Friday, June 16, 2006

Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica

Editor: Lori Selke
Publisher: Haworth Press/Alice Street Editions

Deadline: October 1, 2006
Payment: $50 on publication

I'm proud to announce the return of Tough Girls!

And I'm looking for submissions.

That's right. I'm compiling the long-awaited second volume in the "Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica" series. The first book was a big success and garnered a nomination for a Lambda Literary Award; unfortunately, the first print run sold out, and then the press (Black Books)
went bankrupt. The first volume is now a sought-after rarity. Now, Haworth Press/Alice Street Editions has taken up the torch.

Tough girls are sexy. Tough girls are dangerous. Girls like us, we have to be tough. We have to stake our claim to erotic pleasure in a hostile world. Sometimes we get a little rough about it. Sometimes we get a lot rough. Most of the time, we like it that way.

What I'm looking for:

Original erotic short stories up to 5K words, featuring sex between women that involves some component of power exchange, "rough sex," or violence. Nothing explicitly nonconsensual, and the usual laundry list of restrictions apply (no incest, no bestiality, no underage protagonists,

Also, I'm more interested in exploring the various forms rough sex and power exchange can take between two (or more) women than I am in conventional "leather lifestyle" accoutrements and scene reports.

I’m open to realistic fiction, historical settings, fantasy and science fiction, and experimental work. Feel free to query if you have specific concerns.

Make it hot, make it dirty, make it larger than life, make it achingly real. Be smart, be sharp, be transgressive, be unapologetic.

Finally, please feel free to define "women" any way you like. Authors of submissions can be of any gender.

Send your submissions to Lori Selke, editor, Be sure to include the words “TOUGH GIRLS SUBMISSION” in your header.

Deadline: October 1, 2006
Compensation: $50 on publication

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