Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yen Relish Quarterly Submissions Guidelines

Yen Relish is seeking compelling short fiction, poetry and artwork in the erotica genre. We will be making judgments as to literary or artistic merit on the basis of submissions that include the following:

1. We are looking to be captured by your work. If you are passionate about what you've crafted, then we want the opportunity to consider it for publication in Yen Relish Quarterly.

2. Steer clear of the basic Don'ts List made necessary in the erotica genre. We strongly recommend reading previous issues to get a feel for what we like (note: we are currently preparing a Yen Relish PRE-Edition so that this is possible, though the hardback anthology The Right Words is representative of what Stevie Burns has published in the past).

3. Quality is key, as ever. If you aren't sure your work is ready for publication, then it isn't. Poetry should be inventive, not cliche. Fiction should be compellingly naughty, and artwork should be clean and finished.

Please submit your story or poem using our online submission form, including two returns between each paragraph or verse. If you have any difficulty submitting online or are submitting artwork, please send a query to Stevie Burns at bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com and you will receive instructions on how to submit your work via email without it being deleted.

We publish on a quarterly schedule, with publications released on the 15th of March, June, September, and December.

Submissions are always open for whichever issue is next to be filled.

Submissions currently under consideration will be for Issue One (September 15, 2006).

You may send your submission anytime and we will give you feedback as quickly as possible. Please allow us up to four weeks to inform you if we have accepted your work for publication. You will usually hear from us much sooner.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please inform Editor Stevie Burns immediately at bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com if your work has been accepted somewhere else for publication.

Multiple submissions are accepted, especially if submitting in more than one area (ie artwork and poetry). Please send no more than three (3) pieces per submission period.

We are not particularly interested in previously published written works but may be persuaded if what you've written really blows our socks off or if the circulation it has received thus far is under 4,000 readers. (If you have displayed your writing on your own website we would like to know about it, as we will be directing our readers there should we publish your submission.)

Print Rights: We ask for first publication rights. After your work has been published in Yen Relish Quarterly, you may submit it for publication elsewhere, with the caveat that 'as first published in' credit be given Yen Relish.

Yen Relish Quarterly is a Booker Girl Publication. You may access our Sample Contract for writers here.

Keep in mind that the Terms of the Contract as noted in Clause Nine (9) would be proportionately scaled based on your compensation and our mutually decided plans for publication of your work. This is only a sample contract, and serves to provide you with a general idea of what you can expect from Yen Relish in regards to fairness, compensation and legal jargon.

Send your query letter to: Stevie Burns: bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com

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