Tuesday, July 25, 2006


MojoCastle.com, a new ebook publisher, has opened for submissions:

What we want:

You name it. Write your heart book and send it in. Just make it good. Sci-Fi, Mainstream contemporary romance, Slash, Paranormal, whatever you want.

The Don't-Go-There List:

Sexual acts with anyone under age of eighteen, including watching or being exposed to sexual activity of others. If integral to the character's mindset, abuse may be referenced in backstory, but not in detail or portrayed as positive behavior



Non-consensual acts that are not perpetrated by forced seduction.

Snuff stories.

Elimination play,i.e. urination, feces.

Porn. No plot, then it's porn. A plot means other than a bored housewife takes more than pizza from the delivery boy. Same goes for emails you sent your girlfriend that she admired.

TSTL characters. Stands for Too Stupid to Live.

Complete details here.

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