Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sexy Nerd Love

New Contest!

Sexy Nerd Love is the theme, and here's the place to let your love of all things, and persons, nerdy to run free...

Inspired by a late night showing of Revenge of the Nerds, when Lewis, after sex, says to his pleasantly surprised partner: "Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex," this contest is for all the nerds, dweebs, dorks and geeks (perhaps even a few of the freaks).

The contest is open to hot stories about geeks, nerds and dorks, and their attributes (smart, shy, off the beaten path), as well as themes based on their worlds (book stores, tech gadgets, sci-fi conventions). There are so many kinds of nerds, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Keep in mind, that any humor used should be affectionate -- these are stories for and about nerds and how hot they are, they are the heros!

Ideas for inspiration:

-- Who and what seduces a librarian?

-- Read Geek Life.

-- What happens when two dorks meet? Who makes the move? Tell us about the social blunders and the sexual thunder!

-- Read GeekSex.

-- Think of all the famous nerds now, like Bill Gates, and write a story in which he (or she) returns to the high school reunion...

-- Read this 'best of' at Craig's List called Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...

-- Who is that sexy nerd in the cubicle next to you at work? What is his secret sex life like?

-- Perhaps, as a writer, you yourself are a nerd... what is your fantasy?

So what are we looking for, exactly?

Steamy sex stories, number one. Focused on nerds and their world.

Extra points if you can make us teary-eyed over the end of alienation or hurt for your main character, make us laugh (in a good way), or reach under our skirts and begin to masturbate.

Super bonus points if you can do all three!

We will select one Grand Prize Winner and one Second Place Winner, with awards as follows:

Grand Prize Winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Second Place Winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Also, both winners will receive the coveted contest winner icon with their story.

The contest begins now, and ends July 20, 2006.

Yes, you may enter more than one submission (but no simultaneous submissions to other publishers, please).

All entries are to be submitted via the author's area at the Tit-Elation website. Please put "Nerd Contest" in the teaser section.

All submissions are held to the regular site guidelines, and as such are eligible for publication at the site and considered for inclusion in the "Best Of" print books. So yes, this means accepted stories also are eligible for other compensation. Enter the contest and see how popular your nerd story is!

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