Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Clean Sheets & Samba Mountain

Clean Sheets publishes sex-positive, upbeat, and very contemporary articles on all aspects of sexuality.

What We Look For: Clean Sheets publishes sex-positive, upbeat, and very contemporary articles on all aspects of sexuality. Often these fall into the following categories:

How-tos Humorous or serious personal essays Focused overviews of a specific aspect, theme, or topic of sexual activity

Timely and newsworthy coverage of sex-oriented events

Revealing, in-depth, and provocative interviews with prominent individuals in the sexual community (activists, erotica authors, etc.)

What we do not want: Rambling, unfocused rants, college term papers, personal or group-based propaganda, Penthouse letters-type confessions.

For fiction, we want intriguing characters, compelling plots, fresh, intelligent perspectives, and sex that sears your motherboard. The best way to catch our drift? Browse our archives, which are open, without cost or password, to everyone.

We want stories that represent the broadest possible range of lifestyles, cultures, red-hot play, and deep emotion. We accept reprints and simultaneous submissions (be sure to tell us when you submit).

(Samba Mountain Press is Clean Sheets' print publishing division for erotica anthologies.)


Length -1500-2000 words (non-fiction), 1500-3500 words (fiction).

E-mail submissions only. Please include your submission in the body of the email. No attachments. We will automatically delete any email with attachments as a prevention against viruses.

Format and style: We strongly recommend you read the current issue of CS and look through the archive to familiarize yourself with what we have accepted before. It is also a good idea to query us with article ideas and a sample of your writing.

While we do sometimes use reprints, our first choice is for original works.

Editing -- We prefer not to have to edit heavily.

Check your work for typos, grammar, and punctuation before you send it... If we have to edit for content, we will send the revised copy back to you or suggest revisions.

Compensation: Clean Sheets currently does not offer payment for non-fiction, exotica, reviews or poetry. They will credit you with a byline, a copyright notice and bio, including a link to your web site (although they reserve the right to review first for content).

They do pay $25 per erotic story.

For more information, see Clean Sheet's Submission information. If you still have questions, please contact them at articles@cleansheets.com.

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