Monday, December 18, 2006

Call for Submissions: Animal Attraction

Whether it’s the lush fur of a healthy tiger, the colorful feathers of a blue macaw or the unabashed sensuality of a river otter, animals have a way of bringing people together. I’m looking for stories in which animals play a part in fostering human intimacy and sexuality. It may be the traveling veterinarian who treats cattle and horses in the American West, the petsitter who falls for a client, or the circus trainer who sleeps in a tent next to his bears. Animal Attraction stories will provide a variety of settings, characters and tales to entertain readers of gay male erotica and romance.

The anthology will be e-published in August, 2007 by Torquere Press, a leader in GLBT publishing.

Stories can be 2,000-8,000 words and need well-drawn characters, compelling stories and clear, professional prose. Use your imagination and let the animal motif color the piece; it should be part of the story, not just an add-on. In addition to contemporary stories, I’m willing to look at fantasy/scifi and historical pieces, as long as the animals are an integral part of the plot. (However, please no shape-shifters, or were-persons). Send me stories with cats, dolphins, grizzlies, penguins, horses, dogs, eagles, Gila monsters, tigers, sea lions, foxes or anything else. (I must confess though, I really don’t care for Very Large Insects). Stories should be erotic and romantic elements are encouraged. Pieces that feel “porny” will be a tough sell.

Please note: this is not a bestiality anthology so no sex with the animals! The other usual no-no’s apply: no copyrighted characters or universe, no underage characters in sexual situations, no scat/golden showers, no rape.

The deadline for submissions is January 20th, 2007. Please send stories as a Word or RTF file attachment to:

Please follow standard Torquere formatting guidelines.

I’ll be reading prior to the deadline, so feel free to submit early. Please use Animal Attraction anthology in your subject line. Any questions, please feel free to write me at the address above.

Payment is on publication and is $25. Selected authors will also receive an electronic copy of the anthology.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best Gay Erotica 2008

Edited by Richard Labonte, judged by Emanuel Xavier
Publisher: Cleis Press

Short stories, novel excerpts, memoirs, narrative artwork, essays - original or reprint - are now being accepted for Best Gay Erotica 2008, to be published by Cleis Press in late fall of 2007.

Maximum length preferred: 6,000 words; no minimum. Reprints must have appeared in print or online, or been scheduled to appear, between July 2006 and June 2007.

BGE is not a "theme" anthology, so anything goes - any fantasy, all flesh, any kink, every genre - as long as the work is intensely erotic, lusciously literary, and quite, quite queer.

Series editor Richard Labonte will select 35-40 stories from among the submissions, with winners chosen from the finalists by this year's judge, Emanuel Xavier.

Deadline: April 30, 2007

Queries and submissions to:, in .doc format.

Call for Submissions: Essays on Menstruation

Breakthrough Bleeding:

Essays on The Thing Women Spend A Quarter Of Their Time Doing, But No One’s Supposed To Talk About

Edited by Hanne Blank and Moira Russell

Forthcoming from She Devil Press, an imprint of Suspect Thoughts Press; scheduled publication date Fall 2008.

FINALLY, a book that isn’t afraid of a little blood!

Between puberty and menopause, most women spend close to a quarter of their lives dealing with menstruation. But except for coming-of-age stories and the occasional Stephen King novel, all this spilled blood hardly creates a blip on the cultural radar. It’s as if someone has removed it all with a super-duper magic cleanser… ironic, considering what the rest of us go through to get the stains out.

Breakthrough Bleeding is here to change all that. Thoughtful, challenging, political, and maybe even sexy, this collection of essays looks at menstruation from the inside and the outside, a super-maxi size dose of heavy-thinkin’ menstrual mojo.

We are looking for essays and creative nonfiction that analyze, question, and explore all aspects of menstruation and menstruation culture. Potential topics include:

* menstruation and gender – how does menstruation fit into (or conflict with) experiences of gender?
* menstrual products advertising & the “sanitary products” industry
* menstruation, personal relationships, and sex – from phobias to fetishes
* menstrual education – what do we learn and how do we learn it, what do we teach and how to we teach it?
* menstruation as a human rights issue – how are women’s periods dealt with in prisons, shelters, mental institutions, long-term care facilities, and other institutions?
* women who voluntarily/intentionally stop menstruating
* men’s experiences with / attitudes regarding menstruation
* menstruation humor
* menstruation and ridicule/shame
* transmenstruation – what kinds of issues come up around menstruation for intersex, transsexual and transgendered people?
* premature menopause (organic or induced)
* enjoying/appreciating menstruation
* menstruation and/in the workplace
* menstruation through the eyes of Western medicine
* the “menstrual alternatives” movement (e.g. reusable pads/cups/sponges) and its culture
* menstruation in straight vs. queer spheres
* feminist culture and menstruation

Compensation: Writers whose work is included in the book will receive a cash honorarium (amount TBD) and two copies of the book.

Deadline: March 20, 2007.

For more information, see the guidelines.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Visible: A Femmethology

Femmes are still invisible. Society can't see past our heels to hear our stories, so we must continue to build platforms for our voices. Visible: A Femmethology, a forthcoming anthology about the power and complications in presenting femme as a gender and breaking the traditional meaning of feminine, aims to showcase blunt, personal essays exploring what "femme" means to those who claim it as an identity.

Give me your experiences, your inner dialogues, your theories and practices. Please do not send fiction, poetry, erotica, or any material to which you do not fully own the rights. I am seeking prose that is thoughtful, analytical, raw, challenging, exploratory, and uniquely you.

Submissions must be sent as Word files with text in 12 point Times New Roman font. Essays must be previously unpublished, 1500-6000 words in length, and typed double-spaced. You may submit more than one essay.

Author maintains and controls the copyright of their essay and licenses their First North American Rights to Merge Press for publication purposes. Author retains the right to reprint the material in any publication.

Send SUBMISSIONS ONLY to Maria Angeline at femmethology at mergepress dot com. Include your legal name, pseudonym (if any) you wish to use, address, phone number, email, and the bio you would like to appear in the book if your selection is chosen for publication. Put the title of your essay in the subject line of the email. Each essay must be emailed separately.

Send questions to Maria Angeline at maria.angeline at mergepress dot com.

Visible: A Femmethology, an anthology of writing on queer femme identity, is expected to be released in 2008. Do not email to inquire about the status of your submission after you receive a confirmation that it has been received. It is not possible to respond to all email inquires. Once selections have been made, every person who has submitted work will be sent an announcement. Please do not submit material if you do not regularly check your email.

Editor: Maria Angeline
Publisher: Merge Press
Submissions Deadline: March 15, 2007

Anticipated Publication Date: Spring 2008

Visit here for more information and watch for project updates.

Audacia Ray

Audacia Ray writes on the number of indie magazines folding.

She's also looking for interviews for her book, Naked on the Internet:

Interviewing women for my book I’m in the process of writing a book about female sexuality and the internet, including chapters on dating/hooking up; sex blogging; sex worker advertising and networking; wives and girlfriends of partners who indulge in sexual activities online; sexual health and online support communities; and technology that enables physical sexual encounters. If you participate in any of these activities and would like to be interviewed, please email me!

Friday, December 01, 2006


If interested in taking on assignments for PixelPulse (a new monthly magazine solely covering Second Life), send two samples of your best work to Cheri Horton using the e-mail address pixelpulsemagazine [at] yahoo [dot] com, or send them using two separate notecards in-world. Include a brief description about yourself and mention any relevant experience. Writing samples must be between 400-500 words apiece. The pay rate for freelancers is $L1,000 for the first successfully completed assignment. Pay rates will then rise in proportion to how often each particular writer contributes, as well as the quality and depth of the content.

Twilight Fantasies Publications

Twilight Fantasies Publications is a full-service, royalty paying ePublishing company. We are currently accepting submissions in anticipation of our May 2, 2007 scheduled opening date.
Twilight Fantasies specializes in romance, including erotic romance, in all genres. We do not publish erotica (without romantic elements) at this time. While we do publish erotic romance, we are actively seeking stories that are plot-driven. If a sex scene does not further the plot, it should be left out.

We currently respond to queries within two weeks, to manuscripts within six weeks.

Specialty Lines:

We are actively seeking works that fit the guidelines of our Specialty Lines. If your work fits any of these guidelines, please indicate that in the subject line of your email.

Aphrodite's Scrolls--Romance according to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Any romance story that features mythological elements, including gods and goddesses as characters, belong in this specialty line.

Caught-Un-A- Weres-- These romances feature shapeshifters, such as werewolves, werefoxes, werebears, etc. At least one of the main characters (either the hero or the heroine) must be a shapeshifter.

Twisted Fairytales-- A romantic retelling of our favorite fairytales or fables.

Vampire Vixens-- These stories will probably not be classified as TAME. The heroine of the story must be a vampire or become a vampire during the course of the story. Our Vixen must either be at ease with her own sexuality or explore her sexuality during the plot.

Zuzu's Petals-- This is a reference to end of the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life. In the film, George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) wishes he never existed and is granted that wish. Of course, after seeing what the world would be like without him, he wants his life back. When he discovers his daughter's (Zuzu's) rose petals in his pocket, he knows he is "alive again." The Zuzu's Petals line features romances in which one of the main characters discover how good it is to be alive or finally discover or rediscover their reason(s) for living.

Read our submissions page for more details.