Thursday, November 30, 2006


'Sub-Lingual' will be a select collection of around six longer stories told from a female submissive's point of view in everyday life. The book is planned for a Spring 2007 release, and we are now open for submissions. Initially, we plan to publish this book in e-book format, but we may publish it in print or print-on-demand at some later point.

GUIDELINES: Stories must be between 10,000 and 20,000 words long. For this publication we are not looking for stories that are just full of BDSM. The stories must be about the submissive as a person, from her point of view, although it doesn't have to be written in the first person. It's to be expected that their submissive lifestyle will prove prominent in any plot, but it shall not be the crux of the story line. Sub-Lingual will be more about submissives and their lives, parts of their lives, or finding themselves caught up in some situation or event, as dictated by the story you create. Stories must be strong. You can write about how their lifestyle affects other parts of their lives, like their jobs or families. Or you can write about where love fits in, or where love is lost, or never found, etc. Possibilities are endless if you apply your imagination.

RIGHTS: Logical Lust Publications will retain ongoing rights to publish your story in Sub-Lingual in e-formats and in print. These rights will be exclusive for one year from publication, after which rights become non-exclusive and the author is free to seek additional publication of their own story in any format.

PAYMENT: For the above rights, Logical Lust Publications will pay a one-off payment of $20 US, or equivalent in main currency. Payment is only due and made upon publication. If, for any reason, publication doesn't go ahead, the stories and all rights return to the author.


For more information on how to submit, see the official call here.

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