Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lusty Lady (Village Voice) Interviewees Sought

This call comes from the one and only Rachel Kramer Bussel:

For several upcoming Village Voice columns (Lusty Lady), I'm looking for interviewees (can be by email or phone or gmail chat and you can be anonymous in print):

1. Guys and sex toys - guys (any sexual orientation), have you used sex toys, alone or with a partner(s)? (By "sex toys" I mean both traditional sex toys or anything you've used to enhance sex, like a wooden spoon for spanking or something you stuck up your ass, etc.) What were your expectations and how did you incorporate toys? Did you enjoy it? Were the toys used on you or your partner or both? Was this a one-time thing with a single person or have you used toys with multiple partners?

2. Former lesbians, ex-dykes, hasbians - basically, I'm looking to talk to people who used to identify as lesbians who no longer do (whether you don't identify sexually at all, identify as bi or straight, no longer identify as female, or some other alternative), I want to hear your story. I'd also be interested in talking to lesbians/bi/queer women who've dated women who used to identify as lesbians as to your opinion on the topic.

3. Sexual regrets - do you have any and if so, what are they? What do you do with your feelings of sexual regret? How do you use sexual regret to make different choices in the present? Do you try to rid yourself of feelings of sexual regret?

4. I'm still looking for hair color fetishists; not just people who "like" a certain hair color, but who actively seek it out, fantasize about dating/sleeping with someone with that hair color, imbue that hair color with certain personality traits; in other words, fetishize hair color (or baldness, or wigs, or hair dye).

Email me at rachelkb at gmail.com with your story or if you'd like to be interviewed, and feel free to forward this to anyone who might fit any of these bills. I may also do a "girls and toys" column so if you're female a favorite sex toy or story about bringing them into partnered sex or a strong opinion about sex toys (pro, con, or otherwise), I'd love to hear about it.

Rachel adds, "I'm not totally sure about deadlines for these but I'd like to hear from people by September 15th, though I might extend that depending on what I hear back. Thank you."

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