Monday, September 18, 2006

Torquere Toy Boxes

It's time to open the Torquere Press Toy Box! In it you'll find all sorts of goodies: dildos, plugs, cock-rings, feathers, cuffs, just to name a few.

Like the Taste Tests, Toy Boxes will be small collections of three to four stories ranging from 3000-7000 words each for a total of 10000-20000 words. We'll post themes that we'd like to see, and authors can submit one story or a whole collection. Entire collections must center around a single toy box item. Stories can be gay or lesbian in content.

Our standard submission requirements apply as far as formatting and cover letters. Please send all submissions to care of M. Rode.

Payment for single stories (which will be matched with other authors' stories in a single volume) will be $10.00 US per story for two years electronic rights. Full collections will receive a $30.00 payment. All payments are made upon publication.

Currently open Toy Boxes are:

Dildos - stories due November 15, 2006 (for publication January 2007)

Feathers - stories due December 15, 2006 (for publication February 2007)

Plugs - stories due January 15, 2008 (for publication March 2007)

Submission guidelines are located here.

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