Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Promoting Your Site or Author Blog

In checking my blog stats today, I found a referal from a site I had not seen before and, curious, I decided to check it out. Seems I am listed in this site, an adult directory, without having done anything, so I imagine I was spidered along with blogger. This is not exciting or noteworthy in and of itself, however...

This site is now in beta and as such, allows free ads. They declare that you will be notified prior to leaving beta or such time as the ads must be paid for. For more information, read the JoyScape site information. As always, I share the information & let you decide if it suits your needs.

This brings me to other promotional links I have been meaning to post here...

Blogs For Women: A Directory of Adult and Porn Blogs written for Women. Free, with required recip link.

The Erotic Print Society: Offers a directory of ertoic sites. Recip link required (may use affiliate program as linking code.)

Sex Kitten Feed: For RSS, ATOM etc. This allows your updates to go out with other adult blog postings & includes not only images for the recip link, but has need javascripts for putting the headlines on your site, adding new info to your blog too.

Cunning Linguist: A toplist link directory requiring a recip link.

Adult Blog Index: A combination links directory and RSS/ATOM feed, which updates the directory/list as updates are added to your blog. Recip link required.

Sex Blogs Directory: Adult blog index which requires a recip link.

Adult Backwash: Magazine site with links directory. Has 2 forms of exposure:

A) Link Submission. These are links which are reviewed by columnists for inclusion at the site. They also have a program for webmasters. Details are here. (Or, you can find a columnist, befriend them, and wait for them to like you and your site enough to think it's cool & list the link themselves!) Note: this site uses javascripts for links, so your hits may not show they came from the site, but you should note an increase in traffic.

B) Text Link Ads. These are the 'grey boxes' on the left of site pages, which are also published with the site's newsletters. I just tried these, and have seen quite a few hits from there. (These links do typically show up in refers.) Send Contributing Editor, GraciousSizzle, a message regarding text link rates and ad placement -- tell her "Naughty Words sent you" (which you should be doing anyway, right?), and she'll give you a deal! (Regular rates are here.)

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