Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sex by the Book: Gay Men's Tales of Lit and Lust

Many of us first identified our sexuality in books: from looking up homosexual in the card catalog to fixating on those couple of lines about gay sex in Dr. Reuben or a vague blow job scene in a trashy bestseller. We like to read about sex between men, many of us write about it, and sometimes we hook up between the pages. Were you weaned on a gay classic like Dancer from the Dance, or Faggots, and then entered a gay milieu with a very different reality? Perhaps you projected a favorite literary character onto a boyfriend, met a man at OutWrite, or seduced your
Milton tutor. Maybe your book club turned into an orgy, or you were bent over a hot press by a union bookbinder. Maybe you put a former lover into a story of your own with unexpected results, hooked up with a fan after a reading, or wrote a famous author and got an invitation to more than
tea. Maybe you seduced a friend by reading aloud from a Victorian porn novel. Maybe you were the shy bookworm who finally had his specs-and pants-taken off by the right man. Or maybe there was just a hot tearoom in the college library; the sexual tension in bookstores and libraries can sometimes rival that of truck stops and gyms. The possibilities are endless.

For Sex by the Book we're looking for a wide range of well-written, sexy, funny, scary, creative first person essay/erotic memoirs and stories about that steamy, intimate place where bibliophilism and satyriasis converge. These pieces may be romantic or cynical, subtly erotic or
frankly explicit, humorous or touching, but they should all read like, or be cast as, compelling pieces of fiction, with careful attention to plot, pacing, setting, characterization, and dialogue.

Send your bookworm's odyssey to:

Green Candy Press
Attn. Kevin Bentley
601 Van Ness Avenue E3-918
San Francisco, CA 94102,

Or send a query e-mail to

Submissions should include SASE with either sufficient postage for return of your ms, or indication that ms may be recycled. Be sure to include phone number and e-mail address. Submissions should be between 6-25 typed, double-spaced manuscript pages and available as Microsoft word documents. These should be original works not previously anthologized in book format, but may have appeared in print in magazines or on the Web.

Contributors whose pieces are accepted for publication will be paid $100 upon acceptance of the complete ms by the publisher for nonexclusive anthology rights, and will receive 2 copies of the finished book.

Submissions Deadline: October 30, 2006.

About the Editor: Kevin Bentley's last anthology, Boyfriends from Hell,
was a Lammy finalist and an InsightOut Bookclub selection. He is also
the editor of Afterwords: Real Sex from Gay Men's Diaries, and the
author of Wild Animals I Have Known: Polk Street Diaries and After and Let's
Shut Out the World.

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