Monday, September 11, 2006

Sonic Erotica

We’re looking for talented and creative writers with the wit and skill to come up with erotic fiction that doesn’t involve the words ‘pounding piston’ or ‘silken bud’.

There’s a whole audience out there hungry for sexy tales that titillate the mind as well as the loins, without abusing similes or committing cardinal crimes against language and good taste.

If you think you’re hiding a world of highbrow smut under all that grey suit, then send your sexy words to

Although Sonicerotica is a free site, we pay for all contributions used. We’re currently seeking written content, and performers (local to Melbourne, Australia). We also have occasional need of telephone contributions; if you have a piece written as a telephone conversation, contact us with the details and we can organise a recording.

Please read and follow their submission guidelines, which also includes payment and contract information.

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