Monday, August 28, 2006

SM: The Magazine for Single Mothers

SM, a new magazine specifically for single women raising their families, is open to freelance writers:

"SM Magazine publishes articles from freelance writers on a broad range of subjects of special interest to single mothers, including family law, health, diet and exercise, spirituality, saving and managing money, co-parenting and interpersonal relationships, lifestyle issues, etc. Editorial content addresses the concerns, interests, and problems of single mothers. The articles should teach, inspire, motivate, and inform. The editors are primarily interested in practical, service-oriented pieces that will help millions of single mothers improve their lives and become their own experts."

I'd say relationship and sexuality writers with single parenting experience would be welcome.

Submit your articles and queries to

For more information, see their freelance writers' guidelines.

Compensation: The average department length story (1000 words) pays about $150 and the average interview/profile length story (2000 words) pays from $400-$1,000, depending on the story. These rates are not guaranteed and vary widely. Amount to be negotiated at the time of acceptance. Payment is made 60 days from publication date for one-time use of the article. In addition to payment, two copies of the issue in which their article is published. Inquire if you would like additional copies.

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Lisa Marie said...

BEWARE: Several writers unpaid for articles published by Crystal H. Jennings, Publisher.
I submitted an article back in August of 2006 an still haven't been paid. Crystal has never returned an email or phone call.
She owes me and many other writers $400.00 each!
More complaints at