Wednesday, November 01, 2006

True Stories From Women

From Constant Content:

Ladies, we all have an interesting story to tell, whether it be from our pasts or our present. Some that have made us stronger, and some that are still unresolved.

This is a gig for women with an interesting experience you don\'t mind sharing. It can be from the past or happening right now. It will be used anonymously.

To be included in your email:
1) Write a short two or three sentence synopsis of what your true life story is about.
2) Write 1 page of the story and paste it into your email.
3) Include your locations (city).
You may submit multiple stories, but please send them in separate emails.
I will read each submission and if I like your writing style and the story itself, I will get back to you with more information.


*Women of all ages, races, backgrounds, religions, etc. to pick a life changing story out of their own real lives and write about it. It can be a story of something that is going on in your life right now, or something that happened in your past.

*Names will be changed in the story to keep the people you write about anonymous . $50 per accepted story. 3-5 pages long.

* Difficult relationship stories are preferred, but not required.

Fantastical stories: deleted. Excessively long: deleted. Just be yourself, tell your true life story in as much vivid yet relevent detail as possible. Even if your story is not accepted, take it as a therapeutic release. Sometimes writing things out on paper can put your problems into perspective.

Price per article:$40-50

Length of article:3-5 pages

life, relationships, heartbreak, cheating, abuse, drama, etc. MUST BE TRUE STORIES.

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