Friday, September 15, 2006

The Shadow Sacrament

Skian McGuire, editor of The Shadow Sacrament, is looking for writing on all aspects of sex and gender as they relate to spirituality.

For the Fall issue I would like to see work that relates particularly to pain, suffering, and loss (in a sexual context) as a path to spiritual understanding -- deadline October 15.

For Spring 2007, I am considering a special fiction issue, and I would like to see stories about sex as a religious experience -- literally. Speculative stories about having sex with a deity, or in the afterlife, or while channeling spirits, or with angels,sex with Jesus, etc. Submissions need not be erotically graphic, but may be; plot and characters are more important than sex. (Deadline April 20)

Summer 2007 will be another Book issue, for reviews of books that are either still in print or otherwise fairly easy to acquire. I have also begun a series of features (twice yearly) that focus on a leader in the community of sex and spirituality, such as Sensuous Sadie (Summer 2006)
and Raven Kaldera (planned for Fall 2006); I am interested in proposals for these "Spotlights on..." Please query.

Submissions for future issues are ongoing.

Additional details can be found here.

Poems and work up to 3000 words: $10 US
3000+ words: $20 US
Payable on publication.

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