Thursday, August 31, 2006

Torquere Press Chasers

Chasers is a new line featuring a series of 3 or more stories, 10-20K long. So, if you have characters you want to revisit for more than one story, but isn't a traditional novel, this is the line for you.

Here are the specifics:

The stories must be gay or lesbian, must contain romance or erotic romance, and there must be at least 3 stories.

Genre fiction - paranormal, western, etc. - is welcomed.

Stories must fall in the 10-20K word count range.

Stories must be a series, not three random stories.

Upon submission, one story must be completed, the second story should be well-begun (2-3,000 words), and the third needs a synopsis.

This is a one-strike and you're out line. If you pitch us a Chaser and then do not deliver the manuscripts, you not be allowed to sub to the line again. No exceptions.

This is a royalty-paying line (30% on house-site sales, 20% on distributors sales) and we'll be contracting for 2 years electronic rights.

Each complete series will be eligible to be considered for our print line.

Send all submissions to, as either a word file or rtf attachment, including in the body of the e-mail a cover letter giving a brief synopsis of the story and your contact information. Please see our general submission guidelines for our formatting and content suggestions. Feel free to query us at the above address with any questions.

Submission guidelines can be found here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We're interested in signing on one or two additional contributors for Queercents: a personal finance blog serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

This is a volunteer gig but it offers plenty of room for self-promotion.

Interested? Email

Queercents... we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going shopping without coupons.

Sensual Podcasts for

Got an exciting erotic tale that you would like to share? Perhaps its your first time and you would like to try your hand at writing women's erotica? Maybe you are already an established writer and you would like to submit a story? is actively seeking stories from writers of women's erotica for production, publication, and distribution over the internet.

Submission details, contract and payment information here.

Lingerie Erotica Promo Op

A Slip Of A Girl is opening to erotica after her first excerpt was so well received. Slip of a Girl says:

There are a few rules and guidelines authors must understand and accept.

First, I'm going to be highly selective about any erotica promoted. It *must* be lingerie themed or inspired, with a preference to vintage styles. (Historical erotica full of lush lingerie details would be wonderful!)

Second, I prefer not to use entire stories, but rather use excerpts which focus on lingerie. This is because of the blog's theme and readership.

Third, I will entertain all stories, including those published at paysites and in print, so long as I am given access to sites or book copies to do so. I will also accept stories not yet published -- provided that the the story will be published in full someplace for me to link to, be it a print book, website or blog (see #2). I will *not* accept ebooks, sorry. (I just can't get into reading on any monitor to electronic device for the length of a longer work.)

Authors should note that I will not just 'use the dirty parts' of a story because that is not what makes a good story for me. The good news is that your published stories are promotional tease, leading to the publication to get the rest of the 'goods'.

As for author interviews (and lingerie websites), the same basics apply.

Again, I am being highly selective in all of this to retain site integrity and focus. I have no intentions of becoming just another adult blog. If you vary a bit from the rules, but have a strong point which you feel elevates you &/or your work over the guideline obstructions, please do email me to make your pitch.

Visit her blog to get contact information.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Freelance Writing Success Stories Contest

Writer's Market has Freelance Writing Success Stories Contest on now.

They are looking for true, first-person success stories "on some aspect of freelance writing success, whether it's your first byline, the crazy things you went through to secure a book quote, or how you were able to get exclusive access to an interview subject."

Unpublished stories only.

Submit via e-mail to


1st Place: $250 contract to have the story published in the 2008 Writer's Market
2nd Place: $150 contract to have the story published in the 2008 Writer's Market
3rd Place: $100 contract to have the story published in the 2008 Writer's Market

Deadline: December 1, 2006.

The official announcement is online at If you are not a Writer's Market subscriber, you must visit by September 14 to see the call.

DORM PORN 2: More Steamy Tales of Men on Campus

DORM PORN 2: More Steamy Tales of Men on Campus

Edited by Sean Fisher

It's almost time to go back to school...and those randy college boys can't wait to return. There's action happening in the dorm, on campus...anywhere near their university, and they can't wait to be a part of it.

Hot on the heels of the wild success of our first volume of DORM PORN, Alyson Books is currently soliciting all-new stories for the next installment in this fun and lively series. The stories do not necessarily have to take place in the dorm, but we want erotically-charged tales of
college-age men and the men who love them.

Please submit all original stories to, along with name and pseudonym, as well as contact info and a short bio. In the subject line, add the name of the anthology for which your story is intended.

Length: 2,500 - 4,000 words
Deadline: Sept 15, 2006
Tentative Publication: Spring 2007

Note: Please, only one entry per author, so send us your best one! Due to the number of submissions we receive, only the authors whose stories
are chosen will be contacted.

King's English Call for Submissions

The King's English is "an international online literary journal publishing novellae, personal essays, book reviews, and poetry".

They have announced that they will begin paying its authors as of its Fall 2006 issue.

Pay rates:

$20 for each story or essay
$10 per review
$10 per poem (maximum of $20/poet per issue)

See their submission guidelines for more information.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Site and Publication Reviews & Author Interviews

In order to have your site reviewed at PornInspector, you'll need to register and make your request in this forum.

The following sites/publications/blogs are open to both adult/erotic book reviews as well as interviews with authors:

Romance At Heart has an author info page with all the details. publishes book reviews, pay site reviews, and profiles/interviews with authors, webmasters & sex positive folks. This online magazine wants you to email with your information/request after viewing the site to see if it's an appropriate request. Gracie adds, "Our review schedule is tight, and likely there is NO additional book review space prior to the holidays ~ but contacting now gets your work on the list with less wait time. Interview space is still open for authors with the Sex Kitten attitude!"

Sultry Smile is the new blog run by Tiffany of Sultry Services. She is now doing book and site reviews as well as interviews. Her contact information is found on her blog sidebar.

SM: The Magazine for Single Mothers

SM, a new magazine specifically for single women raising their families, is open to freelance writers:

"SM Magazine publishes articles from freelance writers on a broad range of subjects of special interest to single mothers, including family law, health, diet and exercise, spirituality, saving and managing money, co-parenting and interpersonal relationships, lifestyle issues, etc. Editorial content addresses the concerns, interests, and problems of single mothers. The articles should teach, inspire, motivate, and inform. The editors are primarily interested in practical, service-oriented pieces that will help millions of single mothers improve their lives and become their own experts."

I'd say relationship and sexuality writers with single parenting experience would be welcome.

Submit your articles and queries to

For more information, see their freelance writers' guidelines.

Compensation: The average department length story (1000 words) pays about $150 and the average interview/profile length story (2000 words) pays from $400-$1,000, depending on the story. These rates are not guaranteed and vary widely. Amount to be negotiated at the time of acceptance. Payment is made 60 days from publication date for one-time use of the article. In addition to payment, two copies of the issue in which their article is published. Inquire if you would like additional copies.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sex by the Book: Gay Men's Tales of Lit and Lust

Many of us first identified our sexuality in books: from looking up homosexual in the card catalog to fixating on those couple of lines about gay sex in Dr. Reuben or a vague blow job scene in a trashy bestseller. We like to read about sex between men, many of us write about it, and sometimes we hook up between the pages. Were you weaned on a gay classic like Dancer from the Dance, or Faggots, and then entered a gay milieu with a very different reality? Perhaps you projected a favorite literary character onto a boyfriend, met a man at OutWrite, or seduced your
Milton tutor. Maybe your book club turned into an orgy, or you were bent over a hot press by a union bookbinder. Maybe you put a former lover into a story of your own with unexpected results, hooked up with a fan after a reading, or wrote a famous author and got an invitation to more than
tea. Maybe you seduced a friend by reading aloud from a Victorian porn novel. Maybe you were the shy bookworm who finally had his specs-and pants-taken off by the right man. Or maybe there was just a hot tearoom in the college library; the sexual tension in bookstores and libraries can sometimes rival that of truck stops and gyms. The possibilities are endless.

For Sex by the Book we're looking for a wide range of well-written, sexy, funny, scary, creative first person essay/erotic memoirs and stories about that steamy, intimate place where bibliophilism and satyriasis converge. These pieces may be romantic or cynical, subtly erotic or
frankly explicit, humorous or touching, but they should all read like, or be cast as, compelling pieces of fiction, with careful attention to plot, pacing, setting, characterization, and dialogue.

Send your bookworm's odyssey to:

Green Candy Press
Attn. Kevin Bentley
601 Van Ness Avenue E3-918
San Francisco, CA 94102,

Or send a query e-mail to

Submissions should include SASE with either sufficient postage for return of your ms, or indication that ms may be recycled. Be sure to include phone number and e-mail address. Submissions should be between 6-25 typed, double-spaced manuscript pages and available as Microsoft word documents. These should be original works not previously anthologized in book format, but may have appeared in print in magazines or on the Web.

Contributors whose pieces are accepted for publication will be paid $100 upon acceptance of the complete ms by the publisher for nonexclusive anthology rights, and will receive 2 copies of the finished book.

Submissions Deadline: October 30, 2006.

About the Editor: Kevin Bentley's last anthology, Boyfriends from Hell,
was a Lammy finalist and an InsightOut Bookclub selection. He is also
the editor of Afterwords: Real Sex from Gay Men's Diaries, and the
author of Wild Animals I Have Known: Polk Street Diaries and After and Let's
Shut Out the World.

Nothing But Good Times Ahead: the Novels of Jennifer Crusie

Call for Papers

Contributions are invited for a collection of critical essays on the work of Jennifer Crusie, to be edited by Eric Murphy Selinger and Laura Vivanco. Nothing But Good Times Ahead: the Novels of Jennifer Crusie will mark a turning point in the critical study of romance fiction, even as it demonstrates the richness of Crusie’s work as both an innovator in, and theorist of, her chosen genre.

Crusie is widely loved and deeply respected in the world of romance fiction. Her series romance and single-title novels have won numerous awards from the Romance Writers of America, and in a genre where most books go out of print quite soon after publication, hers have been repeatedly reissued. Crusie’s essays in defense of the genre articulate a theoretically sophisticated, ardently feminist argument on its behalf, and her novels, too, engage in cultural critique, subtly challenging readers’ expectations about what romance heroines, heroes, plot structures, and love scenes can be, while affirming the deeply-rooted optimism of the romance novel as a form.

We invite critical essays on Crusie’s novels, whether read individually, comparatively, or in connection with the work of other authors.

All critical, theoretical, and methodological approaches are welcome; indeed, we encourage critics who do not ordinarily work on popular culture or romance fiction to submit abstracts for our consideration.

For more on the book, read here. Here is a list of possible topics.

We will consider abstracts (approximately 500 words), conference papers, and full-length essays. All submissions should be e-mailed to Eric Murphy Selinger ( and Laura Vivanco (

Deadline: September 30, 2006.

Seeking Stories for an Anthology -- Fat Women getting their Revenge

This was forwarded to me... I don't know how racy she wants the stories, so please check on that - but what a fun call!

I'm a fat gal with a publishing project on the horizon, and I need submissions of short stories, essays or poems in which a full-figured female gets sweet revenge -- against society, against one or more individuals who alienated her based on her size, against anyone or anything relating (directly or indirectly) to her feelings about her body. That "revenge" can be of the "living-well-is-the-best-revenge" variety, or flat-out twisted and murderous.

Got something that fits?

E-mail for more info or to express your interest.

Many thanks!

Kim in NYC

Ghosts-R-Us Workshop and Online Gothic Writing Class

This announcement is from Ayn Hunt:

I'm giving a two-hour ghost workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 29th from 8-10 p.m. EST, 7-9 p.m. CST on the World Romance Readers email loop. Among other things, we'll be talking about: what ghosts are and aren't, how they communicate, famous ghosts, active hauntings vs. residual hauntings and ghost-hosts. It's free to join:

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 12th, I'm leading a Gothic Writing Class where we'll cover Gothics, how to plot, setting and characters; writing realistic ghosts and vile villains; Gothic elements and how to incorporate them into other genres, and publishers looking now, etc.
For more information, the link is: Online Workshop - Gothic Novel.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Revenge of the Sex Columnists

In The Flesh Reading Series: Revenge of the Sex Columnists!
September 20, 2006, at 8 p.m.

Hear your favorite sex columnists tell allfrom horror stories to hate mail to come-ons and sexcapades! With Julia Allison (The Dating Life, AM NY), Nicole Beland (Ask the Girl Next Door, Mens Health), Erin Bradley (Miss Information,, Ellen Friedrichs (, Gregory Gilderman (The Dating Life, Metro), Laura Leu (Sex Diary, Penthouse), Stephanie Sellars (Lust Life, New York Press), and Jamye Waxman (Sex Ed, Playgirl), and your host, Rachel Kramer Bussel (Lusty Lady, The Village Voice). Books and magazines, as well as candy and mini cupcakes, will be given away.

In the Flesh is a monthly reading series hosted at the appropriately named Happy Ending Lounge, and features the city's best erotic writers sharing stories to get you hot and bothered, hosted and curated by Village Voice sex columnist and acclaimed erotic writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. From erotic poetry to down and dirty smut, these authors get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Future themed nights include Revenge of the Sex Columnists (September), comic sex (November) and erotic memoirs. Since its debut in October 2005, In the Flesh has featured such authors as Andy Horwitz, Jessica Cutler, Polly Frost, Maxim Jakubowski, Emily Scarlet Kramer of CAKE, Edith Layton, M.J. Rose, Lauren Sanders, Danyel Smith, Cecilia Tan, Carol Taylor, and many others. The series has gotten press attention from Escape (Hong Kong), The L Magazine, New York Magazine, Gothamist, and Wonkette. This series is not Amanda Sterns Happy Ending Reading Series.

Admission: Free

For more info, see In The Flesh Reading Series, the blog.

Become part of the feminist All Girl Army blog

What IS the All Girl Army?

* An umbrella group of women of all ages
* A network of resources, projects and support
* An advocacy organization

All Girl Army is a dynamic online blog collective of no more than 29 women between the ages of 10 and 23, who identify themselves as feminist and have a strong desire to create and nurture women’s community, explore feminist issues and explore their own lives in context via creative writing and group discussion. Enter the All Girl Army at

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Looking For Married People Who Cheat With Other Married People

Are you a married person who cheats with other married people?

My name is Tristan Taormino and I am a columnist for the Village Voice. I am writing a piece about married people who've found other married people to cheat with on websites marketed specifically to them (like Discreet Adventures, Affair Match, Married Secrets, IHOW, Ashley Madison, and others). I would love to interview people who've met other married people on the site and had liaisons, positive or negative. Of course, your identities can remain anonymous. If you fit the bill, please email me at tristanontour (at) Thanks!

(Please follow The House Rules.)

Book Reviewers Wanted

This call comes from Deanna Dahlsad at Ephemera Bound:

As a hot new little indie press, we need hot little book reviewers to help spread the word about our offerings.

Our author list runs the gambit -- from first time print authors to those who have been previously published by other houses. Our works include poetry, fiction & non-fiction titles, including, but not limited to, erotic & mature titles.

Book reviewers can be put on our reviewers' list to receive email updates about our latest books in print as well as advance PDF galley copies. From there, reviewers may request review copies of the works which interest them. The book(s) are then read, the review(s) published, and the reviewer sends us a copy of or link to the published review(s).

Since we are the publisher, we cannot pay for reviews (that would be horribly wrong!) Reviewer compensation lies in the cool factor and whatever compensation the publisher of the review provides (we know Naughty here can help you with that too!)

Reviewers get free review copies, are among the select few to read books prior to publication, and help readers find great books -- how cool is that?!

If this sound like you -- or the 'you' you'd like to be! -- read and follow the details on How To Receive Review Copies.

Sex Columnists

An update for this call, sent by Gracie Passette: is here to get you connected to your own sexuality, and we honor all forms of consensual sexuality. We are a site by women, for women, about women.

We would like to invite you to add your voice as our Guest. Regular columnists (those in their own Boudoirs) began as Guests ~ This is your opportunity try & get a Boudoir of your very own!

We are currently looking to add unique voices to our website, including, but not limited to:

Women of Color

Women who live outside of the USA (Must be able to read & write in English)

Those who are disabled or have sexual relationships with disabled persons

Women in, or seeking, polyamorous relationships

All ages are encouraged to contact us. (However, you must be over the legal age to view/participate in adult materials in your area.)

Guest writers must first & foremost be excellent writers, with something to say.

For more on the philosophy of the site, read here.

If you have something to say, we want to hear from you. Write to and tell her your ideas, or submit a piece.

Please put ‘SK Guest’ in your email subject line, thank you! (No attachments will be opened; please put any submission in the body of the email.)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Call for Submission: Please The Baroness BDSM Fetish Contest

The Baroness, The name in latex fashion, is more than a fashion designer. She is a fashion icon, host to New York's longest-running monthly fetish party (The Baroness' Fetish Retinue), and has been featured on HBO's Real Sex. And now The Baroness is judging a Tit-Elation contest.

Here are her submission guidelines:

* All stories must be BDSM fetish stories focused on rubber and/or latex lust.

* There should be no "straight" sex acts.

* The only nudity is when they dress.

Much like a Baroness fetish party, stories are open to male/female, male/male, female/female, and trans persons. Single acts as well as group scenes are welcome.

Length: Stories should be substantiative ~ at least 1250 to 2500 words.

Deadline: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by mindnight, Central Time, October 10, 2006.

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate redeemable for The Baroness' Latex Creations and $50 cash prize.
Runner Up: $25 cash prize and 100 ml Bottle of Eros original BodyGlide.

Winners will be announced prior to her royal birthday on Halloween!

Fine Print: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by October 10, 2006, and are subject to the usual site Tit-Elation Submission Guidelines. Submitted works are eligible for the print anthologies, and are compensated accordingly. (If you are not already a registered author, simply read the guidelines and register here ~ it's free to register as an author.)

Winning stories will also be published by The Baroness' at her website, via her newsletter etc. with proper author credits. This is your chance to get the recognition a real BDSM erotica author deserves! Are you worthy? Submit to The Baroness ~ submit your stories now!

A renowned designer, fetish expert, performer, writer, and lecturer, The Baroness is currently writing her own book on the art of female dominance. You may find out more about her (and how to please her!) at her glorious website,, and in these interviews: The Baroness: Latex Fashion Designer, An Enigma, Wrapped in a Mystery, Covered in Latex, and The Baroness As Sexual Being. Call for Submissions a new web site dedicated to audio erotic short stories available for download. People download songs, why not short stories.

This is a new venture and we are hoping you will take a chance with us. Browse through our web site, where you can see the environment we are creating to showcase the stories, and where you can read more about us. We don't have stories on audio yet, or the artwork. We expect to be up and running by December 31st or
Valentine’s Day 2007 at the latest.

What we want

We're looking for a variety of material, from sensual stories so tender they take your breath away, to hot sweaty fantasies that are adrenaline rushes from start to finish. We want stories that range from contemporary with intriguing plots, tension and conflict where sex is just one
integral component, to non-stop wall to wall sexual fantasies and everything in between.

Initially we are concentrating more on heterosexual stories. Our present categories are 'Men & Women' (general erotic heterosexual stories, one, two, three or more people), 'Romance' (softer, gentler language, either contemporary or historical), 'Fantasies & Desires' (reflective,
inner thoughts & wishes), 'Letters to the Editor' (our version of those men’s magazine letters of 'what I did on my summer vacation'. We all know those are true, right?). We do have gay and lesbian literature sections. They are just a bit smaller. As the project grows we hope to
expand and branch out into additional categories.

Stories can be serious, they can be silly. The focus is on sensuality and sexual pleasure. The usual caveats apply: all sex should be consensual, no underage sex, no incest, no violence, no bestiality, etc.

We require storeis crafted with style, with elegance and grace. We want works that will inspire and excite our listeners time and time again. We are not looking for "he stuck his rod in her hole and pumped hard" Your words should inspire vivid images as we sit back, close our eyes
and listen to your vision wash over us.


Stories should be approximately 800 -­ 1500 words in length, 2000 word max ­ something that takes about 4 to 8 minutes to read aloud.

Send stories to Please send your work as text within the body of the email. Do not send HTML or formatted attachments. We will not open them. Double space lines to separate paragraphs. Pseudonyms are, of course, acceptable, but please include your real name,
your email address and a word count, along with the title at the beginning of the piece. Also include any other formats or places your story appeared. Include the word "Submissions" or "SUBS" in the subject line along with the title. You may include a category in the subject line
if you wish.

We recommend you take a look at the web site before submitting material. Even though it is not complete, it will give you an idea of the direction we are heading and the qualities we desire. The database, e-commerce and other backend aspects are being created concurrently with story
selection and the recording process. Presently, the site can only be found with the URL, not by searching Google. If you have questions, we will happily try and answer them, please write us at

We do not know how long it will take to select stories. If you have not heard back in two months, please contact us.

Payment and Rights:

The work must be original and entirely yours, no plagiarism, no copyright infringement, etc. Payment will be $20.00 per story. We request exclusive electronic (audio only) rights for a period of two years from the date the audio version of the story is up and running on the web
site (we expect the pre-production period to be about 6 months). We need non-exclusive print rights only to the degree of including excerpts and summaries in the audio descriptions and distributing print copies to the people who will be recording the stories. You retain all other print and electronic rights.

Stories that have been published elsewhere, in print or on the web, are acceptable as long as the rights we request are legally assignable to us. You may continue to submit and publish the story in print or on the web, just not in audio format. We are not planning to do CD collections or print anthologies. If we do, those rights will be negotiated separately. Our goal is to be as fair as possible to everyone.

As a start-up, we realize you are taking a chance on seeing your work come to the light of day, if we are not up and running by April 1, 2007 all rights can revert to you if you wish.

When becomes financial successful, we will start paying more per story. In the future we will consider royalties for each download if we can manage it and the volume warrants it. We want this to be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved. I am told
that people have heard that promise before and it does not always happen. I hope you will trust enough in this venture to see these dreams indeed become truth.

Laura Marks

Untrue Stories of Lesbian Passion

Fantasy: Untrue Stories of Lesbian Passion
Edited by Barbara Johnson & Therese Szymanski
Publisher: Bella (the Bella After Dark imprint)
Payment: $50 and 2 copies of the book
Submission deadline: December 1, 2006 (to be published in 2007)

Amidst all the anthologies of “true” and “real” lesbian sex, Barbara Johnson and Therese Szymanski have realized that well-told fantasy is often far hotter than anything reality has to offer­so, always on the playful side of things, they’ve decided they want untrue stories of lesbian love, passion and sex.

The kicker is this: All stories must be written in first-person. They should read like true stories, but we want you to bring your hottest, wettest fantasies to us personally in a very personal way. So pull the readers into the story­make them hot, make them wet, and make them want
more. Put your all into it, and keep in mind that we love good stories! Humor and twist endings are fun, but the stories must also be hot and sexy. Give us your very best!

Please note, we do love twist endings and surprises. Give us real characters, real stories and real sex. Make us wish it had happened to us. Knock our socks off. Also, we highly recommend you write your tale, then rewrite it, then put it aside for a while and proofread it before sending it in to us. Typos, punctuation, grammar, odd/incorrect POVs, and other things DO count. And don’t underline. Anything. Really.


1) Stories should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words in length.

2) Please submit a typed, double-spaced hard copy in at least 12-point type. Preferably in a nice, readable serif font like Times New Roman.

3) Characterization, plot, and story are key. (Really. Tell us a good, hot story!)

4) Stories must be erotic, be written in the first person, and be an untrue story of lesbian passion between two woman, or three, or a roomful. Lesbian is the key word.

5) Name, address, phone number, word count, and email address (if applicable) should all appear on the first page. (If accepted, final manuscript must be submitted electronically.)

6) Include a 50-word bio with your submission.

7) Only previously unpublished stories ­or stories that have appeared on the Internet ­will be considered.

8) Only three submissions per person please.

9) Include an SASE with sufficient postage to return the manuscript, or, if manuscript is disposable, please state so in your cover letter.

10) Out of Country? If you email Szymanski very nicely beforehand, politely requesting that you be allowed to submit your story via email, she may let you, at her discretion. Her email address is Be simple and short with your request, and please format your ms with US standards of 8.5 x 11, etc.

11) Handy hint: If you don’t necessarily need/want the manuscript back, but would like to know if you’ve been rejected, please include a #10 SASE (that is, Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) so we can let you know if we’re unable to use your story with a simple form letter.

Contributors will be paid upon publication and will receive two copies of the anthology. No final decisions about stories to be included in this anthology will be made before 3/1/07.

Send all manuscripts to:
Therese Szymanski
8500 16th Street, #128
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please do not send manuscripts in any way that requires a signature upon delivery. If you enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard with your story, Szymanski will be happy to drop it in the mail upon receipt.

About the Editors:
Barbara Johnson is the bestselling author of Strangers in the Night, Bad Moon Rising, The Beach Affair, and Stonehurst. Therese Szymanski is the Lammy finalist author of the Brett Higgins Mysteries/Motor City Thrillers and the editor of Back to Basics: A Butch/Femme Anthology and
Call of the Dark: Erotic Lesbian Tales of the Supernatural. And both edited A Perfect Valentine: Erotic Valentine’s Day Lesbian Love Stories together and are part of the Lammy finalist team for Once Upon a Dyke: New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians and Bell, Book & Dyke: New Exploits of
Magical Lesbians.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

How To Use Erotica Contest

Read How To Use Erotica, and send in your own tips to win.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a print copy of a 'Best Of' Tit-Elation anthology, and a runner up will win a 3 Day Pass to

The Rules are Simple: Email your tip based on personal experience ~ no fictional or erotic stories themelves, but real ways to use erotica. Gracie will pick the winners based on originality ~ and how hot they make her *wink* We reserve the right to publish the ideas, so please include the name you'd like to be credited as. Emails must arrive by October 1, 2006. And please put 'Erotica Tip Contest' in the subject line!

Send in your own tips for sharing erotica to and you could win!

Flesh to Flesh

Strebor Books/Atria, a division of Simon & Schuster, is accepting submissions for "Flesh to Flesh" (tentative title), a gay erotic anthology that will be edited by Lee Hayes and published in fall 2007 or early 2008.

This anthology is an opportunity for up-and-coming writers to gain national exposure as the anthology will be available in all major bookstores. Selected authors will be paid a one time fee of $100 and receive five complimentary copies of the anthology.

Stories must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Stories must be erotic and if you have no idea what my idea of erotica is, I suggest reading you "Chocolate Flava," edited by Zane. We are not looking for stories with weak, sugar-coated sex. Nor or we looking for stories that are nothing but fluff. There must be a storyline and characters readers can get into. Stories cannot be degrading to either sex. In fact, they should empower the reader to discover sexual liberation.

Deadline is Nov. 1.

All submissions must be sent to:

Strebor Books International
P.O. Box 6505
Largo, Md. 20792

Sex Toys Between Your Sheets

Babeland Contest

You made some noise and we heard you. No, we’re not talking about your midnight moans and groans (though that is where this is leading). You told us you wanted more Babeland erotica, so we’re starting a monthly erotica contest. Just send us a sexy story starring a Babeland sex toy
and you could win a $50 gift certificate or $25 in cash (your choice). We’ll post the best ones on our blog each month. Read on for details.

The “yes” in Babeland’s fiction blog contest!

Yes, we want your stories. They should be under 750 words in length. Yes, we want you to feature a toy we sell or one similar. Yes, it really does have to be in by the deadline (end of the month). Yes, you’ll get a $50 gift card OR a $25 check if you win, along with a link to your homepage or author blog. Yes, of course we’re open to all sexualities! Yes, you really do have to follow the rules of spelling and grammar.

The “no’s” in our contest

No rape.
No characters under the age of 18.
No fan-fiction.

The legal stuff

Your story can be featured at any time on the Babeland blog once it has been submitted. You do retain all rights to it for publication elsewhere. You must be 18 or older to enter.
You cannot be a Babeland employee or supplier. Your entry may be edited to conform to Babeland editorial policy. You must provide a valid email address with your entry or it will be rejected.

We do accept multiple submissions, but no more than 3 per month, please! Please include a short bio with your submission. All submissions should be single-spaced with a space between
paragraphs. Please submit them in the body of the email.

Send submissions to

Friday, August 18, 2006

"How To" Sex Writer Wanted

This call comes from Robyn Schultz, of Acme Media LLC: is looking for writers.

We are looking for original copy to be written on several "how to" topics. This is for a sexual enhancement website, and all of the topics are sexually related. It is important that there be some personality and character that comes through the writing and not a generic or monotone voice; however we are not looking for vulgarity either. We are seeking out someone with SEO keyword density writing experience that can provide samples of their writing. This assignment is challenging because it falls somewhere between fantasy and informative writing, and will be reaching a wide audience of different types of people. Please feel comfortable and be well versed in slang as well as proper terminology for sexually related topics.

We are looking for original content with full licensing rights to use this exclusively on our site. Also looking to establish good relationships that will provide further writing opportunities down the line for erotic articles and product descriptions. This can mean a lot of work for someone!!! Please establish a connection with us and submit samples or your writing, including any pricing information to:

Compensation: Budget per article falls between $30-$100, and can be negotiated personally via email at

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naughty's Notes

As you might have noticed, I've been very busy on deadlines of my own the past week so I have not had much incentive to post calls, tips and news. In fact, I've got quite a few deadlines up through the end of September... You know what to do to encourage me -- hit the Amazon Tip Jar!

Call For Mums Who Write Erotic Fiction

My name is Gail Titchener and I am a freelance writer contributing to women's magazines including That's Life; Bella, Best, Chat and Woman, as well as the women's pages of The Sun and The Mirror.

I am currently researching for an article about mums who write erotic fiction for one of the weeklies - the basic angle of the feature is about mums who 'live a double life' juggling changing dirty nappies with writing about steamy sex - and was wondering whether you fit the bill and might like to take part as a case study?

If you think you are - or know anyone who may be - suitable for the feature, please get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to hearing your response.

Kind Regards,
Gail Titchener

Sex Workers' Art Show Tour


We're starting to organize the 5th annual Sex Workers' Art Show Tour, and we're looking for artists and performers to contribute!

The Sex Workers' Art Show is a cabaret-style evening of visual and performance art created by people who work in the sex industry to dispel the myth that we are anything short of artists, innovators, and geniuses! The artwork and performances offer a wide range of perspectives on sex work. The show hopes through its diversity of viewpoints to move beyond "positive" and "negative" into a fuller articulation of the complicated ways sex workers experience our jobs and our lives. You can read more about the show at

Sex trade workers are in a unique position to observe the freaky dynamics of capitalism, desire, ownership, gender, and race. We are looking for hilarious, disturbing, challenging, entertaining, accessible work that addresses these issues. Or, you know, whatever else. Please jesus no artless literalism or speeches. We're interested in a range of mediums- spoken word, burlesque, music and performance art of all kinds; as well as all manner of visual art.

The tour is happening early Feb through early March 2006. It hits approximately 26 cities nationwide. Venues will be varied, from small clubs and galleries to large theaters and college campuses. We'll be traveling in two new vans, staying in hotels. There will be eight performers, a technical director and road crew along. Pay is $3000/performer, plus lodging, transportation to the first show and home from the last, and occasional meals. Staff will be provided to sell performers' merchandise.

People who are working or have worked in the sex industry are invited to submit any kind of visual or performance art. Pieces should be no more than 12 minutes long. Please email for more information. Work must be submitted by September 8th.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Erotic Woman

The Erotic Woman is calling for submissions to provide unique, exciting and high quality material to cover all of its features and sections.

We want a diverse range of styles and subjects so long as everything received can be regarded as sex positive for women.

What we are specifically looking for:

• Erotic fiction and non-fiction, any length up to around 12,000 words. Pieces longer than 6000 words will need to be given consideration for serialisation; this is negotiable and we will work together towards this end. Stories should preferably be female focused. Payment is available
for Featured Erotic Fiction.

• Erotic Poetry or Prose. Romantic/Erotic in nature, female focused. Varying styles and lengths acceptable.

• Articles or essays relating to anything that would be of interest to sensual women. Lengths and styles variable.

• Interviews with people who would be of interest to erotic and sensual women.

• Reviews of a wide range of material. Including, but not limited to; books, movies, audio stories, sex toys, beauty products, lingerie and other relevant items. We are including only positive reviews which can be used as recommendations towards improving or providing something extra in the lives of sensual women.

• Tutorials on various erotic related subjects.

• Erotic artwork

• Erotic photography.


We ask authors to thoroughly check and edit their own work before submission, and please ensure all submissions are provided via Word document.

Use of a spell checker and attention to structure is vital; unedited work will not be considered.

Although we can offer some minor editing and adjustment opinion, work should be ready for publication.


Currently cash payment of $20 is being offered for original and not previously published erotic fiction that will be included in our Featured Literature area. This is our showcase library, so naturally we are looking for stimulating and high quality pieces of work.

Full publishing accreditation, prominent exposure and cross/reciprocal linkage or promotion is also offered automatically for everything accepted for publishing.

We can also work with contributors to help build a substantial writer or artists’ profile, both within TEW and more broadly across an expanding network.

Non-accepted subjects

Although we aim to be as non-judgemental as possible, we do need to have some boundaries. Subjects we will not accept include:

• Beastiality
• “Ass Then Mouth” action (anal sex is acceptable however)
• Underage sex (below 18 years of age for the purpose of TEW)
• Incest
• Forced or Non-Consensual sex
• Anything which could otherwise be thought of as negative or offensive - sexually or emotionally - towards women


We ask for six (6) month exclusive online publishing rights.

Simultaneous publishing on an authors own site can be negotiated, as can entry into various non-TEW competitions where appropriate.

Upon completion of the six (6) months, material will still remain prominently published on site unless otherwise instructed by the author.

Reprints/previously published material

Looking to expose your older or previously published work to fresh sets of eyes? We will be accepting both reprints and previously published material, although there is no payment for these at this stage.

Please ensure to inform TEW that work has been previously published.

How to submit

Please enclose work within an appropriate Windows suited format, such as a Word.doc or .rtf, and attach with an email that contains the Writers Declaration and any other relevant information.

Submissions received at:

The TEW Panel will then examine the material, make a decision and get back in touch as soon as possible to commence discussions.

Pen or user names are fine to be used with the publishing of material, although real names are required for payment and other negotiations.

You have our word that any material and information you send in will be discretely handled, and will not be used in any way other than what is agreed upon, without your permission.

Writers Declaration

“I hereby declare that I am the sole author of this work. This is an original piece never previously published (or, if reprint) Full and appropriate reproduction rights are given to The Erotic Woman for the republication of said material. I am 18 years of age or over. I give
permission to The Erotic Woman to use this piece at their discretion.

Pen/User Name:

Any questions?

For any clarification or further details, please contact:

Or alternatively, title an email “Question” and send to:

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Making Time

While Making Time For Project-Making isn't specifically about making time to write, at least half of the tips (and perhaps more) apply to writers. So stop whining about you don't have enough time to start that novel or meet that deadline, and get crackin'!

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest

Write erotic fiction?

In our first Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contests we discovered just how much smoldering creativity there is out there. We may never be able to think of an elevator, restaurant or office in quite the same boring way ever again after reading our last Better Sex Fiction Contest stories.

Submit your story for a chance to win $2,000!

Could you use $2,000 right around Christmas? Then fire up that laptop, grab some Starbucks and email your story to Martin Smith, Director of E-Commerce (at Please be sure to say Better Sex Fiction Contest Entry in the subject line otherwise your story may get tossed out with the spam. Multiple story submissions are okay. Please submit stories in the body of your email or via an attached word document.

Get Published & Quit Your Day Job

This year's winners will be published on the web site so thousands of readers will read the winning stories. We may publish a book too!

Security & Copyright

Just about every winning writer asked that we use a pen name so their neighbors didn't learn about their secret passion for erotic writing. No worries, we understand and will protect the identity of all writers. Winning writers are asked to sign a non-exclusive release that allows us to publish their story while copyrights stay with the writer.

Contest Deadlines

The Erotic Fiction Contest starts on Tuesday August 1st and ends Monday October 2nd. Each week we will publish 3 stories to our web site for voting. (Each weekly winner will receive a $10.00 coupon from for publishing their story as a Weekly Winner)
Winning stories are eligible for the Grand Prize. Typically, we get a lot of stories right away, but we will be reading new stories throughout the contest, so send your story in today.

Okay quitting your day job may be a stretch on $2,000, but who is to say that you don't find a whole new career writing about sex. Stranger things have happened!

For more information, vist here.

Blog Help at JoyScape

For more exposure of your blog, submit your feeds to JoyScape.

The also do provide a free blog service.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Xcite Books

Accent Press is developing a new erotic imprint, Xcite Books, which will produce erotic short story collections.

The first three titles are scheduled for February 2007 and will be erotic short story anthologies with mixed themes. Future titles with specific fetish themes are also planned.

We are seeking submissions of suitable stories between 2000 – 4000 words. Each book will contain 20 stories.

Content: We are looking for variety in the themes with a high standard of writing. All sexual acts must be consensual and legal. Variety is the spice of life so giving your story an unusual setting, time period or style will help your chances of being accepted.

There is a £50 payment for each story which will be paid on publication of the title. Accent Press will retain copyright.

The series will be edited by Cathryn Cooper, a published author of erotic titles.

Due to the volume of submissions we regret that Cathryn will not be able to return rejected manuscripts so please do keep a copy of your work. She will contact only those authors whose work has been accepted.

Submission deadline is September 30th 2006.

Please email submissions to

or post to:

Cathryn Cooper
1 Trellech Road
Monmouthshire NP16 6SN