Friday, October 13, 2006

Aphrodite's Apples Call for Submissions

Romance! Sensuality! And all the delicious fruits that Aphrodite bears!

Aphrodite's Apples is looking for fresh, well-written stories to add to our eBook and print lines. We are currently seeking manuscripts in the areas of fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, dark romance, romantic comedy, historical, time travel, paranormal, romantic suspense, horror, and western. Stories should have romance as a key element in the plot,
whether they are a traditional romance, or erotica.

Book Length/Word Count

Short & Sweet: 10,000-30,000
Novella: 30,001-45,000
Novel: 45,001-70,000
Lengthy Novel: 70,001-100,000
Opus: 100,000+

We are also accepting short stories of 5K and up for anthologies, and right now we are accepting submissions for our Masquerade and Regency Romp series. However, we welcome all well-written short stories, so send us a pitch if you have something else in mind.

Author royalties are generally set at 40% of retail price, as determined by the publisher, and at 10% for POD and print runs. However, contracts are negotiable and will be available for review if your submission is accepted.

For more information, read the target=_blank>guidelines and submission details.

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