Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Drill Press Special Call

We plan an anthology of short pieces about the loveless sexual experience from the woman's point of view. Only work by women or transsexuals (pre- or post-operative) and NOT the sort of writing found in such anthologies as Lonnie Barbach's Pleasures: Women Write Erotica or Michele Slung's Fever.

We intend to pay for the stories published in this anthology. We have not yet decided whether to pay a fixed amount for each story or by splitting a royalty.

We are not looking for erotica or titillation or fantasy. We want extreme tales about and from the point of view of women living outside the norms of the rules of conventional society, vivid and explicit in physical, emotional and intellectual detail, about sex for any sake but love or romance. Memoir, short story, essay, the presentation matters less than the quality of the description, but participant motive is important.

We do not want pornographic fantasies for men; brutally honest realism destroying titillation is the watchword, with anger, pain, disgust, hatred, boredom or cold-blooded mercantilism as welcome as ecstasy or joy.

Stories can be anywhere between the boundaries of gender orientation. They can come from orgies, gangbangs, sex for money or drugs, glory holes, special one on one encounters, fetishes, bondage, slavery, machine sex, bestiality; there are no taboos, anything outside the socially approved norm written by prostitutes, crack whores, swingers, fetishists, libertines, thrill seekers, whether lesbian or straight or somewhere in-between, women who are not ashamed to be labeled with terms of social odium, written without moral preconceptions. In the feminine point of view we include transsexuals, both post- and pre-operative, and perhaps transvestites but not strictly male gay, no matter how feminine. We encourage experiences from outside the US, particularly from Brazilians and Japanese.

Again, no fantasies written for titillation of either gender. These writings should be cold and ruthless with the attitude of the participant, whether pleasure or anger or hate or disgust, no matter the outer countenance.

Submit with either .doc or .rtf files with "Special Project" in the subject. If you leave this out of the subject line, the work will likely end up deleted by our spam filter.

Read their call notice for contact information.

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