, please no shape-shifters, or were-persons). Send me stories with cats, dolphins, grizzlies, penguins, horses, dogs, eagles, Gila monsters, tigers, sea lions, foxes or anything else. (I must confess though, I really don’t care for Very Large Insects). Stories should be erotic and romantic elements are encouraged. Pieces that feel “porny” will be a tough sell.

Please note: this is not a bestiality anthology so no sex with the animals! The other usual no-no’s apply: no copyrighted characters or universe, no underage characters in sexual situations, no scat/golden showers, no rape.

The deadline for submissions is January 20th, 2007. Please send stories as a Word or RTF file attachment to:

Please follow standard Torquere formatting guidelines.

I’ll be reading prior to the deadline, so feel free to submit early. Please use Animal Attraction anthology in your subject line. Any questions, please feel free to write me at the address above.

Payment is on publication and is $25. Selected authors will also receive an electronic copy of the anthology.

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