Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Erotic Bookworm Review Site

The Erotic Bookworm Review Site: Wanted


A new romance and erotic review site is opening and we are looking for people interested in reviewing e-books. We have currently received review copies from Loose ID, Silk’s Vault Publishing, Midnight Showcase, Triskelion Publishing and various authors.

This is a voluntary position and there is no pay. We seek dependable people who enjoy reading romance and erotica and can honestly and tactfully write their opinion.

If interested please contact with review in the subject of the email and send a sample review as an attachment, introduce yourself and state the reason for wanting to become a reviewer.

If approved you will receive a list of all the books available for review and can choose which book you want to review. Reviews must be turned in two weeks after receiving books.


The Erotic Bookworm Review Site is accepting submissions for articles: on the craft of writing, experiences on writing or submitting, and the road to getting published.

Historical articles based on true historical facts dealing with or about sexual activity, customs, etc.

Erotic Fiction on any subject and/or genre(GLBT, contemporary, paranormal, horror, sci fi etc.)
No incest, bestiality, or children.

Sex Exploration (true life stories of memorable and unique sexual events)

We don’t have a set requirement for lengths.

At this time payment for articles, fiction, and sex exploration stories is $10.00 upon acceptance payable through paypal. A link with your name to you website or email . We ask for non -exclusive rights to use any accepted work on our review site and any future eZine, magazine, or anthology that may develop. We hope to increase payment later on but as we are just starting out we can not pay too much.

Any questions and or submission can be made to


Anonymous said...

have many writers on my site would could really take advatge of your great site..may i link mine to yours;

NaughtyWords said...

Yes, you certainly may :)