Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sex-Kitten.Net's "Tricks & Treats" Issue

Sex-Kitten.Net is celebrating Halloween in an unusual way, and is looking for submissions of fiction and non-fiction.

Ideas for Tricks Articles:

* cover nasty tricks that have been played on you ~ or that you've played on others

* cover the nasty tricks that are supposedly played by women, such as faking a pregnancy to keep a lover etc.

* advice for 'getting even' with an old lover (Nothing criminal here! The piece might even be how to move on past the ex's tricks.)

* pros, do stories on clients

Ideas for Treats Submissions:

* special sex tricks to drive your partner wild (or you wish your lover would do for you!)

* erotica involving tricks & treats

And Trick OR Treat Essays:

* advice on training a lover

* essays on what's more effective, positive or negative reinforcement?

This issue is gonna rock, so have fun with it!

If you have other ideas, pitch 'em to me at

Submissions & pitches must be in the body of an email ~ no attachments will be opened.

Editor Gracie Passette adds, "Yes, we are open to poetry ~ but it must be stellar! Those unfamiliar with the site are encourage to poke around; it's free, and submissions which are clearly not suitable are an annoyance. Please, check the site for our tone and style; and read our guidelines for more specifics."

Deadline: October 25, 2006

Compensation: Exposure ("Which at Sex-Kitten is nothing to go 'boo' at!")

Also, Gracie reminds folks that their sister site, is open to other Halloween themes for erotica, such as vampires, ghosts etc.

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