Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lingerie Erotica Promo Op

A Slip Of A Girl is opening to erotica after her first excerpt was so well received. Slip of a Girl says:

There are a few rules and guidelines authors must understand and accept.

First, I'm going to be highly selective about any erotica promoted. It *must* be lingerie themed or inspired, with a preference to vintage styles. (Historical erotica full of lush lingerie details would be wonderful!)

Second, I prefer not to use entire stories, but rather use excerpts which focus on lingerie. This is because of the blog's theme and readership.

Third, I will entertain all stories, including those published at paysites and in print, so long as I am given access to sites or book copies to do so. I will also accept stories not yet published -- provided that the the story will be published in full someplace for me to link to, be it a print book, website or blog (see #2). I will *not* accept ebooks, sorry. (I just can't get into reading on any monitor to electronic device for the length of a longer work.)

Authors should note that I will not just 'use the dirty parts' of a story because that is not what makes a good story for me. The good news is that your published stories are promotional tease, leading to the publication to get the rest of the 'goods'.

As for author interviews (and lingerie websites), the same basics apply.

Again, I am being highly selective in all of this to retain site integrity and focus. I have no intentions of becoming just another adult blog. If you vary a bit from the rules, but have a strong point which you feel elevates you &/or your work over the guideline obstructions, please do email me to make your pitch.

Visit her blog to get contact information.

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SlipOfAGirl said...

Thanks! I've already got a few emails :)