Monday, October 30, 2006

Feverish Interludes

Triskelion Publishing's call for their new line, Feverish Interludes:

These books are explicit and erotic. Word Count 10K minimum - 25K maximum. Shorter Length will be considered if the story works well and creates a flame...


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These stories must be filled with tension ­ sexual tension... the characters unable to resist... although fight it maybe. These stories must be well written, with strong dialogue and filled with atmosphere of the moment. I'd like to see a good hook ­ grab me from the first sentence and keep me there until the last.

Trapped: What if your heroine is trapped with a guy she doesn't know or indeed one she does know ­ maybe a life death situation­ a moment of spontaneous combustion.

Rendezvous: With a stranger­a chance meeting­or lovers from years past­or indeed a guy that the heroine has lusted after for years ­ an opportune moment brings them together.

Fantasies: Fantasy got those then put it down on paper and create a story around it… I dare you!!!!

Dangerous Liaisons: of the Paranormal kind...

Futuristic dalliances: let your imagination run wild...

Some example ideas to tempt you with. However, these stories don’t have to be around these ideas.

These stories can be ménage, BSDM, fetish etc... We'll also look at M/M and F/F and of course monogamous. What we won't accept is totally weird stuff­ no gratuitous violence or rape ­please. If in doubt ask.

Submission details: Email with a synopsis and first 3 chapters.

Compensation: E-books Royalties 39% for now.

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