Monday, August 21, 2006 Call for Submissions a new web site dedicated to audio erotic short stories available for download. People download songs, why not short stories.

This is a new venture and we are hoping you will take a chance with us. Browse through our web site, where you can see the environment we are creating to showcase the stories, and where you can read more about us. We don't have stories on audio yet, or the artwork. We expect to be up and running by December 31st or
Valentine’s Day 2007 at the latest.

What we want

We're looking for a variety of material, from sensual stories so tender they take your breath away, to hot sweaty fantasies that are adrenaline rushes from start to finish. We want stories that range from contemporary with intriguing plots, tension and conflict where sex is just one
integral component, to non-stop wall to wall sexual fantasies and everything in between.

Initially we are concentrating more on heterosexual stories. Our present categories are 'Men & Women' (general erotic heterosexual stories, one, two, three or more people), 'Romance' (softer, gentler language, either contemporary or historical), 'Fantasies & Desires' (reflective,
inner thoughts & wishes), 'Letters to the Editor' (our version of those men’s magazine letters of 'what I did on my summer vacation'. We all know those are true, right?). We do have gay and lesbian literature sections. They are just a bit smaller. As the project grows we hope to
expand and branch out into additional categories.

Stories can be serious, they can be silly. The focus is on sensuality and sexual pleasure. The usual caveats apply: all sex should be consensual, no underage sex, no incest, no violence, no bestiality, etc.

We require storeis crafted with style, with elegance and grace. We want works that will inspire and excite our listeners time and time again. We are not looking for "he stuck his rod in her hole and pumped hard" Your words should inspire vivid images as we sit back, close our eyes
and listen to your vision wash over us.


Stories should be approximately 800 -­ 1500 words in length, 2000 word max ­ something that takes about 4 to 8 minutes to read aloud.

Send stories to Please send your work as text within the body of the email. Do not send HTML or formatted attachments. We will not open them. Double space lines to separate paragraphs. Pseudonyms are, of course, acceptable, but please include your real name,
your email address and a word count, along with the title at the beginning of the piece. Also include any other formats or places your story appeared. Include the word "Submissions" or "SUBS" in the subject line along with the title. You may include a category in the subject line
if you wish.

We recommend you take a look at the web site before submitting material. Even though it is not complete, it will give you an idea of the direction we are heading and the qualities we desire. The database, e-commerce and other backend aspects are being created concurrently with story
selection and the recording process. Presently, the site can only be found with the URL, not by searching Google. If you have questions, we will happily try and answer them, please write us at

We do not know how long it will take to select stories. If you have not heard back in two months, please contact us.

Payment and Rights:

The work must be original and entirely yours, no plagiarism, no copyright infringement, etc. Payment will be $20.00 per story. We request exclusive electronic (audio only) rights for a period of two years from the date the audio version of the story is up and running on the web
site (we expect the pre-production period to be about 6 months). We need non-exclusive print rights only to the degree of including excerpts and summaries in the audio descriptions and distributing print copies to the people who will be recording the stories. You retain all other print and electronic rights.

Stories that have been published elsewhere, in print or on the web, are acceptable as long as the rights we request are legally assignable to us. You may continue to submit and publish the story in print or on the web, just not in audio format. We are not planning to do CD collections or print anthologies. If we do, those rights will be negotiated separately. Our goal is to be as fair as possible to everyone.

As a start-up, we realize you are taking a chance on seeing your work come to the light of day, if we are not up and running by April 1, 2007 all rights can revert to you if you wish.

When becomes financial successful, we will start paying more per story. In the future we will consider royalties for each download if we can manage it and the volume warrants it. We want this to be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved. I am told
that people have heard that promise before and it does not always happen. I hope you will trust enough in this venture to see these dreams indeed become truth.

Laura Marks

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