Friday, August 18, 2006

"How To" Sex Writer Wanted

This call comes from Robyn Schultz, of Acme Media LLC: is looking for writers.

We are looking for original copy to be written on several "how to" topics. This is for a sexual enhancement website, and all of the topics are sexually related. It is important that there be some personality and character that comes through the writing and not a generic or monotone voice; however we are not looking for vulgarity either. We are seeking out someone with SEO keyword density writing experience that can provide samples of their writing. This assignment is challenging because it falls somewhere between fantasy and informative writing, and will be reaching a wide audience of different types of people. Please feel comfortable and be well versed in slang as well as proper terminology for sexually related topics.

We are looking for original content with full licensing rights to use this exclusively on our site. Also looking to establish good relationships that will provide further writing opportunities down the line for erotic articles and product descriptions. This can mean a lot of work for someone!!! Please establish a connection with us and submit samples or your writing, including any pricing information to:

Compensation: Budget per article falls between $30-$100, and can be negotiated personally via email at


Sultry said...

OMG Naughty I love you! I've been a smidge too busy to visit often but I see I've been missing out!

NaughtyWords said...

I did send Robyn your way ;)

Sultry said...

Hehe thanks. :) Sent the email off last night, we'll see what happens.