Monday, October 02, 2006

Hanne Blank News

Hanne has announced her 'retirement' from erotica. I knew this prior to publishing the series, but since she had sounded as if it wasn't public knowledge, I didn't mention it. And, like Hanne, I believe editing is editing, be it non-fiction anthologies or works that are not sexual. In fact, Jewel Scott doesn't only edit adult works. So I didn't find Hanne's retirement appropriate to mention or overly important to the interview series at that time.

However, now Hanne's made her announcement, so I thought I would share.

Aside from 'news' there is insight for other authors about moving on to other writings.

One personal note I wanted to mention is that I am quoted in her post and it sounds as if I was 'demanding' a reason from Hanne regarding her decision. For the record, my comment was not demanding, but one of blurted surprise. I hope Hanne knows that ;)

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