Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gothic Vampire Erotica Contest

From Gracie Passette of Tit-Elation.com:

"How Stimulating Is Your Bite?"

Guest judge Madame Librarian is looking for stories with vampires with good bites that'll turn her on.

Madame Librarian says:

What I'd be looking for within my vampire genre is something along the lines of real vampires (not humans dressed as them who like to drink blood, etc.) that achieve sexual pleasure [orgasm optional] from the act of stalking their victim, all the way through the bite and transformation.

I also want my vampires to obtain pleasure in the more traditional sense, but I'm thinking along the lines of in the act of oral sex a bite to the thigh... things like that. Race, religion, etc. is not a factor.

Length: no more than 4000 words.

Deadline: December 31, 2006 (Midnight, Central Time)

Prize: First Place, $30 Second Place, $15

How to submit: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area and are subject to the usual site Tit-Elation Submission Guidelines & compensation. Submitted works are eligible for the print anthologies, and are compensated accordingly. (If you are not already a registered author, simply read the guidelines and register here ~ it's free to register as an author.)

Winning stories will also be published by Madame Librarian at &/or linked to on her blog etc. with proper author credits.

Who is Madame Librarian? An opinionated woman who reads erotica and has the education to back up her personal preferences. She's studied Philosophy and Art History as an undergraduate focusing on the ancient cultures (Greek, Roman, Egyptian). She's received her Master of Library and Information Science degree in 1998, where she focused on Humanities and did my independent work on Erotica in Libraries. The paper she wrote for her independent work was presented at the American Library Association Conference in 2000.

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