Monday, October 30, 2006

Creatures of Darkness Contest

These are the creatures of mystery, characters that fascinate us with that element of the unknown and the supernatural, be it vampires, werewolves and shifters, ghosts, djinns, demons, etc. Spin us a tale of romance, or mystery. Immerse us in the lore of their ancients, weave us a saga of their exploits/adventures, tell us their story!

This contest is open to both erotic and non-erotic stories, in any one of the categories listed in the submissions guidelines page. Submissions will be judged according to the following


Creatures of Darkness theme: 30%
Characters: 20%
Story Structure: 20%
Plot: 20%
Syntax, Grammar: 10%
Total 100%

Minimum Word Count: 30,000 words.

At least one of the main characters must be a creature of darkness.

Only full manuscripts are eligible to enter the contest.

Exciting prizes await the winners!

Top Prize: $200 + Publishing Contract
2nd Prize: $100 + Publishing Contract
3rd Prize: $50 + Publishing Contract

Contest Deadline: December 31, 2006

To submit:

1. Place in the subject line: Creatures of Darkness Contest: Title Author
2. Attach your synopsis and full manuscript.
3. Send to

Submission details are here.

For queries, send an email to

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