Saturday, October 14, 2006

Editing Anthologies

Continuing the talk with editors about editing anthologies:

Given time restraints, number or submissions received etc, what sort of actual editing are you willing (and able) to do with submissions?

Rachel: I do very light line editing, but I won't accept a story that would require a lot of work because I simply do not have time to do any major revisions, so I accept the stories that I think are the best ones. I'll correct for grammar or ask authors to revise if something doesn't make sense, but for the most part I let the stories speak for themselves.

Hanne: It depends entirely upon the piece. I have, in a few cases, worked with
authors on ground-up rewrites, but that's rare. I'd prefer to take on a
piece which requires relatively little structural editing.

Susie: For BAE, little to none, because it's reprints. For original anthologies and periodicals, I would give my full professional attention as an editor, from soup to nuts.

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