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DeNita L. Tuttle has started both a fiction readers' online magazine and an author promo site (ambitious lady!).

She took a few minutes away from working the sites to talk with me about what she's up to...

DeNita, before we get too far, we need to be clear on a few things... I post calls and offer support to erotica writers (and non-fiction sexuality writers), and obviously, I and the writers believe that erotica, erotic romance etc are genres within fiction, but others prefer a separation. I do not wish to post a call and send authors your way only to have them rejected (this wastes every one's time!), so, do you accept erotica as a fiction genre on your websites?

You bet I feel that erotica is a fiction genre. As a matter of fact, please go to my author promo site and you will see that I have a spotlight on the erotica genre. I plan to promote these authors to the best of my ability.

The ezine,, will focus on a different genre every issue. Until the time I have so many erotica authors to promote that I have to actually have an "Erotic Author Scene" (which is my goal) - So, to answer your question, Yes,
I would love to have erotica authors involved.

That's great news, DeNita. I wish more site owners, publishers and booksellers felt as you do.

Reader's tastes in fiction vary and I feel that by cross marketing like I am doing on Author Island, readers who may be there to check out the paranormal or suspense books, may find an erotic paranormal or suspense they may never have found elsewhere.

Amen. You are preaching to the choir here, that's for sure. So, now that we know you are cool, let's get to your new projects.

As I said, the ezine,, will focus on a different genre every issue. It's a place, I'm hoping, readers can learn about their favorite genre and discover some new favorites along the way.

I am hoping to keep to a format for every issue, no matter which genre I'm spotlighting. I plan to have one article on 'Why We Love The Genre', one article about 'The Allure of Some Characters' (examples: the bad boy, the kick ass heroine, the sympathetic villain, etc.), one article about 'Keeping It Real' (a 'How to Spice Up Your Own Love Life'), and maybe another on SubGenres.

(Hey, look, with that 'how to' there's room for non-fiction writers too!) So how can authors participate?

I am currently accepting submissions for articles to be published in The articles need to be of interest to readers - if you check out the site, you'll see that there are a couple articles I used submitted by authors that were intended for writers, but work for the magazine.

Each issue will focus on a different fiction genre, so I'll be in need of lots of material. As of right now, I have no word count restrictions, but I'm sure, as I go along, that will change. I don't care if the article was printed elsewhere first, or how many times you've used it before, only that you have the rights to allow me to publish it.

What are you looking for specifically from erotica authors?

Because I am cross promoting and hoping to expose new readers to erotica, I'm looking for some specific articles:

* why people love this genre
* what make certain authors try their hand at this genre
* how this genre is getting more respect and is taking the publishing world by storm
* the differences between erotic, erotica and romantica

That sort of material.

And remember, this is for readers;it's not a writing how to magazine and it needs to be suitable to most readers.

And how are authors compensated for letting you publish their articles?

They will have a photo, bio, shout out about their latest book, link to their website at the end of their article, and mention as a guest author on the front page - a lot of exposure for the use of an old article.

Any last words, or advice on this call?

Dust off those old articles and see which ones might be of interest to genre readers. And if you don't have any old articles and still want to take advantage of the exposure, you can contact me privately (gottawrite4me at and I'll let you know what kinds of articles I'm in need of.

Now, there's also an Author Spotlight at the site; tell us how that works.

There will be an Author Spotlight every issue that will showcase one author and his or her works - but this is reserved for my members at Author Island. I'm also offering a special discount on the site right now, 1/2 off the yearly membership for the first 50 author/publisher members who sign up, and I still have some slots available.

Check out the author services page on for an impressive list of publicity services we are including in our membership.

I'm promoting it big time to readers through several book fairs going on this fall and with a massive mailing, so I'm hoping it will become a popular place for fiction readers. And all you eagle eyes out there, I'm running a spelling bee contest (located here), if you find an typo or spelling error, enter the contest for a chance to win a prize.

Your rates are fair for the services offered, but let's say an author can't quite force that out of her budget; are there other ways she can participate at the site?

Oh, yes. I have a contest page on and if authors have contests running on their websites I can announce them there. Also, if you want to send me prizes for our contests (books, baskets, giftcards, etc.) I will give you a special shout out on the contest page (near the top for prize donors).

There's a freebie give-a-way on the site, as well. So if you'd like, send me some promo material to pass along to readers. I'll be stuffing prize packages and SASE full of them, so feel free to send me all you'd like -- I'll see that it all finds good homes!

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