Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forbidden Fruit: Falling in Love With the Straight Girl

This call comes from Gena Hymowech:

Queer woman everywhere know the rule: You can’t seduce a straight girl. Or can you? I am looking for NON-FICTION, PERSONAL stories from gay/bi/transwomen or transmen who have ever fallen in love
(or just lust) with a straight girl (or a girl who identified as straight at the time of your
relationship or affair).

Was this a girl you had a crush on since you were childhood best friends and then one day, something changed? Did she run into your arms after breaking up with a boyfriend, and you "comforted" her? Write about what happened, and what the results were, whether they were positive, negative or in-between. It should be somewhat erotic, but need not be graphically so.

Once I get a few stories (just about three or so) together, I am planning to contact a few publishers that do this sort of thing and propose my idea. I have a lot of queer publishing experience (mostly non-fiction in magazines and on websites), so I believe they will be looking at my proposal seriously.

Pen names are fine, and you can use pseudonyms for anyone in your story.

While I can not give you an exact idea on pay yet (because I do not have a publisher), I can tell you that I will not do this anthology with anyone who does not pay their authors at least $50. And I am hoping to get between $75-$100 for authors, if possible.

Length: 1,000-2,000 words.

Prefer to receive as an MS Word attachment, but text

Email me with any questions at genahy (at)

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