Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Call for Submissions ­ Superqueeroes (tentative title)

Edited by Ellen Tevault
Published by Haworth Press

Superheroes are everywhere. Are they among the queer/lgbt community?

I want to read about original superheroes from all aspects of the queer community ­ drag king/queen, MTF, FTM, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, butch, femme, bear, twink, genderqueer, intersex, etc.

Does your superhero receive superpowers when dressed in drag or because of the transitioning process? Does your lesbian character use her powers to fight rapists? Does your femme get her powers from her nail polish? Does your twink get his powers from surviving a gay bashing? Does
your bear grow bigger and stronger to fight crime? Is your heroine a MTF superhero fighting the wimmin only community for acceptance? Give me humor, give me grit, give me dark ­ I’m open to differing moods. (I’m a femme. LOL). They can fight against the ex-gay movement (superhero
rescues a gay forced into therapy), the Christian right wing anti-gay movement, gay marriage backlash, rapists, or the evil villain ridding the world of nail polish. Don’t be afraid to be humorous or get political, but please do so within a well-developed superhero story.

Heroes can be any race, nationality, alien, mutant, etc., but the superhero MUST be from some aspect of the queer/lgbt community. I DO NOT WANT FAN FICTION. No blatant use of trademarked characters or veiled use of them either. Original characters and plots are necessary.


Stories should be between 1500-6000 words in length. Email me if your story is longer or shorter. Stories should have fully developed characters and plots.

Stories can be erotic if necessary to the plot, but this is not an erotica collection.

Name, pseudonym if used, address, phone number, word count, and email should appear on first page. Each page should double-spaced and include your name, title, and page number.

Include short bio (50 words) with story. For previously published stories, you must include publication history with the story.

Mail stories to:

Ellen Tevault
P.O. Box 199032
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Email me at with any questions. DO NOT email stories to the above address unless requested.

Ellen Tevault has published lesbian stories on various websites and in Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, Faster Than Light zine, Early Embraces III, Perfect Valentine, and After Midnight, including a forthcoming story in Lipstick on Her Collar. She has also published articles in various local small publications. Her male pseudonym has published in Bearotica and Muscle Worshipers. This is her first trip into editing an anthology, so be patient with her. In turn she will keep her internal super villain under control.

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2007

Compensation: $ 50 and 1 contributor copy

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