Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Juno Books

Juno Books, making it's debut in October 2006, is a new imprint of Prime Books and Wildside Press. Juno Books will be distributed by Diamond Distributors.

Juno publishes fantasy featuring strong female characters in richly-imagined contexts with romantic or erotic elements. Otherworldly romance, an adventurous quest, dark secrets, light
humor, deep desires, high imagination, mystery, metaphysics, magic, myth...swept into the past, set in the future, or happening right now. Stories that go beyond the ordinary and take the reader with them.

Juno is currently looking for novels from 60,000 to 100,000 words in length. Although our books might be called "paranormal romance", don't let either word frighten you off. "Paranormal" means "beyond the ordinary" and "romance" means "an exciting and/or mysterious quality as of a heroic time or adventure" as well as "a story dealing with love".

We are looking for adventures for women (and don't mind if they appeal to men, too). Books that are exciting, romantic, fulfilling, and fun...suspenseful, stimulating, sensual, and dark...fantastic, astonishing, wondrous, and wild...mythic, magical, meaningful, and
passionate...imaginative, speculative, erotic and extraordinary...any mixture of elements you may imagine. We want stories with strong female characters or women who grow and become empowered -- women discovering themselves and discovering new worlds. Fascinating characters interacting in plausible well-built worlds. Romance, eroticism, and sex must be inherent to the story.

We are open to fantasy, science/futuristic/speculative fiction, otherworldly or supernatural beings, modern characters in the past, alternate history, love that lasts across time, magical or psychic abilities, occult detectives, historical supernatural horror, and cross mixes; traditional or non-traditional ethnicity or sexual orientation, as well as the more traditional.

We don't want pornography, category romance, or Christian romance. Humor is great, but not slapstick comedy or airhead antics.

Original novels preferred but previously published, and out-of-print work will be considered. Please note the length we are looking for; this might be a good opportunity to develop a novella into a novel or reshape a concept into a series.

Submission details are found here.

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