Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Notes & Updates from Naughty

Calls Update:

The Lingerie Erotica Contest has been extended to January 15, 2007. The post has been updated, but I notify you here in case you thought you wouldn't make the deadline.

Blog Update:

I'm going to update this blog to "blogger beta" which will allow for the use of tags. I'm hoping this will make for better navigation so that you all can find the calls and information you wish. If you have suggestions for tags, please let me know.

Blogger Update:

I am still busy with deadlines of my own. Please be patient if my email replies are slow.

And Reminders:

I again must remind you of The House Rules. I really do appreciate it when you tell publishers and editors where you found the call -- then they remember to contact me which means I have more time to find new calls and information.

Thanks :)

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